Podcaster Aaron Mahnke’s LORE comes to life!

Shout-out! You may have heard of him or his popular podcast, but writer Aaron Mahnke is not one to be ignored. His podcast “Lore”, an anthology series about real-life events that spawned the horror stories we know now, is becoming an animated and historical series on Amazon Prime, thanks to the producer of The Walking Dead and the executive producer of the X-Files. Folklore stories included are about werewolves, aliens, and more.

Judging by the teaser trailer, the style of the series will be whimsical, dark, and mesmerizing. Mahnke will narrate, but according to imdb, there will be some dramatic scenes played out by real actors. Maybe there will be blood.

It’ll premiere on Amazon Prime Friday the 13th and because it appears to be interesting already and it’s backed by a good team, Lore deserves a spot in all of our Amazon Video collections.

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