Big Screen Scoop: Terminator Tryler Scyyp


You know, I’ve been a bit self-conscious with the Big Screen Scooping lately, worried that it just comes across as a lot of vague complaining or at least snarking about reboots and sequels and the like. I’ve been trying to tone that down a little bit, let a little excitement come through from time to time, and just when it seems like that’s all going well, Terminator Genisys rears its ugly, badly-spelled head and ruins all of that:

From dodgy Arnold CGI to convoluted plotting even for this film series to having Game of Thrones‘ tiny Emilia Clarke play tough action lady Sarah Connor when even Joss Whedon would say ‘I think I could take her’, this really looks a little lamer every time they show something new about it and now you can add MAJOR JOHN CONNOR SPOILER to the list. I know they must be scrambling to get some buzz going for this but they really should have saved that revelation for the actual film. In a week where the second Ant-Man trailer helped steer the anticipation for that film back on track a little, Terminator Genisys has gone even more off the rails.




Because clearly the problem with video game movies is that they were adapting games with too much story and…people, with arms and legs and stuff, the Angry Birds movie continues to be developed. The kids these days have all moved on to 5 Nights at Freddy’s  these days but Sony and game studio Rovio Entertainment, determined that the Angry Birds story be told at long last are continuing to back the project, to the tune of $185 million.

A huge chunk of that will be spent on marketing, and since everybody alive and a fair few of the dead have heard of Angry Birds already, I wonder what form that marketing will take. Perhaps drugging us all in order to convince us that a film about ball-shaped birds being flung at pigs is a must-see cinematic experience. The film will feature the bored voices of Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage, Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, and Tony Hale and will be out next year. Somehow this is probably Terminator Genisys‘S fault. Big Screen Scoop promises to be more enthusiastic on Friday.