The Freakin Anime Awards

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Yes, it is real. The Freakin Anime Awards!
The first annual anime awards show by the Freakin Awesome Network. The top five anime of 2016. In non-ranking order, we got the top five chosen by the staff of Freakin Awesome Network, and the top five anime chosen by the audience of our site. And of course the award for anime of the year!
Okay, enough of my babbling. Here are the Freakin Anime Awards.



Staff Picks



Reincarnation into a fantasy world and incompetent characters gives us major laughs and a reason to earn a spot on this list.
mob psycho 100
Mob Psycho 100

Lightning strikes twice as the creator of One Punch Man churns out yet another gem. A boy psychic powers, his con man mentor, and loads of ghosts make for some good mix of hilarity and action.

A boy transported into a fantasy world, and finding himself into an anime version of Groundhog’s day. Laughs, fun characters and good action win out on our picks.



showa genroku
Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

The classic Japanese art of rakugo comes to life in anime form in this drama period piece.



From man to boy in a time travel drama that captured our hearts.



Audience Picks



The thrill of sportsmanship  (primarily with butts and boobs) has won over audiences.




primer-video-del-anime- new game _orig

New Game

An all female video game company shows us the ins and outs,  and they deserve a spot on this list.



And konosuba wins another slot on our top five.



dagashi kashi

Dagashi kasha

Candies and snacks galore in this series that taught us the history of many Japanese treats.




my hero academia

My hero Academia

A boy learning his powers and an ensemble cast of quirky characters win over our audience.


Anime of the year.




Our staff and audience have spoken. Konosuba comes out on top and wins anime of the year. Congratulations Konosuba and Studio Deen!


Thank you to our staff and our audience for voting! See you guys at next year’s awards.


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