(April Fools!) Japan Invades America: New Controversial Anime.

Yes. This was an April Fools joke. But enjoy what we did. ^_^

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A controversial new anime sets to go into production and air this fall. That show is Steel America. From Studio Lever, this anime has the premise of the Japanese military invading America in order to liberate it from a fascist government. The timeline happens to be during the 60s, as the reason the country becomes fascist is because America became dictatorial in order to vanquish social uprisings such as the civil rights and counter culture movements (Yeah, they are really going there). As expected, the Japanese military will have the technological advantage of mech technology.

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Head of Studio Lever and driving force behind this project, Eki Kiyakota, has stated “We really want to push new boundaries on what has been done. We realize this might raise some reactions from those from America, but we figure that the more this show is talked about, the better.”

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This all sounds interesting. Now to see how it all turns out, and hopefully Studio Lever gives us something good beyond just a eye catching premise.
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