EvilutionE5150 Album Review: In Malice’s Wake – “Light Upon The Wicked”


A pioneering mainstay of the Australian thrash scene In Malice’s Wake have continued to grow from strength to strength. Formed back in 2002 in Melbourne forging  a massive following across Australia and New Zealand through relentless touring and supporting some the biggest names in thrash including Forbidden, Warbringer and Destruction. Through their signing to Italian based record label Punishment 18 the band have also garnered an international cult following.

The band have 2 full length albums and a live album and dvd under their belts and now have returned with a 3rd studio album “Light Upon the Wicked”

Light Upon the Wicked is a harsh unrelenting slab of thrash metal that is so blistering fast and raw that it crosses into blackened territory. From the opening track “Onward Human Suffering” the band set a pace that they don’t come back from. It’s non-stop, it’s unrelenting and it’s incredibly raw. There’s no room for flipped up caps, puns and pizza here this is as old school as it gets.

Front man Shaun Farrugia barks his way through the lyrics spitting venom and bile with each syllable and in some place like on the title track crossing into guttural low growls and he forces out the ends of each verse hanging on those final words.

The guitars can switch from chugging and plodding to screeching and wailing in your ears in a split second and Leigh Bartley lead work is second to none with his solos shining through on every track. The rhythm section keep the songs just powering along at an thundering pace marching along with machinegun like proficiency.

Compared to previous albums the melodic elements have been completely stripped away and on tracks like “Bear the Cross”, “Hear The Howls” and “Annihilation Frost” theres no room for it at all. It’s just crushing old school thrash riffs in your face one after another.

There is no low points on this album because there’s no room for it. The riffs just keep pushing you forward on and on and you have no choice but to bang your head in agreement with every single beat.

This album is a must for all thrash metal fans, old school and new. You love the big four then you are going to love this but if you love the newer wave like Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste then you are going to love every second of this too

Go grab it now

“Light Upon The Wicked” is available now