Big Screen Scoop: 100 Scoops

Well, actually two scoops, but you get the idea.



Sometimes it feels like these days if you’re a comic book series of any note whatsoever and you haven’t got a TV series or movie in the works, you’re either doing something very wrong or else you’re Tarot Witch of the Black Rose and the wider public must never discover your existence. 100 Bullets is one of those comic book properties it feels like we’ve been hearing about being adapted for years, but now we might be a step closer to that actually happening.

The Hollywood Reporter reports (from Hollywood) that Tom Hardy himself is helping to bring the 100 Bullets story to the big screen, looking to work with New Line to produce and star in a film adaptation of the long-running, now concluded series from DC’s Vertigo Line. The comic, written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso ran for 100 issues and finished up back in 2009, and is about a mysterious man named Agent Graves who goes around giving different people a gun, 100 untraceable bullets, and the details of a person who ruined their lives. It’s one of those stories that always seemed ripe for adaptation and it seems like more of a ‘fit’ for Hardy than whatever he was supposed to be doing with Suicide Squad before he dropped out of that. Although for the best possible use of Tom Hardy, he should change the source material a little and make 100 Puppies, which is all about Agent Tom Hardy going around and giving random people new dogs.



Do you remember a couple of years ago when Mark Wahlberg was in that one movie The Other Guys? It was, like, a buddy cop movie with Will Ferrell? It was okay you thought? Well let it never be said that Hollywood isn’t brimming with fresh ideas and creativity every day, because Mark Wahlberg is set to star as a buddy cop again despite being someone you would never want as a cop or your buddy in an upcoming movie called Partners. But this buddy cop movie’s got an amazing twist…his partner is a w…w…w…woman!?

Wahlberg will be playing a LAPD cop who has to work with/under an FBI agent who he slept with before they met on the job, which was the premise of 48 Hrs., right? There has been no announcement on who will be playing 44 year old Wahlberg’s buddy/cop/boss/lover, but if it’s not an actress at least a decade younger than him, you all owe me a Coke.