Alicia Vikander looks pretty shredded in the Tomb Raider trailer.

Off the bat, DAMN – Alicia Vikander is shredded. Who knows how the film will actually play out, but there is zero doubt Vikander as Croft could actually pull off these stunts. There was some initial concern that the Ex Machina star might be too lithe to believably headline this one, but she sculpted her body into looking like one of those America Ninja Warrior competitors. Honestly, we could watch her do track&field style jumps across crumbling trees all day long.

This one is helmed by Norwegian director Roar Uthaug – yep, his first name is Roar – who directed 2015’s The Wave. That film had some pretty well done CGI & practical based stunts that could easily lend themselves to a Tomb Raider movie. The trailer itself isn’t edited that well, but it does lock down most of what you’d expect from a Lara Croft adventure: running, jumping, swimming and some kind of Davinci Code-style mystery.  Also, you’ve got Walton Goggins as the bad guy? Come on….what more do you need?

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