Summer Anime Season 2016 Picks


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Well humans, the summer anime season approaches, and it is once again my quarterly duty to make predictions on what might be good. As always this is based on what looks unique and interesting. So let’s take a peek.





A jobless 27 year old choose to take a blue pill(no, not offered by Morpheus), which will make him take on the appearance of a 17 year old and take part in a one year study as he relives high school. Definitely seeing how this will turn out.


time travel shoujo

Time travel shoujo: Mari waka to 8-nin no kagakusha tachi
A young girl travels back in time to meet all sorts of historical figures around the world(while hilarity ensues). The premise being said out loud is a reason enough already to watch.


hitori no shita the outcast

Hitori no Shita the outcast
A guy the name of Zhang Chulan helps a girl to fight off zombies in a graveyard, and soon discovers people with many different powers. Anime with zombies killed in some cool fight scenes. So let’s watch.



91 days

91 Days
Set during the prohibition era, a man by the name of Avilio sets out on revenge against the mafia that killed his family. In a much different setting than the other anime this season and with a gritty feel, this looks like a good stand out title.


mob psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100
An 8th grader by the name of Mob tries to keep his emotions in check, or else his psychic powers will go out of control. Not only does this look hilarious it is also adapted from a webcomic by the author by the name of “One”(yep, the One Punch Man guy). Let’s see if lightning strikes twice.



planetarian chisana hoshi no yume

Planetarian chisana hoshi no yume
In a post-apocalyptic world, a young man wants to show a robot the wonders of the stars by trying to fix a planetarium. Because robot girls and space observation are awesome.



So those are my predictions for the summer 2016 season of anime. I usually give these shows a three episode try before deciding to go with the whole series. Good luck, and happy viewing!



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