Top 5 GIFs from this week’s Lucha Underground.

This week the Cueto Cup gets even MORE violent if possible. The biggest shocker is how close Rabbit Tribe came to advancing!

Master of violence, Jeremiah Crane is ultra violent, but he’s also got a softer side:

Taya wasn’t able to advance in the Cueto Cup, but this combo was s-s-s-s-sick!

Paul London vs Mil Muertes was much more competitive than we all thought it would be, even if London did get chopped so hard it made him flashback to Burning Man from 1989

This ssp from London had the crowd jumping out of their seats!

Marty the Moth stuck a fork in Fenix when he was done, but Fenix was able to get a few licks/kicks in and of course it’s not a Lucha Underground episode unless Fenix flies!


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