FCW 10/02/11

I’m on time this week. This will now be a better weekly write up, which I’m excited about.

We start out with Byron Saxton as the play by play announcer along with William Regal. Eden Stiles also lost her last name, as she’s shown as just Eden. Super 8 Tournament time!

Leo Kruger vs Percy Watson

I don’t care what people say. A toned down Percy Watson is still a charismatic Percy Watson. OH YEAH! Kruger starts off with a knee to the gut he fights Percy in the corner. Whip into the buckle, float over by Watson and a big drop kick. Big heel kick by Percy which gets 2. Percy keeps the advantage at the start and pounds away at Kruger in the corner. Kruger goes to the outside and Percy tries for a baseball slide but Kruger catches him in the ring apron. An old school tactic which Regal enjoys. This gives Kruger the advantage and starts to get more aggressive. Kruger misses a jumping splash in the corner and Percy starts to block some shots and fight back. Another big drop kick followed by a jumping clothesline. Stinger splash in the corner followed by a double underhook suplex, but Watson doesn’t go for the pin. Watson tries the Showtime Splash but Kruger gets his knees up. Kruger quickly goes for the sleeper, then locks in a rear naked choke, which forces Percy to tap out.

Winner: Leo Kruger

Kruger is now more successful then Samoa Joe with his rear naked choke.

Leo advances to the fatal fourway, and tonight it will be Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose one more time. There’s something going on involving Maxine. She’s with Richie Steamboat. She says Brad Maddox is driving her crazy. She is making the superkick illegal, and that if he uses it again, she’s going to suspend him. Aksana enters the scene and says something that I couldn’t hear. They could have edited out the background noise or had her speak a little louder.

We now go to Briley Pierce who is still holding a microphone. He’s gotta stop burying himself. He is joined by Big E Langston. He has huge news. He may’ve lost to Husky Harris but he’s done something that nobody has been able to do. He says he became the super heavyweight power lifting national Champion. Again, his 799 pounds is nothing compared to Mark Henry’s 903. He seems to be talking like Devon here. Oh Tesitfy! I never realized how short he is too, despite being ridiculous buff. He’s taller then me though, according to the website, though that could all be a work. See Vince. People under 6 feet can be menacing! Anyway:

FCW Superstar Profile

This Week: Abraham Washington

I wish they would have given the Obama gimmick a chance. Change we can believe in!

I remember making the first post about honest Abe on the Fan Forums, and the reason I remember that is because his original gimmick in FCW was completely awesome. At least I thought so anyway. Abe was originally trained in OVW after their split with WWE, but still went into FCW early on in his career. His original name (besides being Brian Jossie on the website) was Abraham Saddam Washington, which was a play off of Barrack Obama’s middle name, Hussein. He had an Obama gimmick. He was campaigning to become FCW General Manager, he had his own secret security in Agent D and Agent T (which would end up being Derrick Bateman and Donny Marlow). He was more jive talking then Obama, but I enjoyed the gimmick. He still wasn’t the best wrestler though. He had one match against Fletcher Chase, in which he spent most of the match doing shoulder blocks. Sheamus was the guest referee and later crushed the both of them. Abe would go onto ECW and drop the Obama gimmick for a talk show host gimmick. After that folded, he ended up in a feud with his former friend Byron Saxton, and now Abe is back looking for the Florida Heavyweight Championship. And he’s much more talented then he was in that first match I saw him in.

Rick Victor vs Abraham Washington

Here’s a guy who could be managed by James Mitchell if they brought him in. William Regal says he and Abe shouldn’t be in the same arena, because they last time they were they shut down ECW. He says Byron was involved in that jinx too (I spelled that word like the Pokemon Jynx, I’m such a nerd). Both men try to get some quick pin falls. Abraham gets sent to the outside and Victor goes on the attack. Abe gets on the apron, Victor grabs him and tries to drill him into the turnbuckle but Abe blocks and puts Victor’s head into it. He quickly loses the advantage and Victor hits a big neckbreaker. He goes for a couple of pin falls but only gets 2. Victor keeps the pressure on, and locks in a chinlock while hooking the arm. Abe fights back but Victor switches it up to a cravat, but that gets countered and he gets a back body drop. Big Belly to Belly by Abe.  Flapjack by Abe which gets followed up by the In Yo’ Face elbow, and that gets the 3 count.

In Yo' Face elbow drop. I wonder where he got that idea from?

Winner: Abraham Washington

Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight!

We go to a quick vingette, once again with the Ascension. In a line, they say this prayer one line after the other, that’s said by this kid in the song, Enter Sandman. Conor though changes it up and says the Ascension prays while you sleep. Maybe Ascension will come to the ring with beers and canes. In all seriousness, it’s nice to have these little vingettes to build these guys up, and like, they’re less then a minute.

Richie Steamboat vs Brad Maddox

The Superkick isn't the only kick in existence.

Richie can’t use the Superkick in this match. Who does Maxine think she is, banning something for no good reason. Did she become a mod on the FAN message board or something? Anyway Regal puts over the fact he’s been around this business for a long time, so he’s got other tricks up his sleeve. Maddox comes out with a amateur boxer’s helmet on and a shirt that says “Kick Me”. The helmet has a target on the top of it as well. Richie starts laying in the chops, and then kicks him in the spine. Seriously, what is he doing wearing a shirt that says kick me. The Superkick isn’t the only kick one can do. Steamboat follows up with a boot to the gut, and Richie keeps pointing to his chin. Bitch slap by Maddox looking to aggravate the situation. Steamboat goes for the Superkick but stops himself. Regal wonders if Richie is this way because of him, because when he was 7, Regal would slap around Richie when his dad wasn’t look because he’s that way inclined. Regal is indeed a villain, with his enjoyment of child abuse. Steamboat lunges at Maddox but Maddox grabs him and throws him into the top turnbuckle. Maddox goes for a head twist but Steamboat fights back with punches. Maddox stops his attempt with some shots to the chest. Steamboat goes for the top rope but Maddox pulls him off. Mounted punches by Maddox and goes for a pin,but only gets 2.

Maddox pulls out some knucks, but the ref grabs that and throws it away. He then turned his head gear inside out revealing a weapon of some sort, but the ref grabs that too. He’s not a very good heel is Brad, he needs to talk to more experienced heels in regards to doing these shady tactics. When the referee’s back is turned, Richie nails a superkick and gets the pin.

Winner: Richie Steamboat

Maddox is in desperate need of a manager to help him cheat. Maddox gets up and Richie nails another superkick. Audrey Marie is standing by now with Briley Pierce. Audrey beat one of the greatest Divas Champions in  Aksana (geez). She says after being thrown into the steps and the barricade, she didn’t know if she was able to compete. She’s really excited and puts her hat on Briley.

Apparently, Richie has been summoned to see Maxine in her office. He’s gonna get a pee pee slapping. Byron is talking about Bo being out for a number of months due to a lacerated kidney. They go to Matt Marlaro with Bo Rotundo. Bo says he’s down, he’s doing good, but hurt. Wrestling is his life and it’s killing him being away. He talks about having an injury and defending the title 6 to 7 times a week. Eventually he couldn’t bare the pain and had to tell someone. So he went to the hospital and said had he not gone, it could have been serious. He was rushed to the ICU he says. He wishes his brother Husky good luck,  but the winner never beat him.

How does one get a Lacerated Kidney. I wonder if he held it in too long on a road trip.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

Non-title action between Ambrose and Rollins, this time with FCW Heavyweight Title implications. It will also be a one fall match. Apparently Seth has an injury and his shoulder is taped up. Apparently he had a shoulder tear at an FCW live event. Stalemate at the beginning and they get a stand off early on. A shoving match early on as well then they start throwing fists at each other, but Ambrose gets the advantage with a headbutt. A couple of quick pinfall attempts by both guys continue the stalemate. Both men trade forearm blows. Lots of reversals, both men attempting their finishers. Ambrose gets the advantage with some mounted punches, and then starts going for a bandage around the elbow of Rollins. He has black tape on his shoulder, and bandages over his arm, man, his arm is pretty rough. He’s now a one armed man and Ambrose is is going to town on it.

That looks pretty painful to say the least.

Geez, you can see this big purple mark running up his under arm, and Ambrose is digging his nails into that mark. Ambrose keeps on that arm, including trying out a cross face. Rollins breaks free with a few elbows, followed by a jumping enzuguri. Rollins starts firing back with clotheslines and making his comeback on Ambrose. Rollins nails a running forearm in the corner. Ambrose tries to regain the advantage but Rollins keeps escaping and fighting back. Ambrose rolls out of the ring. Suicide dive to the outside by Rollins! William Regal’s voice starts getting scratchy, he’s really loving this. Rollins goes to the top rope with Ambrose back in the ring, but Ambrose stops him. Ambrose goes for a superplex, but Rollins blocks, goes for a sunset powerbomb, Ambrose blocks, punches down at Rollins, tries to catch his breath, Rollins again goes for a powerbomb, Ambrose gets out, and then hits an arm ringer. Tons of reversals, these matches are hard to type about. Ambrose hits a big clothesline then throws Rollins shoulder first into the post. Ambrose grabs Rollins and hits the Midnight Special, and Ambrose advances.

Winner: Dean Ambrose.

Another amazing match by these two. Ambrose gets his first official victory over Seth Rollins and next week, there will be a fatal fourway to determine the NEW Florida Heavyweight Champion.