Justifying Evil!: The Great Khali attacks Runjin Singh

Today we will be taking a look back a few months ago when The Great Khali attacked his brother and former manager Rujin Singh as well as the events that led up to it.

When the Punjabi giant first arrived in WWE four years ago he was a force to be reckoned with. In his very first match he defeated the legendary Undertaker in the middle of the ring.



Shortly after that he became the World Heavyweight Champion.


At first under the watchful eye of his brother the big man was imposing his will on those who dared to challenge him. Clearly beating the Undertaker and winning the World Heavyweight Championship less than a year into his career The Great Khali was to be feared and to be taken seriously.


However after that Khail became something of a joke in subsequent all because of Ranjin Singh. He allowed his brother, a mountain of a man, to be the target of snickering at his fellow wrestlers by thinking that the best way to utilize Khali’s incredible size and strength was to have him kiss female audience members.


As shown in the picture above Runjin was clearly the mastermind behind the Khail Kiss Cam. However by doing so the big man started a losing streak as he wasn’t focusing on wrestling as he should have been, his manager thought it would be better to kiss female fans.

After Jinder Mahal confronted The Great Khali about this the big man began to realize that he was no longer feared and respected as he once was and was a shell of his former self. Khali figured out the man who he had trusted with his career no longer had his best interests in mind and sought revenge for turning this former proud man into a “Punjabi playboy.”


Runjin Singh has not been seen since being on the receiving end of vice grip of The Great Khali. One could say that his career has been going nowhere since that time, which is exactly what he allowed to happen to his brother for years. The Great Khali thought he could trust his brother and clearly he was mistaken.