the Happy Death Day trailer makes 50 Cent’s “In da club” a special torture.

This movie most definitely does not give a fuck that it’s your birthday.

Aside from being produced by Blumhouse (the studio responsible for pretty much every horror film for the past decade. Seriously, it’s been ten years since the first Paranormal Activity) and sounding like a Dethklok song, this trailer is a bevy of unknown quantities. No big stars, no established directors – just a horror flick (/possible comedy?) that was probably pitched as “a slasher version of Groundhog Day.” Which, as far as concepts go – it’s actually pretty rad.

Happy Death Day’s trailer has some distinct positives. It looks like a well-done mix of comedy and horror. This is deceptively difficult to do. Actually it’s pretty much impossible, so it only makes sense that Blumhouse would be the ones to appear to nail it. You make 47 films in ten years, you’re bound to figure out what works and what doesn’t. “Carnegie Hall” and all that.

Surprisingly the characters actually seem likable – again a HUGE hurdle for most horror films. Of course the repetitive use of “In da club” takes us all back to 2003 when that song was fun for a hot minute and then became the song that everyone goes “Change it, Duncan. CHANGE IT NOW!” when that fool Duncan put it on in the car.

I hate you, Duncan.

Lastly the visuals in the trailer actually seem like they put some serious thought into crafting a quasi-artsy experience while attempting to scare you. The following gif is an indicator of said quasi-artsiness (which is 100% welcome amongst the melange of shaky cam found footage that this very studio crafted, perfected and then everyone else ripped off).

Not gonna lie – that’s pretty cool.

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