Dukect lounge:Raw post mania rating’s drop/Persona 5 streamers get got

On this week’s Dukect Lounge I get into WWE post WM and talk about Monday night Raw post WM rating’s drop. And I also tackle Game makers Atlus who are taking down Streams of their new game Persona 5 the reason is that they don’t want anyone to spoil the game for any new customers. Are they in the right I’ll get into that and more this week in the Lounge.

WWE Post Raw Ratings: http://pwinsider.com/article/105591/raw-audience-is-up-from-last-week-but-well-down-from-last-years-post-mania-raw.html?p=1

Persona 5 News: http://atlus.com/note-persona-5-streaming/


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