Top five GIFs from Lucha Underground: BLOODLINES

The second half of the Cueto Cup quarter finals are underway! We’ve got all the heaviest hitters in this week’s episode. Texano, Pentagon Dark, Jeremiah Crane and Mil Muertes!


First off – the BEST gif of the week was easily Mil putting Crane through a friggin door (I used my tweet instead of an actual gif – I forgot to upload it before I deleted from my computer!)

The Rabbit Tribe was able to pull one out over the Worldwide Underground with moves like this:


Crane vs Mil Muertes had so much violence! It’s hard to pick just a couple of gifs! This spear by Mil into the table was gnarly!


After a metric-ton of violence it was a flatliner that put Crane down for the count:


Pentagon is known for his strikes and suplexes, but the Dark one can also fly!



Bonus gif this week goes out to Catrina and the post-match interstitial where we learned a lot about the BTS of the temple and a bit about Catrina’s past. Lucha Underground gives us the best cinematography AND the best violence in all of pro-wrestling: