Cillian Murphy as Carnage in the Venom movie or we riot.

THR recently dropped a bit of news regarding Sony’s upcoming VENOM movie:

As for the expansion plans, Tom Hardy is starring in Venom, dated for Oct. 5, 2018, which will also feature the villain Carnage.

While all the chatter about shared universes, box office receipts and whatnot rages on the REAL question is: Who should play Carnage?

Carnage, in the comics, was a serial killer who shared a prison cell with Venom’s host (Eddie Brock) and bonded with a symbiote that Venom left behind. So basically Carnage is like the unwanted bastard child of Venom, except even more psychotic and dangerous.

In Sony’s film, who knows? Hopefully they make whatever changes necessary to the character in order to make a great film because having Tom Hardy as your lead pretty much guarantees a stellar performance. Want poof? Check out LOCKE – a film set entirely in a car with Tom Hardy talking into a cell phone. Sounds boring right? Wrong. It’s pretty intense, mainly because Hardy is a juggernaut on-screen (and being written and directed by frequent collaborator Steven Knight doesn’t hurt either).

Regarding the character of Carnage – little is known about what kind of role he’ll play in the film, but just knowing he’ll be the foil to Hardy’s Venom and will likely be a presence that’s more deranged and manic than Hardy’s Venom, there really is only one choice: CILLIAN MURPHY.

Aside from being (like Hardy) a juggernaut on-screen and having those intensely hypnotic eyes, Murphy and Hardy already have a special alchemy of charisma when sharing a scene. If you’ve been watching Peaky Blinders, the scenes between Tommy Shelby (Murphy) and Alfie Solomons (Hardy) are some of the most intense, riveting, well-acted scenes on television to date.

Imagine that kind of dynamic on the big screen with these two portraying Venom and Carnage.  If Sony did cast Murphy for this one, it would make Venom the best Marvel movie to date on general principle, before the first day of filming!

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