Music Previews: Connor’s Picks for March 13th

Oh hey there. Almost didn’t recognize ya.

I’m kidding, who could forget a face like that, huh?


The Ting Tings – “Sounds from Nowheresville”

Ha, say THAT five times fast. I’m kidding, don’t, you sound stupid and everyone around you is looking at you funny. The Tings Tings are probably well known for their hits “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” and Sounds from Nowheresville is surely being looked to as a cash-in on the band’s success from those songs. That’s not a bad thing, especially since this album’s first two singles are a good departure from the first album. “Silence” is definitely more different, as it’s got a slow vibe to it, whilst “Hang It Up” is faster and more like their stuff of yonder. In a cool feature, fans who purchase the CD are able to bring the album to life, so to speak, using an iPad, as shown in this video. 

Soulfly – “Enslaved”


METAL! Yeah! Want some kick ass stuff that’ll make you wanna punch walls just for fun? Then go ahead and get this album. That’s really all you need to know. Here’s the video for their single “World Scum” from Roadrunner Records. That’s all you need, now go get it!




Oedipus – “Vicious Little Smile”

A band I’d admittedly never heard of before writing this article, Oedipus was joined by Def Leppard’s Phil Collen on the song “Final Machine.” The track “Kiss on the Fist” is hard rocking and awesome, and should be heard by all by searching intently for it…ok, here it is. Enjoy it like I did, cuz it’s pretty good. Oedipus has been around since ’97, trying to find their way into people’s ears for awhile now, and hopefully that will happen with Vicious Little Smile, as these guys definitely deserve it, and I can totally see them being announce as a talent for next year’s Rock on the Range festival, as long as this album succeeds!


Say Anything – “Anarchy, My Dear”

Damn cool title, I must say. Emo punk is the best way to describe this band’s sound, especially since they’ve been quoted as saying they wrote this as a “true punk album.” Like some of the artists last week, Say Anything are one of many who are attending this year’s SXSW festivities, as well as having an album release party at the infamous Viper Room in LA, and then an extensive tour around the around that lasts until May. Needless to say, Say Anything’s got a lot on their plate when it comes to Anarchy, My Dear (such an awesome name!), so it must be something that’s gonna be big.


Delta Spirit – “Delta Spirit”

“Money Saves” is a fun song. I bet it’s gonna get airplay on a lot of alternative radio stations, which is never a bad thing! If you’re a fan of that genre, you’ll definitely appreciate that song, as well as this band in general. Another SXSW-goer, Delta Spirit has what it takes to make it real big, i.e. big tours, sales, etc. “Empty House” helps prove that theory. Both of these songs I’ve mentioned are available for being teased into watching at the bands blog,


That’s it for this week! Hope you enjoyed it and check these bands out and maybe…just maybe, you’ll hit up a local record store and purchase something!

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