Hipster Handbook: Don’t Swallow My Heart, Alligator Girl! – that title, tho.

Synopsis: “Joca, a Brazilian boy of 13, and Basano La Tatuada, a Paraguayan indigenous girl living on the border between the two countries, are marked by the waters of the Rio Apa. Joca is in love with Basano and wants to do everything to win her love.”

Okay, yes – this one is deliciously indie and artsy. Be even more so than usual, so if you’re eyes glazed over while watching this trailer, no one’s judging you.

Haha, j/k! We’re judging you big time!

It definitely has that star-crossed lovers, coming-of-age vibe that always makes an interesting story, but it’s the visuals in this trailer that makes it stand out amongst the usual indie-fare. Some reeeeeeeeeeeal gorgeous shots being thrown up on the screen with this one. Eye-catching, to say the least and apparently it has a very crisp run-time of 106minutes!

SHE KNOWS ITS  A MULTIPASS! Anyway, we’re in love.

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