the new trailer for Aronofsky’s mother! makes us question reality

If you don’t already know, Darren Aronofsky makes some weird-af movies. Requiem for a Dream gave us all nightmares and popularized the expression, “ass-t0-ass,” The Wrestler showed the depressing humanity behind the pro-wrestling and Black Swan….was kinda the same, except for ballet. He also did that Noah movie, which I’m sure anyone watched and looked more like a Ridley Scott film.

With mother! it looks like he’s returning what brought him to the game. Dark, depressing, trippy, character-based fever-dreams that make you question your own mental health.

Synopsis: “A couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.”

The synopsis sounds simple, but man that trailer is a piece of Aronofsky’s mind that you don’t want to venture into. It looks like Jennifer Lawrence is suffering from some kind of psychological issue that’s caused her to forget everyone but her husband? That’s just a wild guess because this trailer is cut in a way that doesn’t want to show you nothing, but is telling you everything.

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