Top 5 gifs from Lucha Underground: Fade to Black

The Cueto Cup comes one step closer the finals! Cage and his gauntlet get DQ’d, SoH & Dante Fox tear the house down and the World Wide Underground possibly found new representation?

The Machine CAGE gets DQ’d and takes no prisoners – even if it’s the referee.


Dante Fox vs Son of Havoc tore it down! Fox shows that there’s nowhere you can run or hide from DANTE FOX!


Prince Puma snatches PJ Black out of the air and destroys him with a back breaker!


This brutal mule kick sends PJ Black flying across the ring like he’s rigged up for a Fast & Furious stuntman!


For the record, the Darewolf got a lot of offense in during this match, but DAMN did Prince Puma bring the pain this week!