Are you feeling this? This trailer for Incredible Jessica James? Because we are totally feeling this right now.

“I really like you.”
“Of course you do. Everybody does. I’m friggin’ dope!”

Netflix always brings us the best stuff and if you weren’t already in love with how cool Jessica Williams is from her Daily Show segments, The Incredible Jessica James will seal that deal post-haste!

Just watching this trailer is a massive self-esteem boost. Actually watching the whole movie may turn you into Kanye-levels self-assured. Jim Strouse’s Netflix original has the kind of cast that makes you flip your shit for not being able to watch it right now! Lakeith Stanfield (Get Out, Atlanta), Noel Wells (Master of None) and Chris O’Dowd (idk, like – everything!) round out the cast along side Jessica Williams.

It’s hard not to be excited for July 28th – this one has all the hallmarks of an indie classic that will be watched on many a MacBook during a particularly quirky first dates.