RD: WWE “Tough Enough” Week 5

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WWE Tough Enough Opening Credits of MASSIVE HYPE!  

A new day at the “Tool Academy” house & The Trainers walk through the doors with Trish waking everybody up with an air horn.  The contestants are waking trying to figure out what’s going on, Booker T is equipped with a megaphone & ordering the contestants to go outside now!  Ryan says that being waken up with an air horn means something bad is going to happen, the contestants rush out to the backyard where The Trainers are waiting.  DeMott says that today the contestants are going to run an obstacle course:  The contestants first must carry a heavy bag up & down a hill forwards & backwards; then they must run in & out of the cones until they reach the tires obstacle; DeMott doesn’t explain the tires obstacle since that’s an easy one,then they will stop at a box where they must jump on & off a box 10 times; then they must run to the ropes where they will grab them & move them up & down for 20 seconds; then they will crab crawl up & down the cones, which will bring the contestants right back to the heavy bag.  Booker T, with an evil laugh, orders A.J. to the start of the obstacle course.

The contestants start the “Tough Enough” obstacle course!  A.J. starts the course, DeMott says that the contestants will never run an obstacle course in a WWE Ring  but can the contestants perform & rise to the occasion.  A.J. already screws up by not running in & out of the cones part of the course, A.J. runs the other parts of the course until he completed it, A.J. says that he’s tired & blind!   (RD:”Lesson of the day folks!  Hard work & exercise can make you go blind!“) Ryan’s next & he says the hardest part of the obstacle course was getting to the crab walk because of DeMott.  Ryan screwed up the crabwalk so DeMott orders him to do the crabwalk again…and again…and again…and again with DeMott yelling at him.  Erick’s next & he falls during the tire obstacle.  Christina is next followed by Luke, Luke once says how he’s physically fit & ready for the show but the obstacle course gave him problems.  Martin is next followed by Jeremiah.  Andy’s doing the crabwalk with Jeremiah behind him, DeMott orders Jeremiah to catch up to Andy now!  Andy & Jeremiah are neck & neck until Jeremiah falls.  Ivellise just began the course & she wants to quit, Ivellise says she had nothing left after trying to climb the hill with the heavy bag, Martin’s encouraging Ivellise to finish the course, DeMott’s ordering Martin not to physically help out Ivellise, but Ivellise lifts the heavy bag & doesn’t move, Martin helps out Ivellise by walking with her while holding her bag up, Christina says that Ivellise isn’t WWE Diva material because she always has a bad attitude & quits on herself so she’s not looking too good, as Martin helps Ivellise out to finish the course.  DeMott says NOW they can train.  The contestants run towards the “Tough Enough” training area.

The contestants soon arrive inside the training area with someone waiting for them sitting on the top turnbuckle.  That person is…

Guest WWE5. Rey Mysterio (A.K.A. “Rey Mysterio Jr.”, “Some guy that was running around previously unmasked in WCW”, “Top 3 most hated people on the Internet next to John Cena & Randy Orton”):  Multiple time WWE Cruiserweight, Intercontinental, WWE Tag Team, & World Heavyweight Champion.  Rey’s the only guy on the WWE roster that’s shorter than 6 foot & was the only Masked Luchador in WWE until Sin Cara made his debut.  Rey’s the most popular Latino wrestler in WWE right now.

Luke says that they saw Rey sitting at the turnbuckle & thought that Rey was innovative because of his size.  

Rey tries to intimidates the contestants a little bit including performing his finishing move “The 619” in front of the contestants as “Stone Cold” & The Trainers enter the training area.  Rey shakes “Stone Cold’s” hand.  “Stone Cold” thanks Rey for coming in to talk about this week’s Life Lesson on “Teamwork” & says the contestants fighting to win that WWE contract is no different than what happens in the WWE RAW/Smackdown Locker Rooms it’s also about teamwork when it comes to relying on each other to mach each other better.  Rey says try to imagine trying to compete in WWE due to his size but he remembers that during those times he was crying & beat up he had some of his WWE wrestlers & co-workers come out & help him out.  Rey asks the contestants for questions.  Ivellise asks Rey since she’s kind of like him in the size problems what advice would you give, Rey says put your heart out in what you’re doing because he knew what he wanted to accomplish which made him successful.  Rey says privately that you just got to believe in your heart & anything that comes in between of your goals you just jump right through it or if you fall you get right back up & you keep moving forward.

Kodos: “And twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.”

(RD: “I think Rey ripped off Kodos’ speech when he was Bill Clinton in that episode of “The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror VII”.   Yeesh!“) “Stone Cold” thanks Rey for speaking which gets applauds from the contestants.  “Stone Cold” says that you want to prove your worth as an individual but there is that team aspect that you are going through it together with other WWE wrestlers & you’re doing that as a unit & if you’re doing it alone then it’s going to be hard to improve yourself.  “Stone Cold” & Rey leave the training area.

DeMott orders the students for training time & asks Martin to step up to the ring.  DeMott picks up a training dummy & Body Slams it; DeMott orders Martin & the rest of the contestants to Body Slam the dummy 10 times each; DeMott says the training sessions are now going to get tougher & he’s either going to kill them or show them the door. Martin Body Slams that dummy with “Stone Cold” somehow making a re-appearance, Ryan’s next & he trips his way in the ring, Ryan tries to improvise it by making it look good but it ends up goofy looking, DeMott won’t even take Ryan’s crap & he throws him out of the exercise!  Ivellise is next & she tries to Body Slam the dummy but it’s too heavy for her, The Trainers are riding Ivellise to Body Slam that dummy with DeMott mentioning that the dummy weighs 70 pounds & every WWE Diva weighs more than 70 pounds.   Ivellise says she couldn’t lift the dummy at first because it was so heavy, but Trish’s help & Booker T’s motivation Ivellise was able to Body Slam that dummy with ease, Ivellise struggles but she finally does that 10th Body Slam.  DeMott has Christina & Ivellise perform the standard spot where one person drops down, the other person jumps over them to run the ropes, which ends in a Leap Frog Spot.  So Ivellise & Christina are doing the spot when Christina mistimed the Leap Frog along with Ivellise trying to react to Christina which leads to an in-ring collision of EPIC PROPORTIONS!  (RD:”Or what’s known as Bella Twins move number 13.“) Ivellise crashes to the ground with Christina falling on Ivellise landing on Ivellise’s leg.  Ivellise is grabbing her face in pain!  DeMott is calling for the medic, Trish is by Ivellise’s side, & Booker T looks like he’s going to be in big trouble.

*Commercial Break 1*

Back from commercial as we get the replay of the Ivellise/Christina EPIC BOTCH!  Andy & Ryan are in shock at what just happened.  Trish went to Ivellise to ask what happened; Ivellise said her hamstring went out on her, the medic asked Ivellise to try & extend her hamstring but when Ivellise does she grimaces in pain.  Booker T yells at Christina for hurting Ivellise, Andy described it as when Christina didn’t jump high enough for the Leap Frog spot Ivellise just kept on running & that resulted in the EPIC BOTCH & also says that accidents do happen in pro wrestling.  Ivellise got back up after some help with the medic & everybody was applauding for her, Ivellise says it was a horrible pain & it looked like her face hurt really bad but the injury was at her leg when Christina landed on it.  (RD:”Yup.  Christina’s a WWE Diva all right, maybe a lot like her sister Alicia Fox.“) Ivellise leaves the ring hobbling in pain, Trish says the BOTCH will hurt Ivellise mentally & physically but she’s hoping it won’t shake her confidence, while Ivellise is getting bandaged up from the various cuts coming from the BOTCH.  Luke & Jeremiah are next & in the Leap Frog spot Luke slowly ducks Jeremiah’s Leap Frog & also Jeremiah was running so hard his shoe flew right underneath him which got Booker T & DeMott a good laugh.  Next is A.J. & Christina & Christina tries the Leap Frog spot again but A.J. saw what was coming & stopped, DeMott says that there’s no vibe of urgency in training & that pisses him off.  Luke & Ryan are next & the exercise was immediately stopped by DeMott because Ryan started in the wrong direction, DeMott tells Trish that Ryan’s dangerous to everybody even himself.  DeMott tells the contestants that one of them will be going home at the end of the week.

Over at the “Tool Academy” house, Trish decides to make a visit to go see Christina & Ivellise.  Trish is telling Christina & Ivellise how they both suck at the moment & how pro wrestling is a man’s world & how the physicality of it all can be overpowering.   Ivellise says she’s worried about her conditioning could ruin her in-ring performance, Trish says she can understand Ivellise because she has a herniated disc in her back (RD:”You too Trish?  AW!  We’re herniated disc back buddies!“) & her career was in jeopardy but injuries do happen in pro wrestling & you need to either find a way to deal with it or leave the business.  Trish tells Ivellise & Christina that everyone is competent & have the same basic skill set but now you have to find a way to individualize yourself from the rest so if you find a moment out there just take it, Christina says that she thinks that Ivellise could be thinking that the EPIC BOTCH was sabotage as a way to get her out of the competition but it was an honest mistake so don’t cry about it & move on.  Trish tells Ivellise & Christina not to point fingers at each other but the show is all on them right now, Ivellise says there’s no chance in hell that she’s going to let Christina injure her & be the last female contestant standing.

*Commercial Break 2*

We’re back from commercial as we get camera shots of an athletic center & inside the gym there’s a big ole “Tough Enough” logo on the floor; “Stone Cold” says that WWE is one big team of all shapes & sizes & depending on who you’re in the ring with you need to be ready at all times & be able to adjust accordingly so he wants the contestants to learn this in this week’s “Life Lesson Challenge”.  The contestants enter the gym floor where they are greeted by Booker T.  Booker T has with him…

Guest 1. John Salley: Four Time NBA World Champion.  Former host of “The Best Damn Sports Show Period”.   Salley was also a part of “I’m A Celebrity!  Get Me Out Of Here!” with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson.  Salley just finished wrapping up his own Sports Podcast called “Spider & The Henchman”.  

Salley says that in order to help the contestants out to learn about teamwork he brought some friends with him.  The contestants hear some balls bouncing up-and-down trying to figure out what it is & soon later Salley’s friends are…


The contestants sees the Midgets, or Little People, or “People McNuggets” come out with Christina laughing while the rest of the contestants not taking them seriously; Ryan says he was expecting “The Harlem Globetrotters” but instead he saw the Little People instead.   Salley says that Booker T will be coaching the Midget Basketball Team & Salley will be coaching the contestants, Jeremiah says that the “Life Lesson Challenge” will be a basketball game versus The Midgets & they are taller & stronger than the People McNugget’s so they are going to cream them but wants to see what will happen.

“The Life Lesson Challenge” Basketball game of The “Tough Enough Contestant” team vs. The Midget Basketball team “The Statesmen” BEGIN!  Martin takes the shot and it’s good with the score TE Contestants 2-People McNuggets 0.  Midgets try to rebound the ball but A.J. steals it from him going for the Lay-Up making the score TE Contestants 4-People McNuggets 0.  Erick passes the ball to Ryan but a Midget steals the ball from Ryan, a pass & a shot later it’s TE Contestants 4-People McNuggets 2.  Luke tries to pass the ball to Martin but the Midgets with the steal tying the game up at TE Contestants 4-People McNuggets 4.  Andy’s there to block a shot from a Midget & decides not to, the Midget makes the long range shot…& it’s good with the score of People McNuggets 14-TE Contestants 4!  A Midget goes for another long range shot & its good for People McNuggets 16-TE Contestants 4.  Martin had the ball but it was stolen by a Midget who goes for a mini-Lay Up making the score People McNuggets 20-TE Contestants 7.  Christina goes for a last minute shot but time is up with the Midget Basketball Team “The Statesmen” winning the game over the contestants with a score of 36 to 15.  Salley tells the contestants to stick to being pro wrestlers, especially Andy, Salley says on a scale of 1-10 he thought the contestant’s teamwork was around a 4.  Salley leads the contestants to a “teamwork” chant.

*Commercial Break 3*

The contestants enter the “Tough Enough” training area where the Trainers greet them.  Booker T has a little talk with the contestants about the “Life Lesson Challenge”.  Booker T says the contestants’ team work was very bad.  Ryan’s staring off into space which leads Booker T somewhat distracted.  Booker T is trying to tell the contestants how they blow as a team & calls Ryan out for not paying attention so he walks up to Ryan, PULLS HIM UP BY HIS SHIRT which he rips, & tells Ryan that he wants to push him go ahead else he’s going to regret it, Jeremiah says that Ryan does a lot of stupid things & the last thing you want to do is to piss off a Trainer.

“Stone Cold” enters the training area for the “Skills Challenge”.  “Stone Cold” noticed Ryan’s ripped shirt & wondered what happened, Ryan said that he & Booker T had a nice conversation.  “Stone Cold” says that this week’s “Skills Challenge” is about teamwork but the contestants will be judged individually on how they can be a team player & how much of their teamwork skills will be used.  The “Skill Challenge” will be called “Three’s a Crowd” & it will work like this:  (RD:”You mean that bad spin-off show from “Three’s Company”?  AW MAN NOT AGAIN!“) ”Stone Cold” will break the contestants up into teams of 3 each, each team will enter the ring & start wrestling, the entire challenge will be Round Robin  out of 3 rounds, the person that does the best in each of the rounds will move on to the final match.

The “Three’s A Crowd Skills Challenge” BEGIN!  “Stone Cold” picks Martin, Jeremiah, & Andy in the first team.  Martin & Andy are wrestling & The Trainers noticed that Martin got the sequence of wrestling moves right again, “Stone Cold” says that Martin takes control in the ring & he thinks Martin wants to win it all, as we see Martin & Jeremiah in the ring now.  DeMott tells the team to leave the ring, while “Stone Cold” & The Trainers deliberate Martin tells Jeremiah & Andy good luck.  “Stone Cold” picks Martin as the best out of that group.  “Stone Cold” says that the next group is A.J., Christina, & Ivellise.  A.J. & Christina are first in the ring, DeMott notices something weird with A.J’s mouth, when Christina tries to do the Leap Frog she makes it look like a very funky Roundhouse Kick with A.J. running underneath the legs.  A.J. & Ivellise are in the ring now & Ivellise does the same move as Christina for the Leap Frog, “Stone Cold” says thanks to the EPIC BOTCH the “Skills Challenge” made both of the women look really weak.  Ivellise & Christina are in the ring now & they did the Flying Body Splash spot that made The Trainers shake their heads in pain, “Stone Cold” says it’s hard to tell which one of the women sucked worse.  “Stone Cold” tells The Trainers that what he saw in the ring was a “modified clusterf**k”.  “Stone Cold” picks A.J. as the best out of that group.  “Stone Cold” picks the remaining group of wrestlers of Ryan, Erick, & Luke.  Ryan & Luke are in the ring first, DeMott noticed that Ryan didn’t hit the ropes, Luke & Erick are next in the ring, DeMott’s not happy with what he’s seeing, Erick & Ryan are next in the ring, then back to Ryan & Luke, “Stone Cold” says to DeMott that Ryan’s actually not bad…if everybody else was dead though.  “Stone Cold” & The Trainers discussed how Luke did poorly in the Challenge & how Ryan actually did better than Luke & says how Luke was like a dead fish & how Ryan didn’t make any mistakes; “Stone Cold” says that Luke’s slowly becoming uncoachable & if The Trainer’s can’t get it through his head then Luke’s in trouble.  “Stone Cold” picks Ryan as the best of the group, which makes Luke visibly pissed off.  “Stone Cold” says that A.J., Martin, & Ryan head back into the ring & keep going until they get pulled out of the ring where the survivor wins the Challenge.  It’s A.J. & Ryan in the ring first, DeMott notices that Ryan’s doing some hokey crap in the ring, now we have Ryan & Martin in the ring.  “Stone Cold” pulls Ryan out leaving Martin & A.J. in the ring.  DeMott notices that A.J.’s getting exhausted as we get close-up shots of A.J. being severely winded, DeMott tells Trish & Booker T that A.J.’s completely exhausted.  “Stone Cold” pulls A.J. out which means…Martin wins The Skills Challenge! Martin says that’s 3 in a row he won “The Skills Challenge” but he doesn’t want to get a big head about it but he’ll be even happier when he wins the show.  Martin shakes hands with the other contestants.  “Stone Cold” says that he & The Trainers will go into his office to talk about who will be in the Bottom Three.

*Commercial Break 4*

In “Stone Cold’s” office, “Stone Cold” mentions that this week was pretty interesting & wants to talk about “The Skill Challenge” for the week so let’s start out with Ivellise; DeMott says that Iveliise was hurt in the EPIC BOTCH so he understands that she’s trying to figure it out for herself but she needs to figure it out soon.  “Stone Cold” talks about Christina’s looks & how she’s doesn’t have the talent anymore, Booker T says Christina’s simply happy to be on the show, DeMott does the “lost bimbo” routine, Trish says Christina’s struggling from the EPIC BOTCH as well but Christina thinks she’s doing good but she’s not.  Booker T brought up how Ryan actually did good until he pissed Booker T off & he thinks Ryan’s relying on his Indy Wrestling skills a lot, “Stone Cold” says that Ryan’s been in the Bottom Three for awhile now.  “Stone Cold” talks about Luke failing miserably & how Martin’s PWNING him, Trish says Luke’s pissed that he’s not The Alpha Male anymore, Booker T says that he thought Luke would up his wrestling skills a bit for losing The Alpha Male spot & he was hoping he would make his team look good but instead he didn’t.

“Stone Cold” & The Trainers come out of “Stone Cold’s” office.  “Stone Cold” announces the Bottom Three for this week are Christina, Ryan, & Luke; which gets a look from Martin when he heard Luke’s name.  “Stone Cold” noticed as if Luke’s giving him a look of hate, Luke says he’s not.  “Stone Cold” says that the Bottom Three needs to pack, bring their Replica Belts, & come back to the training area.  “Stone Cold” dismisses the contestants.

Back at the “Tool Academy” house.   Ryan’s disgusted that he’s in the Bottom Three again.  Andy’s telling Christina to not be afraid, Christina says she thinks she’s in the Bottom Three because she’s lost her motivation to be on the show, Christina says to Andy that she may be in the Bottom Three but that doesn’t mean you’re going home so she has to fight for it.  Luke’s asking people why he should be in the Bottom Three right now, nobody’s willing to give a reason why, A.J. tells Luke that nobody’s safe.

*Commercial Break 5*

The Bottom Three head out to the training area to face “Stone Cold” & theyenter the training area & the ring.  “Stone Cold” enters the training area & the fun will begin.

“Stone Cold” says that somebody’s going to have a bad day & he starts with Christina.  “Stone Cold” asks Christina to describe herself, Christina says she has a dance/cheerleaders background & started wrestling 8 months ago but it became something that she can’t do without.  “Stone Cold” mentions that with a dancer’s background doesn’t she know how to jump, Christina says yes, “Stone Cold” says he wasn’t impressed with her in the “Skills Challenge” & asks what happened; Christina mentions she’s working on her Leap Frog, “Stone Cold” says that Christina’s working on her Leap Frog & she can’t master it because of her dance & cheerleader background!  “Stone Cold” brings up he can jump higher than her with his Leap Frog.  “Stone Cold” asks Christina about the EPIC BOTCH, Christina says she blames Ivellise for her ring experience which in turn creates a lack of respect which creates personal clashes with her.  “Stone Cold” asks if Ivellise is better than her, Christina says no, “Stone Cold” brings up that Christina’s in the Bottom Three not Ivellise & asks if Christina is better than Ivellise, Christina says yes, “Stone Cold” says then why doesn’t Christina act like it & says he’s waiting for Christina to show him something but she can’t wait around expecting for her to be given the WWE contract & asks if  she can wrestle at all in the ring, Christina says yes.  

“Stone Cold” goes over to Luke next.  “Stone Cold” asks Luke if he’s too good to be here, Luke says he doesn’t deserve to be in the Bottom Three right now, “Stone Cold” asks why, Luke says he hasn’t had a bad day since he’s been on the show.  “Stone Cold” asks about Luke’s in-ring experience, Luke says 4 years, “Stone Cold” asks Luke who trained him, Luke says Tony Atlas. (RD:”*Face Palm*“) “Stone Cold” asks Luke about his Bromance with Jeremiah, Luke says they get along well in the house, “Stone Cold” asks Luke if he’s training Jeremiah, Luke says yes, “Stone Cold” says that Jeremiah is out-performing Luke.

“Stone Cold” goes to Ryan now.   (RD:”Oh this will be fun!“) “Stone Cold” wants to say something to Ryan but he sighs in disgust heading back to Christina.  (RD:”HAH!“) “Stone Cold” goes back to Christina & asks if Luke is “Tough Enough”; Christina says Luke is physically “Tough Enough”, “Stone Cold” asks if Luke’s mentally “Tough Enough”, Christina says she thinks Luke can’t handle a locker room, “Stone Cold” asks if maybe Luke has some anger issues; Christina says that Luke is immature, insecure, & has a lack of respect.  “Stone Cold” goes to Luke & asks if he’s insecure, Luke says no & he loves who he is, “Stone Cold” can see that.  “Stone Cold” does a mock laugh.  Luke says that you have to love yourself before you love others, “Stone Cold” says “thanks for the psychology lesson smart ass!”  “Stone Cold” asks Luke if he’s arrogant or an asshole, (RD:”Or how about both?“) Luke says neither.  “Stone Cold” says he has a problem with people who think they are better than others & asks why he’s on the show, Luke says to be in the WWE, “Stone Cold” says that he thinks Luke’s going to win the show, Luke says yes, “Stone Cold” says Luke might be eliminated.

“Stone Cold” finally gives Ryan some attention & asks why he is here, Ryan didn’t give an answer, “Stone Cold” calls Ryan “a bump on the log” & asks what the hell’s going on with him, Ryan says he’s improved but somehow he hasn’t impressed “Stone Cold” or the Trainers, “Stone Cold” asks why, Ryan says it’s taking some time but he’s finally getting it &says that old habits are hard to break, “Stone Cold” mocks Ryan about his old habits & says that if he or The Trainers tell him not to do it then don’t do it.  “Stone Cold” tells Ryan that he thinks Ryan can’t be taught & thinks he’s a know-it-all & wonders what’s up with him, Ryan can’t come up with an answer, “Stone Cold” says that if Ryan was smart enough then he wouldn’t be doing all the bad things he was doing in the first place, Ryan says yes, “Stone Cold” says that Ryan’s not as smart as he thinks he is, Ryan says he can hold his own in the ring, “Stone Cold” says if Ryan can hold on to his own then why is he back in the Bottom Three for the 3rd time.

“Stone Cold” ponders about this for a couple of minutes & tells Christina & Ryan that he has a dilemma on his hands.  Ryan says there’s no dilemma at all, “Stone Cold” says “really”, Ryan says that he has pushed himself to the limit & he can toughen up unlike Christina.  “Stone Cold” then looks at Christina & asks if she’s tough, Christina says she is tough & even though she has the least experience out of the group she can be fixed, “Stone Cold” doesn’t want Christina to “run through the motions” & questions if she really wants to be here.  “Stone Cold” calls Luke a “dips**t” & says that Luke has shown he wants to be on the show.  “Stone Cold” calls Luke a “dips**t” again & asks Luke if it bothers him, Luke says yes, “Stone Cold” calls Luke a “dips**t” one more time & asks if he’s going to do something about it, Luke shuts up, “Stone Cold” calls Luke out for being a punk for not doing anything about it.  “Stone Cold” says that Ryan has been giving everything he’s got but noticed he hesitated a little bit; Ryan says that he needs improvement & he’ll give everything to “Stone Cold”.  And…

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (to Ryan): “You’ve been in my Bottom Three.  Three times.  That is three strikes.  You just struck out.”

Ryan gives up his Replica Belt.  “Stone Cold” tells Christina to step it up & Luke there’s competition breathing down his neck.  “Stone Cold” wishes Ryan well in his Future Endeavors & shakes Ryan’s hand.  “Stone Cold” tells Ryan to leave & Christina & Luke to head back to the house.

Ryan Howe’s Post-Elimination Interview:  Having a hard time leaving the show.  Being called “Skidmarks” he thought was his curse because somehow knew he wasn’t going to win.  Ryan says thanks to the “Skidmarks” name it shattered his confidence & he was unable to show people who he really was.  He knows what he needs to work on & he will improve on it.  He won’t stop until he sees “Stone Cold” again backstage at WWE.  (RD:”There’s internet hate for Ryan, HUGE Internet hate for the kid.  I don’t see it quite personally.  Ryan shouldn’t use “Skidmarks” as his excuse because Martin fought out of his “Donny Osmond” nickname.  Good luck to Ryan.“)

In his office “Stone Cold” says Ryan did try hard to be his best but being in the Bottom Three for three weeks is really bad.  Nobody should do that.  Ryan’s a nice guy & he really wishes him well but three strikes on the show equals INSTANT ELIMINATION!  “Stone Cold” hangs up Ryan’s Replica Belt “Hell’s Kitchen” style.

Next Time: The Trainers REALLY push the contestants, the contestants love to “hang around”, & Ivellise’s injury from the EPIC BOTCH is beginning to look really bad.