Interview Time! The Nostalgia Critic at Fanime 2017


Well, looks like the unlikely happened. FAN managed to get an interview with the one and only Doug Walker. At Fanime 2017, the digital demon (that being me) managed to snag this opportunity on behalf of our glorious site . It was a lot of time eagerly waiting for approval by the convention to do the interview.  Eventually everything fell into place and these wacky ones collided, and had lots of laughs.

A big thanks to Doug for being a good sport, and also graciously accepting our gifts to him. A tentacle kitty in his likeness and a Tenga brand energy drink. XD
Overall he was a very nice guy who did some fun panels, and could be spotted walking around the con at times.
He was even the panel that was scheduled after my panel. A hentai warm up act for his show. lol Of course I wrapped things up in order to keep his people waiting.

But enough blabbing, let’s see what transpired.




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