EvilutionE5150 Album Review: MASON – “Unmerciful” E.P.


After almost giving me a heart attack by calling it quits in early 2015 thankful Mason came to their senses and got back together with a slightly adjusted lineup and have given as a small gift of a 4 track EP.

Being one of the newer wave of up and coming Melbourne thrash acts with peers like Harlott, Mason made a massive impact on the Australian scene very quickly with securing lucrative support slots for acts like Accept and Havok. They even toured Asia in support of Revocation.

With the release of the “Unmerciful” E.P. Mason have given us a taste of things to come with 2 brand new original tracks and 2 bad ass covers.

The first two tracks are way faster than anything on the previous album “Warhead”. So how it manages to out thrash the entire album. The guitar work is on point and Jimmy’s voice is in fine form. Downtime hasn’t slowed them down at all and it seems it’s been good for them.

The 3rd track is an amazing cover of the Kreator classic “Murder Fantasies” with guest spot from Harlott’s Andrew Hudson who supplies brutal vocals on the track.

Rounding out the EP is the band giving a blistering rendition of the Slayer track “Piece by Piece” from thrash bible “Reign In Blood” which is again incredibly fast, possibly even faster than Slayer have ever managed.

These 4 tracks are an amazing taste of what a to expect from a new full length studio album and if they keep going this way I want it now.

This album is a must for all thrash metal fans new and old alike, go out and grab it now