Top 5 gifs from Lucha Underground: The Hunger Inside

The quarter-finals begin for the Cueto Cup and the heavy-hitters are making their mark! The much anticipated Dante Fox vs Prince Puma definitely stole the show, but Mundo/Dragon Azteca and Pindar/Fenix were also the exact kind of violence that keeps the Temple running!

Despite the fact that Fenix moved on to the semi-finals of the Cueto Cup, this kick from Pindar was brutal af!


Prince Puma vs Dante Fox kicked off with trading dives and Puma is not one to be outdone!


These two were constantly trying to one-up each other in an unreal competition:


Prince Puma pulled out all the stops against Dante Fox!

Of course it was Prince Puma who (in a bit of foreshadowing) delivered the Killshot:


And just because Fox/Puma took up so many gifs – here’s a couple of our favs from Mundo/Azteca