Leave Tony alone! Universal loses another potential Scarface director.

So Universal is really keen on remaking Scarface.

We all know the story about Tony Montana, the political prisoner from Cuba who only wants his human rights “just like the President Jimmy Carter says.” Don’t need to tell you what it’s about and if you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you’ve heard people quote it from time to time.

Well, Hollywood just can’t seem to find a director for the remake! It was announced a few months ago that David Ayer had signed to helm the film. David Ayer had just previously directed the misunderstood DC movie Suicide Squad and seemed like he was ready to direct something a bit more hard core. Seems like the studio thought it was a bit too hard core because Universal and David Ayer parted ways because Ayer’s take on Scarface was a bit too dark. Seems like Universal is forgetting that the Al Pacino Scarface has a scene of a man getting chainsawed in a bathtub…

Ayer isn’t the only director who has came and went on the cursed remake. At one point, Training Day director Antoine Fuqua (who was probably still feeling the sting from when Universal fired him off of American Gangster) agreed to helm but left to go do The Equalizer 2. Other directors including David MacKenzie and Peter Berg were in talks but nothing came about.

The smartest thing the studio can do with the Scarface property is leave it be and let it stay the classic that most remember it as. But hey, there’s money on the table and goddammit the studios gotta get paid.

When will Hollywood learn?

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