RD: WWE “Tough Enough”, Week 7

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Back at the “Tool Academy” house when A.J. walks in alone feeling the after effects from last week’s elimination, he walks into the Living Room & explains to everybody what happened in last week’s elimination.  The contestants are shocked at what happened, Martin says that it’s scary that they are in an environment where they are being tested every day on their skills & you have to give everything that you got; Christina thinks the whole situation is crazy & asks A.J. if he feels scared still, A.J. tells Christina that right now he’s enjoying it but tomorrow is going to be a long day.

WWE Tough Enough Opening Credits of MASSIVE HYPE!

Somewhere at the backyard of the “Tool Academy” house Trish is teaching Christina some Yoga moves.  Trish says she found Yoga when she was diagnosed with her herniated disc (RD:”Remember that Trish & I are herniated disc buddies!“) so when she started doing it she felt immediate relief.   (RD:”So Trish saw that “King Of The Hill” episode too when Hank Hill took Yoga for his back problems?!?)

(RD: “What a coincidence because that’s the reason why I took Yoga as well!“) In a stretching position Trish asks Christina if she feels pressured, Christina doesn’t feel pressured but more like excitement that she can do it to win the show, Trish asks Christina about what does she mean, Christina tells Trish that at the training area she always has to put this emotional wall up & it’s tough.  Christina starts to cry while Trish is sympathizes with her, Christina tells Trish that it’s tough trying to put up this aura of strength around the guys & says that she wants to keep up with the guys on the show .  Trish tells Christina that it is hard & she needs to remember why she’s on the show, (RD:”To leach off her sister Alicia Fox’s success so she can get a job?“) Christina tells Trish this is what she wants to do because everybody doubted her but she wants to prove them wrong, Trish says she’s proud of Christina because she’s maintained her composure on the show & she’s rooting for her to win. Trish tells Christina that at the end of the day she has to rely on herself only, Christina says that she has accomplished so much on the show & now it’s time to step it up.   (RD:”Let’s see here.  Christina tried to sabotage her fellow contestants by getting them drunk on purpose, injuring one of her fellow contestants so she’s forced to leave the show, while maintaining an ego that she’s the greatest by not proving it at all.  Yup Christina sure has accomplished a lot!“) Trish & Christina hug each other.

The contestants enter the “Tough Enough” training area to begin their daily exercises & training; DeMott looks at Martin’s wrestling boots & mocks them for looking so pathetic.  DeMott then asks Christina asking how is she & tells her that Christina is being judged by the guys now but he’s proud of her.  DeMott has the contestants running drills where they kick out of a pinning situation when “Stone Cold” enters the training area.  “Stone Cold” tells the contestants that this week’s Life Lesson is all about Creativity; creativity when it comes to executing moves which includes technique & safety as well as putting your personality into these moves it can take you a long way, “Stone Cold” says that it was never about WHAT he did in the ring but more of HOW he did it in the ring with his creativity so he wants the contestant to do whatever moves they want in a WWE ring but adding their own flair to these moves.  (RD:”Ric Flair is going to be added to the contestant’s moves?!?  That’ll look awkward.“)

DeMott has the contestants do a simple “Fireman’s Carry”.  Jeremiah BOTCHES the move, A.J. tries to put an Arm Throw to his Fireman’s Carry but The Trainers & “Stone Cold” yells at him calling him timid.  Booker T asks A.J. why he’s timid & throws A.J. out of the ring while Christina & Martin runs the Fireman’s Carry with The Trainers applauding Christina.  Jeremiah tries to do the move again but he tries to do a MMA takedown on Martin & with Andy, DeMott notices that he looks flat, Jeremiah tries to bust a MMA move on Luke but “Stone Cold” broke that up quick.  DeMott tells Jeremiah that he knows he has MMA training but he’s here to be a part of WWE, “Stone Cold” tells Jeremiah that he looked like “s**t” in the ring & DeMott tells Jeremiah that he’s dangerous.

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Back to the training area as we catch Martin & Andy in the ring in the middle of an Arm Twist & it looks like the contestants are now practicing how to throw somebody out of the ring.  Christina throws Andy out of the ring which Andy couldn’t recover neatly from which “Stone Cold” noticed how sloppy that was.  “Stone Cold” noticed that none of the contestants were very creative in leaving the ring & compares the contestants to trash & asks for a little creativity when it comes to that.  “Stone Cold” calls the contestants a bunch of riff-raff.  So the contestants do it again & this time they got a little better but when Andy tried to do it again that it looked so bad that “Stone Cold” grabs his head like if he had a headache while Booker T moans in disgust.  Booker T instructs the contestants in how to use some creativity when you throw a guy out of the ring so he uses Martin as an example which looks great.  They try one more time & A.J. looked bad throwing Jeremiah out of the ring.  The contestants continue to do drills when DeMott orders A.J. out of the ring.  Andy & Luke are in the ring doing drills, Andy punches Luke in the nose then tosses Luke out of the ring but Luke ended up LANDING ON HIS HEAD OUTSIDE THE RING!  (RD:”I don’t know if that’s karma for Luke being a douche on the show so far but…OUCH!  Yes it looked painful as it was written.“)

Earl Hickey: “Do good thing & good things happen to you, do bad things…and you have Luke.”

“Stone Cold” & The Trainers look concerned, DeMott’s looking at Andy with disgust, Andy’s angry with himself over what he did, DeMott’s yelling at Andy for what he did, Booker T yells at Andy saying that if he keeps doing what he just did in the ring he’s gone, Andy says it was his fault because he just got too excited, DeMott’s yelling at Andy saying that his wrestling level is now that of A.J. & thanks to Andy trying to be more creative he’s basically eliminating himself.  DeMott orders the contestants to line-up & tells them that he feels he’s wasting his time with them, Booker T says he thinks the problem was the contestants not focusing, “Stone Cold” tells the contestants that they think they have everything figured out but they had a bad day.  “Stone Cold” orders them to leave.

Back at the “Tool Academy” house, Andy’s watching video of his baby girl trying to walk on a laptop & he says he may had a bad day from missing his kid but it made him feel better a little bit.  Andy’s calling his wife to say thanks for sending the video to him & checking in to see how’s the family, “Wifey” says that Andy’s daughter doesn’t take naps anymore since she’s up all the time & once he’s home he can take care of her!  

A stretch limo pulls up to the “Tool Academy” house, Trish says that the contestants had a bad day training so she has a surprise for them.  Some women exit the limo & they turn out to be…

Guest WWE7. Kelly Kelly (a.k.a. “The Diva that can’t take a bra off.”): WWE Diva who made the 2011 “Maxim Hot 100” ranked number 82 but other than that Kelly Kelly is more famous of what she CAN’T do.  Kelly Kelly: can’t wrestle, can’t act, can’t cry, can’t do a cartwheel when she was in “Extreme Expose” with Layla & Brooke “Miss Tessmacher” Adams, & in her WWE debut on ECW she can’t take a bra off while stripping.  Kelly Kelly is also infamous for a picture floating around of her peeing in a sink.

Guest WWE8. Eve Torres (a.k.a. “Granny Panties!”): Two time WWE Diva’s champion & the 2007 “WWE Diva Search” winner.  (RD:”Eve Torres always had odd fashion choices for me.  I remember her best when she debuted as a wrestler she was wearing tights that actually looked like Granny Panties.  I just got a kick out of that & laughed.“)

Guest WWE 9 & 10. Brie & Nikki Bella/The Bella Twins (a.k.a. “BOTCHMANIA”):  WWE Divas.   Brie’s the current WWE Diva’s champion.  The Bella Twins are more famous for causing a lot of screw-ups inside the ring to a point that they stopped wrestling just so they can be co-hosts during the “RAW Co-Host” segments.  

Trish says that the contestants need to be creative & show a reason why they are on the show so Trish decided to bring in The Bellas, Eve, & Kelly Kelly.  Video package of The Bellas/Eve/Kelly Kelly with “Stone Cold” saying that only a few women get to be WWE Divas & they need charisma & creativity to be in the ring & they summed them up perfectly.  (RD:”WAIT A MINUTE!   I got a lot of things to say about this!  First, they picked these 4 to represent charisma & creativity for WWE?!?!?“)
(RD:”Charisma & Creativity in WWE other than those 4 Divas.  I wonder if there’s anyone that I can think of that was a part of WWE that represents charisma & creativity.  Hrm… “)

(RD:”Nope.  Can’t think of anyone. “)

(RD:”These 4 Divas represent charisma & creativity?!?“)

Elmo ROFL Video from YouTube

Trish walks in with the Fatal 4 of Kelly Kelly/Eve/Bellas in to the house with Luke & Jeremiah wearing only but towels around their waists & looking shocked, Jeremiah says they got a surprise with the Fatal 4  & they put the “hot” in “hotness”.
(RD:”This is coming from Jeremiah, the same guy that wanted to date this mess!“)

Luke’s running to the bedrooms looking embarrassed while everybody has a good laugh.  Trish & the Fatal 4 drink champagne when Martin & A.J. appear wearing suits & ties, Christina is next looking all dressed up, The Bellas offer Christina some wine & she accepts; Christina’s happy the Fatal 4 are here because she now can get a female perspective of the pro wrestling business.  

The Fatal 4 get the contestants inside their limo & take off.  The Fatal 4 & the contestants arrive at some upscale Chinese restaurant.  Jeremiah’s going to the bar & he gets a drink order from everybody eating but Andy refuses to get a drink because he’s “Straight Edge” for the show; The Bellas ask Andy why he doesn’t drink, Andy says he promised his family he wouldn’t drink on the show & it wouldn’t be fair to them that he would be here to party when he’s here trying to win the WWE Contract. The Bellas respect Andy for it. Luke gets all flirty with Kelly Kelly.  Eve talks to Jeremiah about his life experience, Jeremiah talks about his MMA experience & how he has zero pro wrestling experience but he gets it & will be the winner. (RD:”What a coincidence!  Eve has zero wrestling experience as well.  I smell a “Love Connection”.  What do you think Chuck Woolery? “)

Chuck Woolery:“Looks like Eve & Jeremiah are about to make a “Love Connection”.  We’ll see how the date happens when we’re back in 2-and-2.”

Eve says that this week is all about what makes the contestants stand out.  Christina talks to Kelly Kelly about the business & having days off; Kelly Kelly says they all have days off & listen to The Trainers. Christina’s telling Kelly Kelly on how The Trainers are telling her not to let herself down, Kelly Kelly says that she like Christina & wants to give her some career advice.  (RD:”WAIT A MINUTE!  Career advice from Kelly Kelly?!?  What type of advice is she going to give?  “Peeing in the sink is a great way to get noticed!”  or “Want to get hired by anybody?  Wear a bikini then get it posted in a magazine!  Horny perverts will hire you!”  Probably it’ll be more like “Can’t act nor wrestle?  No problem!” “) Kelly Kelly tells Christina that she’s still learning & that it’s not an overnight process to be successful in WWE but for Christina to be the only girl left on the show is something Kelly Kelly is proud of.   The Bellas talk about who was The Bottom Three from last week, A.J. says he was the only one to survive last week’s elimination, The Bellas ask what was the reason why A.J. was in The Bottom Three, A.J. says that he had a hard time at training & he’s having a hard time at trying to understand what The Trainers want from him but he needs to have fun with it, The Bellas says to A.J. that it’s not about the moves but it’s more about keeping the crowd interested, (RD:”So that’s why The Bellas make all those mistakes!  They’re trying to keep the crowd “interested” eh?“) Jeremiah gets a Bella to slap him so she does, Luke does the “OH MY GAWD I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE DID THAT!” reaction, Jeremiah gets a Bella to slap him again for Luke being an ass & she does again, Luke does the same reaction again & this time HE wants to be slapped by a Bella!  So Luke takes Jeremiah’s seat, asks for a Bella to slap him & she slaps Luke!  Luke oversells it then he slaps Jeremiah!  Jeremiah then slaps Luke back!  Luke & Jeremiah keep at it for a minute or two then they do their little “Bromance” handshake, Kelly Kelly yells out “The Bromance is here!”  Luke says after the bad training they had tonight with the Fatal 4 was a great day to even things out & to be proud they are the Final 6.  Martin leads a toast for the entire table.

*Commercial Break 2*

The contestants arrive at the offices of THQ where are greeted by “Stone Cold” & some unknown guy.   The unknown guy’s name is Brian Farrell the CEO of THQ.  Brian describes the “Life Lesson Challenge”.  Each contestant will be paired up with a THQ programmer & they will design a wrestler for them to play with on their latest WWE game “WWE All-Stars”. While Brian takes the contestants to meet the programmers, “Stone Cold” once again tells us the story of “The Ringmaster” & how he became “Stone Cold” & they are here at THQ to teach the contestants all about creative energy.  Each of the contestants were paired up with a THQ programmer & they worked on their character through the game’s “Create-A-Wrestler” feature.  The contestants enter the board room where “Stone Cold” & Brian are waiting for them; “Stone Cold” says he wants the contestants to sell him what they are delivering as a character, how they deliver this message, & are they getting their points across to him.

“The WWE All-Stars Life Lesson Challenge” begins!  Jeremiah’s first with his character, “Stone Cold” wondering what the hell he looking at, Jeremiah says he called his wrestler “The Natural” because everything comes natural to him.  Christina’s next with her wrestler “Mikayla” which “Stone Cold” likes, Christina says she gave her wrestler that name because she wanted to create a superhero type of character.  Jeremiah & Christina “compete” with Jeremiah winning.  “Stone Cold” talks to Christina about her character, Christina says she designed her character around her likes of acrobatics & how she feels that what she is in the ring.  Next is A.J. & Luke.  A.J.’s wrestler is named “Jaxon Krash” which “Stone Cold” doesn’t have a reaction to, A.J. says that “Stone Cold” compared him to watching grass grow at last week’s elimination so he took it to heart.  Luke’s wrestler is next & he’s called “The Future Legend” with “Stone Cold” saying that “The Future Legend” looks a lot like Luke, (RD:”NAH!  It looks EXACTLY like Luke.“) Luke described his character as a rock star that can tiger pounce on you.  (RD:”So Luke basically described Randy Orton more or less eh?  How Sean “P-Diddy” Combs of him.“) “Stone Cold” once again asks Luke for his wrestler’s name & “Stone Cold” laughing at him.  Luke & A.J. “compete”.  “Stone Cold” asks A.J. about his wrestler, A.J. says he had an idea for a big metal head so everything kind of flowed together.  (RD:”So A.J. was thinking about “The KISS Demon”?“) “Stone Cold” was dancing around the issue that Luke’s wrestler looked a lot like him, Luke says that sometimes not being creative can lead to being too hokey-looking in the ring.  Finally it’s Martin & Andy.  Martin comes with his wrestler named “BetterThanU” (RD:”*groan*“) with “Stone Cold” comparing his character to The Ultimate Warrior, Martin says that his character is the ultimate good guy times 1000.  Andy’s next with his wrestler “Silent Rage” with “Stone Cold” showing no reaction at all, Andy says the concept of what he wanted to be as a wrestler was put up on the game.  Martin & Andy “compete”.  “Stone Cold” was having too much fun watching Martin & Andy that he ordered them to stop & asked Andy about his character & maybe that’s what we’ll see of him in a WWE ring; Andy says his wrestler is something that he sees himself in a WWE ring.  “Stone Cold” asks Brian which character he would see in a WWE video game, Brian says he would pick Luke’s character because it was him amped up that somehow made sense.  “Stone Cold” sends the contestants back to the training area where The Trainers are waiting for them.

*Commercial Break 3*

The contestants head back to the “Tough Enough” training area, Jeremiah says this is a surprise night training session.  The contestants going through another round of drill with The Trainers & “Stone Cold” watching.  Jeremiah delivers a sloppy Arm Drag which gets “Stone Cold” & The Trainers mocking him.  Booker T compliments Andy for adding some creativity to his moves & Luke for his timing of the drills.  The contestants are now going through pin drills when A.J. does it so bad that The Trainers throw him out of the ring forcing him to watch the drills, Booker T says to DeMott that A.J. is the weak one of the group & tells A.J. that he wasn’t pinning Christina the right way, A.J. says Booker T is wrong.  Booker T tells A.J. that time is running up for him & he needs to get his act together or else.  DeMott orders the contestants to go through pin drills again & advises Andy to go for the bench press kick out for the pin; while it was Martin’s turn to go for the pin after he leaves the ring he somewhat trips.  DeMott thought that Martin screwed up but yells for the medic, Martin says that he felt his leg “pop” & it hurt & he knew something was wrong.  The medic is checking Martin out to see what was wrong while DeMott quickly checks on him then resumes teaching drills again, DeMott tells “Stone Cold” that Martin’s gone, the medic tries to get Martin to stand but he can’t so he sits back down wanting to go back in the ring to continue practice.  While practice is continuing DeMott is checking on Martin to see what’s wrong, Martin says that he can’t stand on his ankle, DeMott orders Martin to get ice for the ankle & pay attention to drills.  The medic is telling Martin that he can’t walk on the ankle & orders him to get a X-Ray, Martin doesn’t want to leave the show & says he hopes it’s a sprained ankle so he can get back in the ring.  Booker T is now checking on Martin to see if he’s okay, Martin now says he can stand on his ankle.  Martin is heading to the hospital for an X-Ray & says that he hopes that leaving practice doesn’t hurt his chances.  Martin hobbles in to the Emergency Room.

*Commercial Break 4*

A new day is up & Martin’s still missing from last night, Luke says that he’s hoping Martin’s not hurt.  Jeremiah & Luke discuss if Martin’s coming back with Luke saying that Martin’s done.

In the training area as the contestants are doing their exercises when Martin enters walking on crutches with his foot wrapped wearing his Replica Belt.  “Stone Cold” wants to know the diagnosis, Martin says he fractured his ankle.  And…

Martin Casaus: “The doctors are not allowing me to continue.  I told them to throw these crutches until I get in the ring, he wouldn’t let me go.”

“Stone Cold” tell the contestants that you may be riding high at times in the business but when you hit a low spot you REALLY will hit a low spot & tells Martin his situation sucks & orders him to go to his office.  A.J. says that Martin was doing well in the show so for him leaving like this was tragic.

In his office “Stone Cold” tells Martin that he doesn’t want to see him go but understands & tells Martin of the time Owen Hart did the BOTCHED Piledriver on him which caused his neck & back injury thinking he was okay at first but as it got worse he had to take time off to get better.  Martin says this is what he wants to do the most & it’s killing him that he has to go, “Stone Cold” says it took him over 7 years to be an overnight sensation & if Martin’s passion truly is pro wrestling he’ll be in the ring again soon.  “Stone Cold” tells Martin to look at the wall where all of the hanging Replica Belts from Ariane to Erick are & tells Martin that he took those Belts because they weren’t “Tough Enough” but tells Martin that he won’t take Martin’s Replica Belt & that he’s “Tough Enough” & he tells Martin he can hang his own Replica Belt up “Hell’s Kitchen” style.  Martin smiles & says thank you to “Stone Cold”.  “Stone Cold” helps Martin up to the wall of hanging Replica Belts; Martin spins the spinner on the Replica Belt for a bit, gives it a kiss, & he hangs it up “Hell’s Kitchen style”.  “Stone Cold” tells Martin that he’s been there before & it’s not the end of the world; Martin says he’ll be back.

Martin Casaus’ Post-Elimination Interview:  He never took his belt off his bed because he knew it wasn’t going anywhere till he won the show.  He was so close but was forced to let it go but the one thing he’s proud of is that “Stone Cold” never took his belt & that’s a huge thing to him  Right now in his head is nothing but disappointment but he’s proud because he did so good on the show but he has to leave.
(RD:”NO!  Martin was clearly what the show was all about!  Having him to go is equal to having your favorite TV show gets canceled!  Martin is definitely a man that can write his own ticket one day when he gets a shot at National TV coverage like WWE, TNA, or even Ring of Honor if they get back on TV one day.  Best of luck to Martin.  You can check out his wrestling promotion right…HERE!“)

Martin hobbles his way out of “Stone Cold’s” office where he gets hugs from The Trainers & the contestants, Martin says he’s going to take what he learned from the show & apply it to his ring career.  Martin tells the remaining contestants to “Love for the Moment”.  Martin leaves the training area amid a standing ovation; Martin says the standing ovation showed that they respected him & this was the hardest thing he ever did in his life & he says he never quit the show.  Martin leaves the training area & the show.

*Commercial Break 5*

Back in the training area & “Stone Cold” says he told the contestants that sometimes it’s the smallest things that can lead to injuries.  “Stone Cold” tell the contestants it’s time for the “Skills Challenge”.  The objective of this week’s “Skill Challenge” is that the contestants have 2 minutes to do anything in the ring but they must do at least 1 top-rope move during those 2 minutes. A.J. says he has to pull a miracle to stay in the competition & he thinks he can do it.

The “Let’s Get Creative Skills Challenge” begins!  A.J. gets in the ring while Christina gets a pep talk from DeMott, Christina says she’s the last woman left so she feels like Superwoman so she not going to let those guys win.  A.J. & Christina are in the ring & so far Christina is making A.J. her bitch but when she goes for a Double Axe Handle from the top rope, Christina GOES DOWN screaming after the landing!  (RD:”So you’re trying to tell me that Christina, the one who was pulling dirty tricks, the one who injured Ivelise so she was forced out of the show, NOW has an injury herself?  ALANIS!“)

Alanis Morrissette: ”Well isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?  A little too ironic.  Yeah I really do think.”

Trish has some concern on her face as Christina’s crying over her injury; Booker T’s calling for the medic & thinks it’s the left ankle.  Everybody’s looking in the ring shocked for what just happened.  Booker T & DeMott are talking to see what caused Christina’s injury thinking it was going to be a Flying Cross Body but DeMott is blaming A.J. for the injury.  Trish is trying to help Christina through her injury, A.J. says this whole thing looks a total nightmare, Andy says he wants to beat Christina but not by an injury.  Booker T is pacing back & forth while Trish is trying to comfort her, Luke says it was tough that Christina had her injury but the bright side is that it’s two more people gone from the show!

Emperor Palpatine: ”And I thought I was a dick when I sent Darth Vader out to kill a bunch of Jedi Younglings!  Wow Luke, I mean that’s cold.  Real…real cold right there!”

DeMott carries Christina to the van so she can go to the hospital & says he blames A.J. for everything.  “Stone Cold” says there’s no Bottom Three & elimination tonight & orders the rest of the contestants to go back to the house.  “Stone Cold” says there was no point in doing an elimination since it looks like Christina’s gone from the show as well.  The van drives Christina off to the hospital.

Next Time: James Roday of “psyche” gives the contestants one of those “Hollywood Map Of The Stars” tours and fun time happens when Duane “The Rock” Johnson visits the training area.