Bushwick actually looks like it’ll be damn good & why Dave Bautista is the best pro-wrestler turned actor.

When you see a low-budget action flick starring Dave Bautista, you gut reaction is to write it off but after watching the trailer it actually looks like it’ll be somewhere between Children of Men and The Purge: Anarchy. The smooth tracking shots and long takes for the action sequences makes you think this’ll be much more than the usual disposable direct-to-VOD action fare.

It’s interesting to think Dave Bautista was the guy to come out of pro-wrestling and land most of the choice roles. Everyone thought it’d be Steve Austin or Dwayne Johnson (who isn’t doing too bad, but his roles aren’t as interesting overall), but it’s really been Big Dave who has ended up with the coolest roles for a post-WWE star. It helps that he didn’t jump right to leading man and laid back in the cut with smaller roles in Riddick and the Man with the Iron Fists before getting some high-profile roles in SPECTRE and GotG. Between Bushwick and his upcoming role in the new Blade Runner movie, Bautista really is the breakout movie star from the world of pro-wrestling, even if he’s not a full-on house hold name yet.

Bushwick looks to be another solid addition to his growing resume of films that are actually pretty cool and not just big-budget cash-grabs.

Check out the posters for Bushwick above and the trailer below to see more of the freakin’ Deacon in action.