My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2, Episode 13 Review

Welcome once again fillies and gentlecolts to another edition of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Recap/Review. It’s been a long time coming this season, but finally we have an episode starring everyone’s favorite crazy pink pony, Pinkie Pie. Not only that, but this episode brings us two new additions to the family. How can Pinkie handle the combined effort of the “Baby Cakes”? Well let’s find out.


We open our episode at the Ponyville hospital, as the Mane 6 are there to see the new foal of Mr. and Mrs. Cake. However, it turns out that Mrs. Cake actually had twins. A boy pegasus named Pound Cake, and a girl unicorn named Pumpkin Cake. If you’re wondering how that is even remotely plausible considering the Cakes are both earth ponies, Mr. Cake says it’s merely a case of genetics from their ancestors. That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it. Pinkie Pie is the most excited about the prospect of having two new ponies to play with, since two new ponies means two times the fun. The fun has once again been doubled!


Fast forward to one month later, and Pinkie is still having lots of fun with the little ones, while still not fully understanding the responsibilities required in order to take care of babies. However, when the cakes are needed for a huge delivery, they seek out a suitable foal sitter. However, their attempts at getting the other members of the mane 6 for the job fail due to other commitments (Or in Rarity’s case, just not wanting to do it. Element of generosity huh?), so they’re left with one last alternative… leave their foals in the care of Pinkie. They give Pinkie a list of instructions on how to take care of the babies, and they leave. And of course, as soon as the Cakes leave, the babies begin to cry uncontrollably, as Pinkie finally starts to realise what she’s gotten herself into.

Unable to console the crying Cakes, Pinkie tries everything from a bad stand up comedy act, to singing a song called “Oink Oink Oink”, with a pig nose on. But nothing manages to do the trick, That is, until she accidentally spills flour all over her, which finally makes the babies happy. Pinkie’s later attempts at feeding, changing, and bathing the twins suffer the same problems, each time ending with Pinkie covering herself in flour to keep them happy.


Twilight Sparkle soon shows up to help Pinkie, since she has a feeling that Pinkie is in way over her head. However, Pinkie declines Twilight’s offer, and tries to be more assertive with the twins. She manages to finally get the energetic duo into their cribs, but as soon as she turns her back, the two vanish.

It doesn’t take long for Pinkie to find the two, but soon discovers she has a new problem to deal with. Pound has learned to fly, and Pumpkin is in full control of her unicorn magic. This leads to more wacky hi-jinx including Pinkie being dragged through the house while trying to grab Pound, and an attempt at trapping the two failing thanks to Pumpkin’s teleportation abilities. All of this finally gets to Pinkie, who starts to cry. The twins stop their fun, and try to make Pinkie feel better by covering themselves in flour, and “calling it even”.

Pinkie finally manages to put the two to bed and cleans the house as we hear her lesson to Princess Celestia. The lesson being that sometimes our desire for responsibility can outrun our ability to handle it. Mr. and Mrs. Cake return home, and are pleasantly surprised at how well Pinkie managed. They offer Pinkie Pie the job of being the permanent babysitter, but Pinkie quickly declines. That is, until she hears Pound and Pumpkin’s first words…






Well, after getting your stomach pumped from such a sugar overdose, did this episode still manage to deliver? Let’s break the pros and cons down.




It took 13 episodes, but after being lost big time this season, the Pinkie Pie we all know and love is back in top form. Silly, strange, lovable, and willing to try to make those around her happy despite whatever the problems are. And having her as the solo star for the episode really made this episode great. Pinkie’s a character with great strengths when it comes to being the solo character focus of an episode, and it showed in this episode. Hopefully more Pinkie adventures are on the horizon this season, and if this was any indication, we should be in for a treat.

The Cake twins are adorable. They managed to take the somewhat more creepy looking foal design from “The Mysterious Mare Do Well” and fix it to make for a much easier and cuter look. They’re as silly, rambunctious, and troublesome as toddlers can be, and the touch in the third act of having them already master their abilities made for even more fun with them. ¬†Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of them.

The pacing in this episode worked really well. Nothing felt like it lasted too short, or too long, and nothing felt too out of place. a definite plus to the episode.

It wouldn’t be Pinkie Pie without a couple songs, and ¬†in this episode we got two decent ones. The “Monthiversary” song, and “Oink Oink Oink”. Both were quick, and neither were annoying. Though it was a shock to many that this episode didn’t contain the leaked “Smile” song, but in my opinion, it wouldn’t have fit this episode all too well, and probably would have hurt the pacing of the episode considering its length.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel this is redemption of sorts for the infamously bad G3 Newborn Cuties short. The one with baby Pinkie Pie and Cheerilee watching over the brain damaged Scootaloo toddler. If you’ve ever seen it, and it’s bad flash animation, lack of plot, and complete and utter annoyance, then watched this episode, you can see just how much better this was handled. Maybe I’m overlooking this part, but I feel somewhat instantly reminded.



So, all of the other ponies have actual things to do, yet Rarity, the element of generosity, just completely declines the Cakes request with no real excuse? I dunno, that seems a bit wrong to me. So wrong, that I had to place it in the con section. Come on Rarity, you’re better than that.

Other than that, if I could give one other con, maybe it was the episode was a bit too cute. I mean seriously, this team-up lead to some of the most D’awww-mazing stuff the series has produced so far. And it may overwhelm some, so be careful.


“Baby Cakes” was another excellent episode of a quality season. Strong on the slapstick, and even stronger on the adorable. While maybe not as potent an episode as some others this season, it was still an all around solid episode. This is definitely a must watch for fans of the show, but I dunno if it’s a for beginners episode. Like I said, the cuteness could overwhelm you. It’s definitely one of the season’s finest.


RATING: 8.5 out of 10


Next week, giddy up for a pony adventure. When Applejack vanishes during a rodeo, the mane 6 set off to find her. Is she safe, or could this be “The Last Roundup” for Applejack? Find out in 7.


Until next week bronies and pegasisters.