Reviewing Anime Today – Masamune Kun No Revenge (Valentine’s Edition)

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As always, I like to present a review for Valentine’s day. And what better way than with a story about revenge?
This show is of this current anime season(debuted January 5th), and is barely half way through it’s run. The series is about a teenage boy( Masamune Makabe) trying to revenge on a former childhood friend(Aki Adagaki) who later betrayed him. Since then, Masamune has gotten into shape and has become unrecognizable to the now older Aki. He plans to use this as an advantage. Masamune intends make her fall in love with him, and then break her heart in the most epic way.

Despite the plot, this is a rather light hearted feel and full of comedy. The revenge plan plays over lots of comedic moments(since Masamune isn’t the greatest mastermind). Some of which include humorous visuals.


I find your lack of bento disturbing.



As well as lovable and interesting characters that inhabit the road to vengeance.

You'll go head over heels for Yoshino.

You’ll go head over heels for Yoshino.


So a show to relax with on Valentine’s day as a plan of justice unfolds.



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