Big Screen Scoop: Return of the Scoop



For better or worse, Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with the Mouth Deadpool, a long time in the making, may be the most spot-on casting of all the big-screen superheroes we have been shown in the last fifteen-odd years. This was thrown into focus yet again on April Fool’s Day in a promotional video with Extra host Mari Lopez which revealed, after some April Fool’s Day prankery, that the Deadpool film will have the R rating that suits the character. The video also serves as a much better Saved by the Bell reference than anything Jimmy Fallon has done recently, in that it gives A.C. Slater exactly what he deserves: swift violence.



Will Ferrell is making me scratch my head a little lately. Fresh of posing the question of whether or not Alison Brie getting to be in a big movie and also be in lingerie is worth a lame buddy movie about Kevin Hart teaching Ferrell how not to be raped in prison, now he and Kristen Wiig may or may not have been doing a movie for Lifetime that they now may or may not be doing?

It was reported on April 1st that Ferrell and Wiig had filmed a Lifetime movie for the network’s 25th anniversary. Titled A Deadly Adoption, the movie would be a spoof of the overblown fare the network is known for, about a married couple who take care of a pregnant women so they can adopt her child upon birth, only for things to ‘go awry’. A little odd, and suspicious because of the timing of the report, but between Ferrell’s telenovela spoof Casa di me Padre and Wiig’s miniseries spoof The Spoils of Babylon there is some precedent there. The thing is that the very next day it was reported that the project had been cancelled, even though it had been filmed already.

The report is that A Deadly Adoption was just supposed to drop onto Lifetime with no fanfare, to be stumbled across and then shared a lá Too Many Cooks. Ferrell told Entertainment Weekly that he and Wiig were disappointed that the secret project went public and are now scrapping it altogether. Just keep your eye on Lifetime going forward, as they may just be waiting for people to forget this leak, only for A Deadly Adoption to appear out of nowhere after a showing of tv-movie classic Invisible Child.




CRIMINEY. In the face of so many big sequels, reboots and adaptations this summer and beyond, Mad Max: Fury Road has come in slightly under the radar, but this trailer continues the great work done by the initial teaser in portraying the film as a completely bonkers action movie. When even the colourful Avengers are beginning to brood, the joyful action stupidity of Deadpool and Mad Max is needed more than ever, and that trailer gets me so hyped that even as a guy who rolls his eyes at “Visionary Director Zack Snyder” years after that Watchmen trailer, this video’s proclamation of MASTERMIND GEORGE MILLER just makes me fist pump in frantic agreement.