One complaint about The Incredible Jessica James trailer

Why. Isn’t. This. A. SERIES!!??!?!

Everything about this teaser looks great. Jessica Williams is charismatic, hilarious and probably cooler than all the people in your office combined. The movie looks like it’ll be metric ton of absolute sheer joy to watch and has the indie-hipster sensibilities that everyone will claim is too pretentious and realize months later after it’s been sitting on their Netflix queue that, “Hey! Why didn’t I watch this sooner!? This is great!!”

The only problem is we’re only going to get 85minutes of Jessica Williams! This could easily be a Netflix series done in the same structure as Master of None or GLOW. How amazing would it be to see ten, 30min long episodes of Jessica Williams making New York a better place – one sarcastic remark at a time?

Very amazing – that’s the answer to that rhetorical question.

Until Netflix answers my many tweets and acknowledges my petition – we’ll just have to wait until next month to see the Incredible Jessica James. 

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