Top 5 GIFs from this week’s Lucha Underground!

We’re entering into the second round of the Cueto Cup! Let’s see the top five gifs from this week’s ep!

Pentagon Dark is no stranger to violence, but this dropkick right into Drago’s dragonguts was extra brutal!


Another Pentagon moment of ultra-violence: clipping Drago’s wings to crunch his head into the mat!


In the main event, PJ Black dropped Rey Mysterio with a grimy af looking back breaker!


Definitely no stranger to the (un)friendly skies, Rey Rey hits PJ Black with a gorgeous moonsault:


It’s not a Rey Mysterio match without a 619 and a Frogsplash (RIP Eddie!)


Extra special gif for that dude PJ Black who absolutely brought it against Rey:

His and the World Wide Underground’s reaction to this kick out was priceless.

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