Why you should make time for American Horror Story – and also pack an extra set of undies

If you’re like the majority of people who haven’t gotten into American Horror Story anthology series because you think it’ll be too scary or just too heavy, then you’re right. Every season is scary as hell — all for different reasons. But, here’s why you should push aside the other shows on your watch-list to make room for AHS: Cult and you’ll be so happy [and scared] you did.

AHS is known for rolling out teaser clips leading up to the premiere for every new season, but Cult looks more tantalizing than past seasons because it’s set in present-day, seemingly immersed in political, mind-bending drama, making it all the more creepy. There’s also rumor that all of the “worlds” of AHS (each series) are somehow linked, so try to wrap your brain around that.

The cast is still inviting, welcoming back big wigs like Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, and the list goes on.

The AHS Twitter page just released a clip with the tweet “Take our medicine” that is just as ambiguous and eerie as the others before it. This season will feature clowns and bees and Trump and who knows what else. AHS: Cult premieres Sept. 5! Check out the vids and let us know if you’re ready.


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