October 4th Album Releases

I can not explain to you all about how awesome this week is, for me personally regarding music!! An unknown garage rock band has an EP out this week, so to say I’m stoked would be the biggest understatement than when someone said Al Bundy was a fan of Big ‘Uns. Anytime new rock and roll is released I become overpowered with electric joy that it’s not even funny. Of course, there are other releases, such as Feist, who I’ve had a hard time NOT typing her name right, and Mutemath, a band whose second single I first heard on the good ol’ radio. So enjoy this week’s article and discover new and bad ass music!


Feist – “Metals”

First up this week, is Feist. Feist is the last name of Leslie Feist, who is not only a well known solo artist, but also a member of Canadian indie rock band Broken Social Scene. Feist has her fourth album out this week and with her past popularity, it’s no doubt this one will be a hit. Most known for her song ‘1234,’ which she even sang on Sesame Street, surely she’s looking to continue her success with “Metals”! Starting later in the month she’ll be starting her tour, going through Holland, the UK, the US, and Canada!


Jack’s Mannequin – “People and Things”

Something Corporate’s lead man Andrew McMahon’s side project-turned successful alternative act now has “People and Things” out as proof that they aren’t just the rebound for when SC isn’t on tour or recording new material. For those that don’t know, Jack’s Mannequin, with every new release of theirs, they get more and more popular, as proven by the success of their first album “Everything in Transit,” followed by the even greater success of the sophomore record “The Glass Passenger.” Hopefully we’ll see a cool trend and “People and Things” will gain the band even MORE fame and popularity! First single ‘My Racing Thoughts‘ certainly has that sound that would be played a lot on radio. Sort of like an alternative ballad of sorts. Check this one out for something different!


Mutemath – “Odd Soul”

Recorded in both LA and NOLA, “Odd Soul” is the third LP from rockers Mutemath. As I mentioned in the opening, I heard one of their singles on the radio and was amazed at its awesomeness. On their website awhile ago they posted a contest where fans could submit remixes of the title track. That contest has since ended, but you can listen to and download the winners here. Having just checked out the video for ‘Blood Pressure,’ it should be nominated for some kind of award, for its unique photography ability to create such a scene. Definitely demand your record store to carry this, and other Mutemath albums!


Zola Jesus – “Conatus”

Zola Jesus. That is this Arizona native’s stage name. She named herself after Jesus Christ, and a writer, Emile Zola. Quite the combination. Zola, as you can see, is quite the off-the-wall artist. All kinds of styles in this woman’s music, and “Conatus” shows that off wonderfully. The song ‘Skin,’ while not a single as there have not been any released yet, starts off real slow, with simple piano notes and vocals, then turns into something of a story, that can be read if you listen to the song and nothing else. If that’s what the rest of the album’s like, I’d get it in a heartbeat.


Standing Shadows – “Freakshow”

Yes, what I’ve been waiting for! Let’s just say social media can bring you things which you desire — in this case, it’s good old fashioned rock n’ roll. “Freakshow” is the first of three EP’s being released by the band (the next two coming in November and December, respectively) and all were produced by Chris Goss, who’s best known for his work in the Joshua Tree Desert music area, working with such bands as Queens of the Stone Age and the Eagles of Death Metal. This EP has one single, and it’s called ‘Freakshow.’ The rest of the songs are pretty good remixes. You can only get this through the internet, so for once I’m advising you all to go to iTunes to get this right now!!


So get out there and support the music scene! These people provide you with entertainment for your ears, why not provide them with your money? Same with record stores!


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Until next week, for Connor Mullen, I’m Connor Mullen. Peace I’m outta here!