Better Call Saul S2E8 “Fifi”

*Spoilers Ahead*

The conflict between the brothers McGill heats up in this week’s episode as Jimmy and Chuck are forced to go to some low places to get what they want. Naturally, Jimmy’s low is much worse than Chuck’s but let’s get back to that.

First, I want to shout out Rhea Seehorn who has become this season’s MVP for her portrayal of Kim Wexler. To say Kim has come into her own this season is a vast understatement, seeing her attempt to claw her way up the ladder at HHM has endeared us to her is a way that was previously not there. In a way, Kim has become the heart of the show.

It’s why we take so much pleasure in seeing her sell Mesa Verde on coming with her when she leaves HHM. She’s barely able to contain herself when she tells the story to Jimmy and her joy practically bounces off the screen. It’s a great moment but one that we know won’t last.

Chuck gets wind of Jimmy and Kim working together and decides to personally come into the office himself to try and win over Mesa Verde. In fact, he’s so determined to shoot his brother and, by extension, Kim down that he asks that they keeps all electronics on so as to appear normal. He then proceeds to give Kim praise before making it clear that HHM are the veterans who know exactly how to handle a company as big as Mesa Verde. It’s a bit of a trick but one that works, even if Chuck pays for it with his health. Chuck puts his own safety and well being at risk just to deny his brother success and while it’s petty and vindictive it’s clear that that isn’t how Chuck views it. Chuck firmly believes that his brother is reckless and he can’t afford to risk him getting any success in law. For both his credibility and for the people who will be harmed by Jimmy’s recklessness.

When Jimmy gets word of Chuck’s health, after discovering that Mesa Verde decided to stay at HHM, he drives out to Chuck’s house under the guise of being concerned for his brother. It’s a direct parallel to Jimmy and Chuck’s scene in “Gloves Off” only this time Jimmy doesn’t deign to stay with Chuck through the night, although he takes all the credit for it later. He takes advantage of his brother’s condition to change all the addresses on the paperwork for Mesa Verde in an attempt to discredit Chuck. It’s painstaking work that is shown to us in a montage detailing how time consuming the effort is. It’s akin to Jimmy’s efforts recreating the shredded Sandpiper documents last season but it remains to be seen if it will reap the same rewards.

In fact, I’m willing to believe it won’t. This is bound to blow up in Jimmy’s face in some way and when Chuck discovers this latest betrayal it may just prove the end of any pretense of civility between the two.

Bits ‘n Pieces

  • Mike spends most of his time tracking Hector’s operation and making a spike strip in an attempt to mess with it. Not sure where this is going but Mike might be making a big mistake here.
  • Loved the scene with Kim in Howard’s office, the show does a masterful job of revealing so much with so little. Just that small line of, “dad talked me out of it,” reveals so much about Howard.
  • Of course, before Kim can even get out of his receptionist area Howard is trying to call Mesa Verde and win them over. So, he’s still kind of an ass.
  • The scene with Jimmy and the director kids passing off one of Jimmy’s old clients as a war vet was hilarious. If Jimmy being on his own means more of this I’m all for it!
  • “Public masturbation. Total bullshit.”

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