EvilutionE5150 INTERVIEW: Rad and Jay of DISINTEGRATOR


With the release of their new album “Extreme Mutations” now behind them I caught up with Rad and Jay from DISINTEGRATOR to discuss all this mutant.

-What drives you to make such Rad music and do it all yourselves?

Jay: I just wanna play fun, fuckin fast music, man and do it from the heart, otherwise it doesn’t mean shit .
We’re all invested to give it our best and carry the flag of extreme Aussie music to the world.

Rad: I’d rather be my own monster than someone else’s, to many bands going over to labels and ending up with some auto tuned crap.
I honestly don’t think this band could work on any other level, we all have such a strong input to the music and sound, anyone else telling us what to do wouldn’t work.
– Which bands helped influenced you and shaped you into the well oiled machine you are today?

Rad: Locally I’d say I learnt a lot from bands like The Blurters, Vicious, Rule 303 & Toe To Toe in regards to how to conduct yourself etc. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say GWAR and Municipal Waste are the biggest influences on me personally

Jay: The ‘fun and fast’ riff’s of thrash lords like Exodus, Cryptic Slaughter, Cross Exam and Fastkill but also Australia’s own past and  present of wildsick bands (Massappeal, S.I.C ,Cleanoff, Cutsick, Disparo, Sewercide etc) is always a killer driving force in showing what us local dickheads can pull out of our arses if we chuck in some effort, as well as playing fast for the fun of it of course.
– How much thought goes into designing your album covers?

Jay: We’ve worked with some sick artists who get what we’re doing and can turn our wild concepts into a visual equivalent of our music (Nerdgore, Rohan, Uze). So I guess their work does contribute somewhat to Disintegrator as a whole, as there is a fair bit that goes into it all.We throw our thoughts at them, and well, you’ve seen the results.

Rad: So much! Fuck! The cover of Extreme Mutations is the product of a conversation that took place over an entire day with the artist. We where fortunate enough
To get very very luck with Rich (art of nerdgore) as him and myself had a very similar life and love of underground pop culture. I think artwork is the biggest factor in just picking up something up off the shelf.
– Which bands do you love to share the stage with, local or otherwise?

Rad: Locally I really dig Atomic Death Squad, Disparo, Counterattack, Bastardizer & Hordes Of The Black Cross. Obviously Wehrmacht our United Shoe Brothers we really love sharing the stage with, really hope we can see them again soon, I’m itching to team up one more time.

Jay: We fit into mixed bills as well as play punk and metal shows and still get a mad response. International supports are always a highlight just as much as playing  with our mates in Melbourne town as rad mentioned. Top cunts all round hey.
– With a song like thrash at the beach do you know who the third man will be?

Jay: Kurt fuckin’ Russell!

Rad: Oh it’s Hulk Hogan, always Hogan, he’s got a big fat bag of green and we’re goanna give that fatty a big boot and leg drop damn it!
– Favourite Breakfast cereal?

Rad: Seeing as you’re setting me up here I’m running with it… Booty’os, They make sure you ain’t booty.
But seriously now it’s Shreddies, I would sell my soul for a bowl of Chocolate Shreddies right now.

Jay: Coffee and beugs with a side of frosties.
– If you could wrestle any other band who would it be and what type of match?

Jay: I’d throw us and the Atomic Death Squad dudes into a 16bit Streets of Rage alley fight to the death.
Rad and Chad will be each other’s final boss

Rad: I’d call out Iron Reagan for a tuxedo death match. Old school style, in a cage, Cole miners glove on a pole.
Loser opens for the winner on tour rules apply. Guess Reagan gonna be opening for us… I look so good in a tuxedo
– Since TMNT is such a huge influence on your lyrics and subject matter which animal would you like to be combined with TMNT style?

Jay: A chilli dog.. Make of that what you will.

Rad: Mutated with? That’s such a great question, I’d have to go with a komodo dragon. Shit yeah, Rad Dragon!
– What is the end goal for Disintegrator? World Domination?

Rad: I’d say if we’re still all mate’s when this is over that would mean more to me than anything. I’ve never really though about the end, having to much fun on the journey right now

Jay: Retain some hearing, play faster and leave something for the future generations to discover and chuck a mosh to when they realise how shit  mainstream music is.
– Pizza Or Tacos?

Jay:There’s 5+ pizza joints around my hood and not a single taco place so by default its pizza…mexican Pizza.

Rad: OOhhhhh yeah! Nacho pizza!

– Any message you’d like to give to people wanting to check you out for the first time

Jay: Our songs are quicker than a piss so what have ya got to lose?

Rad: Yeah! Do it I work out, I look good in a speedo….. Oh the music? You mean you haven’t check us out yet? WTF dude you had one job!

“Extreme Mutations” is available now, go get it!