Anime Los Angeles 2017 Recap

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A little bit back, members of FAN(ok, just me and friends) went to Anime Los Angeles on press duties for the second time.

The convention is a burgeoning event growing out of its small con status.  Moving to its bigger/current venue last year. Hotel actually filled up faster this year, and caught some people off guard. Luckily even the overflow hotels were within walking distance of the Ontario Convention center.

There was a variety of food trucks with a wide assortment of food. Although they did seem a tad over priced. So not something to snack on the whole weekend if you worry for your wallet. Fortunately there were plenty of restaurants within walking distance.

Anime LA had some decent guests and a good dealers hall, but the highlight is definitely the fan driven aspects. Such as the large gathering of cosplayers. You had a large stack schedule of gatherings, as well as interesting costumes.


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And of course the fan driven panels. Such as the crowd pleasing Cosplay Wrestling Federation(which I may or may not have been at. ^__~ ). And myself hosting An Uncesored Hentai Review. Which as always receives a warm welcome from the attendees of this convention.

Overall it was a fun experience. Hopefully next year will be possible as well.

Enjoy the video with more info.

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