KILLING GUNTHER prankster posters debut!

Exactly one month after we were blessed with the sketch-explosion that was the first Killing Gunther poster with the tagline “They’re out to change the killing business”, the production team is back with even more artistic and minimalistic flavor.

Obviously, Killing Gunther is a fun and rich mockumentary (you can check out our review of Killing Gunther here!), and we get a nice little taste of what kind of childish pranks are going to go down with these schoolyard teaser-posters featuring all of Gunther’s enemies. Each poster is an individual debasing of the assassins that are plotting to kill him. With drawings on their faces and “signatures” that say things like “Gunther was here” and “Gunther is the best”, are some tickling examples.

View ’em. Love ’em. Let us know what you think.

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