Top 5 gifs from Lucha Underground: Havoc Running Wild

It’s the fallout from the Cueto Cup and things aren’t slowing down in the Temple! Son of Havoc vs Son of Madness for an Ancient Aztec Medallion. Sexy Star gets beat down by the Sleaziest Player in the game and the Martinez Family bites off more than they can chew with a Hair v Mask match looming for Ultima Lucha Tres.

Argenis tries to mount some offense against the depraved Marty The Moth:


Unfortunately for Argenis, Marty left in in a bloody heap.


Just to prove that every seat in the Temple is front row – Son of Madness throws Havoc in to the crowd:


Son of Havoc doesn’t let Madness of easy this week with a double stomp to the back:
btw – you can actually see Havoc’s footprints on Madness’ back!


Finally it was a beer bottle to the face and a SSP that put Madness down for the count!



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Also, special shout out to Joey Ryan for kicking that punk Sexy Star right in her pathetic face!!