RD: WWE “Tough Enough” Week 4

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Rima returns to the house first & immediately runs over to Christina.  Rima described what went down between Mickael & Ryan before she left.  Rima thought she saw somebody coming up, she looks around for a bit when Ryan walks up.  Ryan’s walking around greeting the contestants while Christina asks how he saved himself, Martin repeats what Rima said, Ryan won’t reveal how he saved himself.  Ryan high-fives everyone then goes back to the bedrooms then he mentions how Mickael threw his bed away so in exchange he’s taking Mickael’s bed.  So as Ryan’s throwing away the pillows & sheets he says that after surviving back-to-back eliminations he feel his time is very limited & right now he feels disappointed in himself & that “Stone Cold” believed in him twice & he doesn’t want to make “Stone Cold” regret his choices.  Rima says that “Stone Cold” said that Ryan didn’t have a mean bone in his body as she give Ryan his Replica Title, Ryan says nobody did as he hangs his Replica Title up for show.

WWE Tough Enough Opening Credits of MASSIVE HYPE!

It’s still night at the “Tool Academy” house & Rima’s packing up dressed in custom designed ring attire.  Luke asks what’s going on, Rima says she’s going to train with DeMott, Luke says that sucks.  “Stone Cold” says that Rima’s tough mentally, has heart, gutsy, puts it all on the line, but she’s not picking up the pro wrestling basics fast enough so he called DeMott for some Midnight Training.  Rima takes off to head to the “Tough Enough” training area.

Inside the training area DeMott’s practicing with a ring dummy when Rima enters.  DeMott says that he was practicing & here comes Rima something he’s not happy with.  DeMott’s being sarcastic about wanting to train Rima, Rima says that it’s “their date together”.  DeMott says no talking time to train.  DeMott tells Rima that she needs to front roll over the dummy without touching it, & unfortunately Rima keeps touching the dummy.  Rima’s practicing taking bumps from DeMott then DeMott shoves Rima to the ground & does another shoulder tackle to Rima.  DeMott shoves Rima to the ground again then Body Slams her, DeMott follows it up some more by repeatedly Body Slamming & doing double leg takedowns on Rima.  Rima tried to do a Schoolboy on DeMott but it ends up with DeMott sitting on her!  Rima’s physically beaten down on the ring floor, DeMott says that Rima finally realized the situation she got herself into.  DeMott talks to Rima about her current situation & how being the current Miss USA can be a great thing & even though she’s gutsy but something having guts doesn’t make you successful it’s being smart that makes you successful.  Rima starts to cry a little bit & says that she doesn’t want to quit, DeMott’s not asking her to quit, Rima doesn’t want to go home, DeMott’s not asking her to go home, Rima says she’s stubborn and…DeMott interrupts her & says that Rima’s not listening & can see that she’s hurt at the moment but she needs to listen first.  Rima cries some more.  Outside the training area Rima says that it sucks & that she wanted some help but it ended up being one of the toughest training sessions of her life.  Rima then says that she’s sick of not being tough & that she wants everything to be perfect.  Rima cries some more & says that she doesn’t want to quit.  Rima heads back to the “Tool Academy” house.

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The contestants enter the training area.  Some of the contestants greet DeMott, Rima hugs DeMott while he asks if Rima’s okay.  DeMott mentions that there’s 10 contestants left.  “Stone Cold” enters the training area & enters his ring.  This time “Stone Cold” wants everybody in the ring.  The contestants are in the ring & before “Stone Cold” hands it over to Demott he has a special guest with him today.  “Stone Cold” say it’s his favorite opponent of all time & it is…

Guest WWE4: Bret “The Hit Man” Hart (a.k.a. “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, & The Best There Ever Will Be”) Bret hart is a multiple WWE World, World Tag Team, & Intercontinental Champion.  Bret Hart was also a part of the most controversial event ever in pro wrestling history called “The Montreal Screwjob” in which Vince McMahon publicly screwed Bret Hart out of a title win & instead gave it to Shawn Michaels, the event became a documentary called “Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows”.  Bret Hart wrote a book called “Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling”.  Bret Hart also appeared in various TV & Movies from “The Simpsons” to “Jacob Two-Two”.

Video package of Bret Hart where “Stone Cold” say that Bret Hart represented courage, technique, & agility.  Luke says it was a dream to meet Bret Hart in person.   Bret Hart talks to the contestants on how he took serious his job as a pro wrestler for over 23 years.  Bret Hart tells the contestants that they must brace themselves for “the long hard road they have to travel” & says that having agility is very important because it can protect you & whomever’s in the ring from being injured & he’s proud to say that he’s never injured anybody in the ring.  Bret Hart mentions that you have to give everything you got even when you’re wrestling from 900 to 90,000 people in the ring.  Bret Hart says being a fan of pro wrestling basically gives you the passion to be the best in the ring & you have to go all the way.  “Stone Cold” shakes Bret Hart’s hand to end his conversation while the contestants clap for him.  As the contestants shake Bret Hart’s hand, Ryan says that seeing one of his ring idol speaking to him about the business could be the equivalent to being a young kid being read a bedtime story & he took everything Bret Hart said.

As Bret Hart leaves the training area, “Stone Cold” say that since Booker T is MIA again for being a Smackdown Color Commentator this week’s Life Lesson is all about “Agility”.  “Stone Cold” repeats what Bret Hart said about having agility is pretty important, cites how Trish was very agile in the ring, & sends it order to DeMott.  DeMott tells the contestants they are going to do an exercise called “In & Out”.  While DeMott leads the contestants into the ring, “Stone Cold” says Agility is important because  you have to move in the ring athletically & anybody that has some footwork with some maneuverability can make the match happen.  The “In & Out” exercise is basically going to one ring corner, jump out of the ring, then in the ring, the jump out of the ring again, and then jump back in the ring again!  The contestants have to do it 5 times each on each of the 4 corners of the ring.  Andy is the first one to try it out & he blows the exercise, Ryan’s next & “Stone Cold” is having a good time laughing at Ryan’s botches.  Martin’s next & he does it perfectly.  Erick is next & he botches it so bad his feet hit his head then the ring before his entire body hits the ring.  DeMott berates Erick for screwing up the exercise & wants Erick to continue,  Erick tries one more time but he screws up the landing, DeMott throws Erick out of the ring.  A.J.’s next & DeMott’s berating him for touching the top rope.  Ivellise is next but she struggles in the exercise but improves with Trish’s help, Trish says since she’s a female that was in the business she feels it’s her responsibility for all of the female contestants to encourage them they have an equal spot in the pro wrestling business as the guys.  Rima’s next & she’s screwing it up again as always to the point that she’s straddling the rope by accident.  Trish is trying to show Rima how to jump out of the ring but Rima can’t do it & she ends up dangling from the ropes.  DeMott throws Rima out of the ring.  Christina is next & she does it perfectly.  Luke’s next & he does it perfectly; Luke says that he was prepared for this competition since he has power, speed, agility, & basically everything. “Stone Cold” compliments Luke.  Jeremiah is next & he does it perfectly, DeMott loves how Jeremiah is doing the exercise correctly & says that Jeremiah & Luke have some sort of “Teacher/Student” relationship because he sees how Luke is an Alpha Male & if Luke’s gone then Jeremiah can take over as the Alpha Male.

(RD:”What does this conversation have to do with Monty Brown/Marcus Cor Von?“)

Jeremiah says that the exercise was fun for him because he likes to bounce around.  (RD:”Uh…Nevermind.“) DeMott said what the contestants did was horrible except for Luke & Jeremiah, Luke says “what a surprise” sarcastically & that no one was prepared for this competition except for Luke & Jeremiah.  Luke & Jeremiah high-five each other.

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The contestants return to the house when they are summoned by DeMott to head to the gym area.  DeMott mentions that today’s a “Life Lesson Challenge” & all of the contestants need to meet Trish outside now!  The contestants are in a rushed pace for getting dressed, A.J. getting someone out of the bathroom that they need to leave now, Jeremiah says that since the “Life Lesson” is Agility there’s no idea what they could be doing.

The contestants leave the house to arrive at a restaurant called “Frisco’s Bar & Grill”.

the contestants enter the diner to meet Trish & some woman with a “Producer” shirt.  Trish says the reason they are all here is to test out their Agility.  Trish hypes that WWE wrestlers are the most agile athletes on the planet  & to help entertain their audience they need a certain skill called Agility.  Trish introduces them to Joann, the woman wearing the “Producer” shirt.  Joann mentions that their waitresses have been in a lot of TV & movies for years & they served their food a lot differently than normal restaurants, which cues one of the waitresses coming out in old school roller skates.  Joann says that the contestants are going to get dressed in uniforms & they are going to get a crash course in roller skating carhops.  The contestants get dressed in their uniforms as we see one of the waitresses skating in a prê set-up course.  A.J. tries out the course first, he moves slowly then he crashes & falls on his ass.  Erick’s next & he’s slowly crawling on his roller skates before he crashes.  Jeremiah & Martin try to do well on roller skates, Rima just wants to shake her ass, Ivellise tries to do an OK job on roller skates, & Andy does the spinning arm motion of “Watch Out I’m GOING TO CRASH!”  Joann thinks the contestants are ready so she orders the contestants to enter the restaurant.  The contestants enter the restaurant, Ivellise & one of the waitresses do a little dance, Christina’s serving drinks, & Andy’s talking to the cashier on how to do the job correctly.  Erick’s slowly trying to move holding an INSANLY large drink; Erick says the hard part of running around in roller skates was trying not to hit people so he didn’t want to hurt anybody.  Erick serves the INSANLY large drink.  DeMott enters the restaurant as Ryan’s serving up some milkshakes.  DeMott sits down with Trish while she eats a healthy salad.  Ryan spins around on roller skates with a couple plates of hot food in his hands to impress DeMott.  Customers want to see the contestants spin around on roller skates which DeMott insists that Andy should do.  Rima’s getting orders from customers & says when lunch time came around that’s when the orders were increased & the food was flying but she admits that taking the orders & dancing was really fun.  Someone on the loudspeaker is ordering all carhops to the front.  So the contestants dance with each other & the other carhops with Rima doing a booty shake.  (RD:”This is your Miss USA folks.  CLASSY!“) The contestants skate around the tables dancing.  Trish says that it was graceful…then Erick crashes.  DeMott laughs at Erick’s crashing.  Erick takes a bow which the professional carhops applaud at him while DeMott’s crying in tears of sheer joy laughing his ass off on how Erick crashed.  Trish summons the contestants to the cashier’s desk.  Trish said that contestants did pretty well moving around in their roller skates & saw how the contestants were able to adapt once they were comfortable.  Trish thanks “Frisco’s” for helping them out testing the contestant’s agility & Joann says that the drinks are on her!

Night falls as the contestants are still at “Frisco’s”.  Rima’s serving up the drinks while the other contestants are drinking up, A.J. says since the drinks were on “Frisco’s” they thought it would be a good time to relax & dance on the stage.  Rima’s dancing on the stage with the carhops, Martin busts out…THE WORM!  (RD:”Scotty 2 Hotty must be proud.“)

Scotty 2 Hotty: “Nope!

Rima gets on one of the tables & gets funky belly dancer style!  Andy said that you put some drinks in Rima she gets “very interesting”, as Rima continues to dance while men throws dollar bills at her.  (RD:”Hrm…let’s see here.  Hot chick dancing while guys throw money at her.  Hrm…Nope.  I got nothing.  I mean I COULD say we’re looking at Rima’s future as a stripper down at my local “De Ja Vu” strip club but that could be wrong.  WAY wrong!  Once again this is your Miss USA folks.  REAL CLASSY!“) Rima continues to belly dance with the contestants & other patrons on the restaurant cheering for her & by breaking a plate.  Somebody gets Rima down from the tables.  The party continues as Jeremiah starts stripping & gives Joann a lapdance,  (RD:”Oh dear God NO!  Men doing lapdances equal a Skeletor level of Train Wreck!“) Jeremiah & Luke were dancing for some of the patrons at the restaurants.  Andy is in the back deciding to take a break & he says that he made a commitment on this show to be “Straight Edge” since Day 1 so he’s not going to waste this opportunity.  (RD:”Straight Edge? CM Punk must be proud…well as long as he’s still in the WWE at this moment.“) While Luke gets a couple of lapdances from a couple of decently attractive women.  Rima serves beer while the carhops do some more dances on the stage, Christina asks what Ryan wants to drink, Ryan wants the whole bottle, and Christina says the next day is the “Skills Challenge” so she plans to get everybody drunk so they screw up on the challenge.  The contestants continue to party the night away.

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Over at the “Tough Enough” training area where DeMott is giving the contestants bumps with Trish watching.  “Stone Cold” enters the training area & has DeMott describes the “Skills Challenge”.  In this week’s “Skills Challenge” two contestants are at opposing corners where they will collide in the middle of the ring to do some Shoulder Tackle takedowns the follow it up with a Leap Frog, Hip Toss, & Pin. “Stone Cold” says this routine any pro wrestler can do & they are going to judge them based on how they perform the routine but also how they can take it as well.  “Stone Cold” also says that the “Skills Challenge” will continue until someone screws up then they are eliminated & the last one surviving is the winner.

The “Skills Challenge” begins!  Martin & A.J. are in the ring & they do the routine perfectly.  Next are Luke & Ivellise then Jeremiah & Andy. Ryan, with AUTHORITY, enters the ring & it’s him & Rima are next & Rima botches the Leap Frog!  DeMott berates Rima on how to do the routine correctly.  Rima’s out of breath right now as DeMott’s about to start the Challenge again.  Rima & Ryan try to do the Leap Frog spot again this time with Ryan doing it but Rima crawls under Ryan! DeMott’s cursing under his breath & says he’s starting to see which of the contestants couldn’t do the challenge.  DeMott’s yelling at Rima & Ryan to get this done; Rima & Ryan do the Leap Frog spot again but this time Rima just won’t do it.  DeMott & “Stone Cold” eliminate Rima from the Challenge.  Next is Erick & Andy, Erick tries to do the Leap Frog spot but Andy doesn’t go through the legs so he accidentally head butts Erick in the crotch!  DeMott’s yelling at Andy & Erick for stopping the Challenge.  “Stone Cold” eliminates Erick.  A.J. & Christina are next, Christina wouldn’t do the Leap Frog spot at all which leaves A.J. calling an audible in the ring.  “Stone Cold” did not like what he saw there.  DeMott is trying to figure who to eliminate out of this mess, “Stone Cold” eliminates A.J. & Christina! “Stone Cold” says that there’s no ad-libbing in the Challenge.  Ryan & Ivellise are next & Ivellise tries to do the Leap Frog spot but gets caught by Ryan & she falls down hard!  “Stone Cold” eliminates Ivellise & Ryan!  Martin & Jeremiah are next, Jeremiah tries to do a “HBK Jump Up” after getting hit by the tackle but fails miserably.  “Stone Cold” eliminates Jeremiah.  That leaves Andy, Martin, & Luke left; Andy & Martin are in the ring now, Martin does the “HBK Jump Up” successfully which gets the Trainers to notice how good Martin is.  Next is Martin & Luke, Luke says he’s like Muhammad Ali because he’s going to tell you how good he is & then prove it.  “Stone Cold” & The Trainers are discussing about what they just saw in the ring so far & Andy’s eliminated.  Andy didn’t like that one at all.  That leaves it with Martin & Luke.  “Stone Cold” compliments Andy but says it wasn’t enough, Andy says it wasn’t good enough to win then it wasn’t good enough at all, Andy says he’s always in the Top 3 but he needs to pick his game up.  Martin & Luke must perform the same routine in the ring until there’s a winner.

*Commercial Break 4*

Back to the “Tough Enough” training area in the final minutes of the “Skills Challenge” where Martin & Luke are the Finalists.  Martin & Luke are about to enter the ring when DeMott throws a curve ball saying that Martin & Luke must take off their shirts.  Luke takes off his shirt while Martin takes off his shirt stripper style!  “Stone Cold” wants to cut Martin for doing that stripper stunt!  Martin & Luke are starting with their backs on the ring mat & the Challenge begins!  DeMott noticed that either Martin or Luke “stops & waits”.  As Luke does a takedown DeMott notices that Luke’s getting very selfish which Trish agrees.  “Stone Cold” stops the Challenge & discusses with The Trainers on who should get cut.  “Stone Cold” ponders for a moment then cuts Luke.  Which means Martin wins the Skills Challenge! Martin wants to shake Luke’s hand but Luke refuses to.  DeMott tells Luke the reason he got cut was that Luke wanted to the moves he wanted to do not doing what The Trainers told him to do & that’s why Martin wins.  Luke basically says that he outshined Martin in the challenge & he’s the best.  “Stone Cold” announces the end of the challenge & he’s going to talk to The Trainers in his office to decide who’s The Bottom Three for this week.  “Stone Cold” says that Martin did a good job this week.  Martin gets handshakes from some of the contestants while Luke still can’t believe he lost.  As “Stone Cold” & The Trainers go to “Stone Cold’s” office to deliberate.

“Stone Cold” starts things off with saying things were pretty interesting in the “Skills Challenge” & what were The Trainers impression on the contestants, Trish says that Martin produces enough intensity in the Challenge & it was awesome to watch; “Stone Cold” says that in the beginning he thought Martin was a waste of his time but he turns out to be a very talented wrestler, DeMott says you need to add Andy in the mix & says the Top 3 out of the contestants should be Luke, Andy, & Martin.  “Stone Cold” is having a problem with Ryan, DeMott says he has no idea why Ryan’s still here, “Stone Cold” says that Ryan started out pretty decently then crumbled in the end & maybe he thinks it was the pressure & it was his instinct to fall apart, Trish says that Ryan makes a damn good carhop, “Stone Cold” says that might play well in Ryan’s future.  “Stone Cold” wasn’t impressed at all with any of the female contestants & wonders what’s wrong starting with Ivellise; Trish says that Ivellise gets the moves & how to take bumps but she gets this certain “moon face” when she’s in the ring, “Stone Cold” says that annoys him too, Trish says that Ivellise “moon face” is constant.  “Stone Cold” says that Christina didn’t do any better than Ivellise, Trish says something’s wrong with Christina, DeMott says Christina’s athletic but shy away from anything physical, “Stone Cold” says Christina needs to buckle down & hit hard, Trish says that Christina needs some attitude & a little bit of trash talking in her.  “Stone Cold” mentions the 110 pound elephant in the room a.k.a. Rima & mentions how Rima & Jeremiah do not have any wrestling experience but Jeremiah is improving while Rima not so much, DeMott says it’s not a sex thing but more of a “human factor”, “Stone Cold” brings up Rima’s extra training that DeMott did & how did it go, DeMott said he tried to train Rima but it’s not there & everybody has to do the same thing here on the show; Trish thinks Rima can’t take any more training, “Stone Cold” says that Rima has the heart & soul of a pro wrestler, Trish says Rima did great in the “Life Lesson Challenge” & she can be personal with people but she’s not an athlete & she’s not going anywhere.  “Stone Cold” asks The Trainers who would their Bottom Three be, DeMott says it would be easier to give “Stone Cold” his Top 5 than his Bottom 3, Trish says it would be the bottom of the barrel for her.

*Commercial Break 5*

Back at the “Tough Enough” training area when “Stone Cold” & The Trainers walk out of “Stone Cold’s” office.  “Stone Cold” announces the Bottom Three, he announces Rima but stops.  “Stone Cold” says that there’s no Bottom Three this week & speaks to Rima.  “Stone Cold” says that Rima, smart, beautiful, & a lot of heart but she’s not ready physically.  “Stone Cold” tells Rima that she has to stop.  Rima says it’s not fair.  “Stone Cold” says since the show began Rima has been very eager to train & Rima has a lot of heart but her body keeps saying “no”, Rima thanks “Stone Cold” for the “lot of heart” compliment & says that she is strong but needs to find a different way to be stronger.  “Stone Cold” says that if Rima still wants to be a pro wrestler she can find another way to achieve her dream & be in the WWE one day but she’s not going to win the show.  Rima says that “Stone Cold’s” the boss, “Stone Cold” says that this would had been Rima’s third straight week in the Bottom Three so let’s cut to the chase here.  And…

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (to Rima Fakih): “Tell everybody goodbye, come back, I like for you to give me the “Tough Enough” Belt in this ring.”

Martin says that it sucks to see Rima gone since she’s a nice & tough girl but she’ll be fine.  Rima travels down the “Dirt Path of Shame” while the other contestants head back to the house, Martin says if she wants to be a pro wrestler then he’ll see her one day.  Christina is about to cry but Rima, while holding her Replica Belt, hugs Christina.  Christina says that the show is more than wrestling (RD:”ACK!  Christina said the “W” word!“) but also it’s about attitude so that’s why Rima lasted longer than she did.  Luke says to Rima that he got her & it’s too bad she’s leaving, Luke & Rima toast themselves a farewell drink.  Trish says to Rima that she reminded her of herself when she started in WWE because she had the same ideas what Rima tried to do, Trish says that Rima shattered the beauty queen stereotype & she’s proud of her, Trish hugs Rima.  Rima returns to the training area, “Stone Cold” asks Rima if it was a good experience for her, Rima says it the best experience she’s ever had & she loves pro wrestling (RD:”ACK!  Rima said the “W” word!  It’s a freaking epidemic“) more than ever.  Rima thanks “Stone Cold” for being on the show as she gives up her Replica Belt, “Stone Cold” was glad that Rima came on the show.  “Stone Cold” says that Rima is beautiful & has a future where ever she goes, even in pro wrestling, Rima says thank you, “Stone Cold” & Rima hug & Rima leaves.

Rima Fakih’s Post-Elimination Interview:  Hasn’t sunk in yet that she’s leaving because she was having a good time but she’s choking up now.  It sucks (Rima starts to cry).  A lot of people didn’t expect to last 4 weeks on the show & she showed the world that Miss USA can be “Tough Enough”.  She will push on towards her dream but right now she’s thinking of the next step.
(RD:”Honestly Rima was a complete waste of time.  She was a gimmick for people to watch the show.“)

In his office “Stone Cold” says she wishes Rima well since she has a good heart & her mind tells her to continue her dream but her body is really weak.  It’s just the way it is.  “Stone Cold” hangs up Rima’s Belt “Hell’s Kitchen” style.

Next Time: The contestants play a little basketball game with…MIDGETS!  (RD:”Midgets?!?  HOT DAMN!“) Ivellise & Christina go one-on-one with BOTCHTASTIC RESULTS!   And Booker T gets PISSED!