A look back at the threads of the F.A.N. forum: Photoshop Vinces Explosion

In the long and storied history of the F.A.N. forum there have been threads that have taken a life of their own just because of how strange, outlandish and hilarious they are. Among them are the Photoshop Vinces Explosion thread started by eris236 on June 11, 2007.

It all began on Monday Night Raw when Vince McMahon’s limo exploded. Eris236 suggested that the members of the Freakin’ Awesome Network forum members should photoshop it and many were happy to oblige the request.


Below is what the original picture looked like.


Using that as a starting point many images were created and below are just a few of my personal favorites.

This one is M. Night Shyamalan’s take on the explosion.



This reveals an unlikely person who was behind the explosion.


Not even Arlen,Texas fire fighters can put out the blaze.

Last, but not least, Mick Foley gives his personal thumbs up at the carnage.

The Photoshop Vinces Explosion thread is archived at the Freakin’ Awesome Network forumĀ  and can be seen here.