RD: WWE “Tough Enough”, Week 3

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Rima & Ryan return to the “Tool Academy” house from facing elimination.  Mickael & Michelle are shocked that Rima & Ryan are still around.  While Michelle holds back her emotions & Ryan greets everybody back from possible elimination.  Michelle comments that the Week 2 elimination was crazy!

WWE Tough Enough Opening Credits of MASSIVE HYPE!

A new day arises at the “Tool Academy” house with one little problem.  DeMott wakes the contestants up & orders them to head outside NOW!  So as the contestants hurry up to get dressed & rush outside where they are greeted by DeMott as they order them to do a run.  DeMott orders them to run a marked trail & if they go off-course then oh well!  DeMott orders them to take off!

The contestants are running the trail with “Stone Cold” watching from a golf cart.  With “Stone Cold” laughing, Luke says with all of these challenges are pretty easy for him since he’s more physically fit & mentally smart than all of the other contestants.  The contestants are struggling as they go up the mountain & Martin looks like he’s about to die.  “Stone Cold” is riding in his golf cart hazing Rima asking her to quit, Rima says no, “Stone Cold” is continually asking Rima to quit, but Rima still says no.  Jeremiah is running fine while Ivelisse & Michelle are about to collapse; “Stone Cold” says this was one of the reasons he thought Michelle couldn’t physically take it & the run is kicking her ass.  “Stone Cold” asks Michelle if she’s okay, Michelle says she’s hanging in there.  Eric is out of breath as he’s walking up the mountain.  Luke’s the first one to finish in 19:06.  Followed by Ryan in 20:12, Jeremiah in 23:50 (with puke & spit along his mouth), & Andy in 27:26.  “Stone Cold” looks at Eric walking & he’s disappointed.  A surreal moment here as Eric is passing “Stone Cold”, “Stone Cold” tells the camera that he’s disappointed in Eric’s performance so far in the run & he was hoping for more.  While back in the Finish Line Rima completes it in 28:02, which shocks DeMott since Rima beats all the women & some of the guys which impressed him.  Martin comes in at 30:10, followed by Mickael at 31:04, Ivelisse at 32:16, Christina at 34:10, Michelle at 35:30 while grabbing her side, & lastly Eric at 42:00.  DeMott yells at Eric for walking the entire course, DeMott says that Eric finishes last at every physical competition & if you’re running last at everything you’re not WWE material.

(RD:”I can think of at least one person who has a WWE job while finishing last at everything.“)

“Stone Cold” asks DeMott what he thought of the contestants run, DeMott thinks there are at least a couple that couldn’t perform, “Stone Cold” agrees with DeMott, DeMott says that there’s some people here he wonders why they’re here, “Stone Cold” orders the contestants to head to the training area.

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Back at the “Tough Enough” training area, the contestants enter & start their daily exercises.  The Trainers enter to watch what’s going on then followed shortly after by “Stone Cold”.  “Stone Cold” enters the ring & decides to bounce off the ropes followed by doing a few bumps in front of the contestants.  “Stone Cold” says this week’s Life Lesson is all about Technique.  When you get into the ring & execute the moves it’ll be all about technique & how you do it right; always depend on your technique when it comes to taking bumps & among other things.  After that DeMott orders the contestants to go through wrestling holds, reversals, & take downs.  The contestants are going through drills right now.  When Christina is trying to put a hammer lock on Michelle, Michelle grabs her shoulder in pain.  Trish asks what’s wrong, Michelle says she’s blanking, Michelle is trying to reverse the hammer lock but can’t & she’s getting frustrated over it;  Luke tried to suplex Michelle but she couldn’t hold her position & lands sloppily.  Trish rushes over to ask if Michelle is okay, Michelle slowly gets up to says she’s fine, Trish says that she notices that Michelle is getting emotional & it will be getting harder for her.  The Trainers, especially Trish, ask if she’s okay, Michelle says she’s fine, Trish tells Michelle that she needs more confidence in order to go through with the exercises, Michelle says she’s okay, Trish says that she thinks something’s wrong with Michelle emotionally & it effecting her training.  Luke suplexed Mickael & DeMott noticed something wrong about his landing.  DeMott ordered Mickael to work with Booker T, DeMott said that Mickael had no technique & noticed that he landed wrong.

A REALLY big man is approaching the “Tough Enough” training area.  (RD:”Hrm…WWE…Really big man…Who could it be?  I know!  It’s Hornswoggle!“) It turns out to be…

Guest WWE2: Paul “The Big Show” Wight (a.k.a. “The Giant”, a.k.a. “Andre The Giant’s Son”, a.k.a. “The Big Nasty Bastard”, a.k.a. “Captain Insano”):   Multiple Time WCW & WWE World Champion & World Tag Team Champion.  “Big Show” is the first ever WWE Wrestler to win the WWE/WCW/ECW World Titles.

The contestants see “Big Show” & they immediately applaud for him, “Stone Cold” says he has work with “Big Show” numerous times & his technique is perfect.  “Stone Cold” introduces “Big Show” to the contestants as “Paul Wight”!  (RD:”Whoops!“) “Big Show” says that technique is Week 3’s Life Lesson & that it’s very important to have good technique because if you cannot do those moves safely then just don’t do it at all.  Michelle & Erick are in the ring right now doing some drills for “Big Show”, “Stone Cold” noticed that Erick whipped Michelle to the ropes that ended in a kneeling position, “Big Show” says he noticed Erick IMMEDIATELY because he has a great look.  “Big Show” asked Booker T if he can talk to Erick for a second.  “Big Show” gives Erick some advice “big guy” to “big guy” about how he’s not in shape but Erick can control his breathing & that “fatigue makes cowards of us all”; Erick said that “Big Show” talking to him & giving him some advice gave him the little extra motivation on maybe working harder physically & it meant the world to him that “Big Show” talked to him.  “Big Show” wishes Erick good luck.

Back to the ring as “Stone Cold” decides just for the hell of it to wrestle Luke.  “Stone Cold” & Luke wrestle a match with Luke saying it was honor to wrestle “Stone Cold.

DeMott orders the contestants to enter the ring.  “Big Show” wishes all the contestants good luck & not to make any friends here since there will be one winner.  “Big Show” says that he hopes that he can work with one of the contestants one day & takes off.

Back over to the “Tool Academy” house as Michelle is calling husband Johnny Fairplay (RD:”This is a WWE program so they don’t mention him as “Johnny Fairplay” but as “Jonny”.  Even when they are not on RAW or Smackdown WWE still has to try & erase TNA from existence from their ex-employees!  SHEESH!“) Michelle is checking on to see how her kid is doing, Johnny Fairplay says the kid “Piper” went to Fairplay’s mom’s home.  Michelle starts to cry about missing her kid & says that she loves pro wrestling but she loves her kid even more so & it’s tough to be on the show right now.  Johnny Fairplay says that Piper misses Mommy & Fairplay said that he missed Michelle too.  Michelle tells Johnny Fairplay to send her love to her kid & hangs up; Michelle says Piper has everything she needs but Michelle wants to be there for Piper as well & everything that means everything to her is at home.  Michelle also says that she misses Piper so much & she’ll give anything to see her kid again.  Michelle kisses the photo she has of Piper & goes to sleep.

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Back at the “Tough Enough” training area as Martin & Luke are practicing in the ring; Michelle is thinking hard about something.  Rima goes up to her & asks what Michelle is thinking about; Michelle replies with her kid Piper as Martin is practicing doing a move from the top ropes to Luke.  Rima asks Michelle if Piper is holding her back, Michelle says that thinking about Piper a lot could be screwing her up a lot.  “Stone Cold” enters the training area & enters the ring.  All of the contestants are standing up ready to receive their orders…except for Michelle who’s thinking about her kid.  Before “Stone Cold” gets into what the contestants will be doing this time around, Michelle interrupts “Stone Cold” & says…

Michelle Deighton: “I told you that I can come in here & push my entire life aside.  To accomplish my dream (Michelle starts to cry) & the last couple of days…I haven’t been able to focus, because I miss my daughter so much!  But I’ve come to realize that…I want my daughter…more than a WWE contract.”

Michelle grabs her Replica Title from her bag & places it in front of “Stone Cold” ‘s feet while “Stone Cold” asks the contestants softly to go outside to start their Life Lesson Challenge.  “Stone Cold” asks Michelle to stay for a bit to think about actually quitting the show.  The contestants leave for the Life Lesson Challenge while “Stone Cold” sits down next to Michelle while grabbing Michelle’s Replica Title.  Michelle tells “Stone Cold” that she misses her kid so much & that she’s constantly thinking about her kid but Michelle wants to be in the WWE so bad.  “Stone Cold” says after the 15+ years of being a pro wrestler that he’s finally getting to know his 2 daughters now, he missed a major part of their lives but you cannot replace a missing mother or father that’s on the road making money for their family.  “Stone Cold” says that family is one of the most important things in our lives & he respects Michelle’s decision to quit the show.  “Stone Cold” gives Michelle a hug.

Michelle Deighton’s Post Elimination Interview: She’s wanted to be in the WWE ever since she was 14.  She was finally given an opportunity to achieve her dream & “run with it” but in the end she already had something that made her happy.  She may not be WWE “Tough Enough” but she’s Mommy “Tough Enough” & she’s okay with that.

“Stone Cold” tells Michelle goodbye & asks her to say hello for her kid.  “Stone Cold” says that Michelle wanting to quit for her kid is something he can respect & wishes Michelle “well in her future endeavors”.  “Stone Cold” does the “Hell’s Kitchen” Title hang-up on Michelle.  “Stone Cold” mentions that the pro wrestling business is not for everybody.

(RD:”Many people on the Internet though that Michelle was a liar for her wrestling experience when she showed none.  Well either people forgot when Michelle was on “America’s Next Top Model” or they didn’t watch it but I have to admit something to you all.  I used to watch “America’s Next Top Model”. The footage was pretty short but it looked like she was adequate.  So Michelle quit the show to go back to her family.  Nothing wrong with that…well except her & Johnny Fairplay are ex-Reality TV Stars & Fairplay can’t get a job of any kind.  “Rumors” came out that Fairplay was looking to be back in TNA & nobody wanted him back except for that Reality TV Show Loving fool Dixie Carter!  I wish Michelle well & hope she can raise that kid properly.“)

The contestants arrive at the backyard of the”Tool Academy” house with Trish waiting for them.  Trish talks about this week’s Life Lesson which is all about technique because if your technique is weak then you’ll look weak as well.  Trish introduces the team to a bunch of very happy & very peppy group of…CHEERLEADERS!  (RD:”Didn’t we learn this already with “The Spirit Squad”?  Cheerleaders Plus Pro Wrestling equals suckitude that’s equal to the devastation of the Japan Earthquake!  The only reason why a guy should be a cheerleader is to bang all that cheerleader ass & nothing more!  Cheerleaders back in WWE.  Sheesh!“) The Cheerleaders perform.   The Life Lesson for this week is for the contestants TO BE TRAINED by these Cheerleaders then after they get the routine down they must perform SAID routine at a Los Angeles Tourist Stop. Trish says that pro wrestling & cheerleading my look completely different but they are both the same since you have to be athletic & perform at the same time.  (RD:”And you know what else is the same between pro wrestling & cheerleading?  Both are not respected!  I mean if you’re a pro wrestling fan you get the “Look of Shame” while they mention “You know it’s fake right?”  Male cheerleaders get laughed at while the women cheerleaders…are the most respected individuals on the planet…Tara used to be a cheerleader so I’m trying to be nice here even though I don’t respect cheerleaders at all & yes Tara knows about it.  I just don’t want to be on her angry side.“)

(RD:”Which I know all too well…“)

The Cheerleaders are trying to teach the contestants how to do their routine, Jeremiah says he wasn’t thrilled to do this but it’s for that WWE contract.   The male contestants are having a rough time trying to get the routine done, Mickael says that he’s learned all of the moves that the cheerleaders taught him.  Then when a couple of the male cheerleaders try to teach Mickael “The Splits” he then says “OH HELL NO!” on that & says now he’s worried going back to New Jersey after this Life Lesson.

(RD:”Mickael  you don’t have to worry about your reputation in New Jersey as long as they are still around.“)

Trish brings a guest to the “Tool Academy” house.  That guest is…

Guest WWE3. Stacy Keibler (a.k.a. “Miss Hancock”, a.k.a. “Super Stacy”, a.k.a. “Regular Post on The Heyman Hustle”, a.k.a. “Oh God I want A Piece Of That!”): Former WCW/WWE Diva.  Stacy competed on Season 2 of “Dancing With The Stars” which earned her 3rd Place.  Stacy quit WWE to become a guest actress on various shows such as “The George Lopez Show” & “Samurai Girl”.  Currently Stacy has a recurring role on “Chuck”.  

When Trish introduces Stacy to the contestants, Jeremiah said he was drooling over “this hot blonde chick” & was ignoring the cheerleaders.  (RD:”A WWE fan & he doesn’t remember Stacy Keibler?  GOOD ONE!“) Trish formally introduces Stacy to the group & brings up Stacy’s cheerleader experience. Stacy said her cheerleader experience helped her out as a pro wrestler & she’s willing to answer any questions.  So the men are putting the women through some of the routines that require them to do some high stunts; Christina & Ivelisse are doing fine while Rima almost kills herself with the way the guys are trying to hold her up high, in fact it came to one point with Erick Back Body Dropping Rima!  Stacy notices something & tells Rima that she’s not standing up with her pose & she looks scared which is making problems with everybody else; Rima says she’s having trouble with the cheerleader poses & she has trust issues.  (RD:”Yeah this is the same person who threatened Mickael in Week 1 a-la “Good Fellas”.  Trust Issues after that?  NAH!“) Stacy gives Rima advice on how to do some of the cheerleader poses.  The contestants do their cheerleader routine & it was a success.  Stacy tells them when they perform just go out there & have fun.  The contestants rush back to the “Tool Academy” house to get dressed in their cheerleader uniform.  MEANWHILE!  Over at “Universal Studios” the cheerleaders that trained the contestants introduce them to perform.  With The Trainers in the audience the contestants come out which included Jeremiah without his false teeth doing a Backflip, Booker T just basically says “WINNING!” when he saw a toothless Jeremiah Back Flipping!  The contestants are doing the routine with DeMott shaking his head in embarrassment & Booker T enjoying the show.  DeMott said this was all about technique & seeing that the contestants would have a fun time performing & that’s what WWE is looking for.  Now the cheerleaders are with the contestants to perform, somehow Ryan & A.J. didn’t hold Rima correctly & she takes a big fall.  Rima just shakes it off & makes it look like everything is ok. Trish compliments the contestants for a good job.

*Commercial Break 3*

The contestants enter the training area.  Rima’s asking DeMott for some extra ring practice, DeMott’s okay with that.  “Stone Cold” enters the training area for the “Skills Challenge”.  This week’s Skill Challenge is called “Chain Of Command”.  The objective of this “Skills Challenge” is to perform an actual match which is made up of the following moves: A Lock-Up, A Schoolboy Pin, & a Suplex.  Booker T  & DeMott show the contestants the moves they need to perform.  The contestant who screws up the routine will be eliminated from the challenge & whomever remains will win the challenge.

The “Chain Of Command” Skills Challenge Begin!  First up is Luke & Mickael which had no problems.  Then it’s A.J. & Mickael which ends up with Mickael screwing up the pin.  Jeremiah & Martin are next with “Stone Cold” complimenting Jeremiah’s Suplex.  Christina & Martin are next which had no problems.  Christina & Ivelisse are next with no problems.  Rima & Ivelisseare next with Ivelisse looking like she botched her Suplex.  Ryan & Rima are next with Rima looking really bad due to the fact that Ryan’s way bigger & way heavier than her.  “Stone Cold” & The Trainers talk & their decision is to eliminate Mickael & Rima from competition.  DeMott changes the match moves now to: Headlock, Tackle, Schoolboy Pin, & Suplex.  The 2nd Round starts with Ryan & Ivellise, then A.J. & Martin.  During A.J. & Martin’s match Luke’s trying to showboat in the ring with a taunt to A.J. which Booker T doesn’t like at all.  Andy & Ryan are next followed by Erick & Luke.  The Trainers discuss “Stone Cold” about eliminating Luke from the competition because he was coasting in his match.  “Stone Cold” says that Luke’s eliminated.  While Luke goes to the sidelines the 3rd Round starts with A.J. & Jeremiah followed by Martin & Christina, then Ivellise & Christina.  “Stone Cold” noticed a sloppy Schoolboy from Christina.  Trainers & “Stone Cold” discussed it & Christina gets eliminated.  4th Round has Erick & Andy which Booker T scolds both of them for being too cold to hitting “Stone Cold.  After that it’s Andy & Ryan with Trish mentioning that either Ryan or Andy is “so hokey”.  Ryan botches a collision which Trish face palms out of sheer disgust, DeMott mocks Ryan’s botched collision reaction.  “Stone Cold” announces that Ryan & A.J. are eliminated.  5th Round starts with A.J. & Ivellise & The Trainers keep yelling that Ivellise forgot something, “Stone Cold” says that technique is very important because not only you protect yourself but you protect the other person in the ring as well, as Ivellise is in the ring with Jeremiah now, “Stone Cold” mentions that poor technique will equal an in-ring injury which means you’re not on the road making money, while Erick & A.J. are wrestling now.  “Stone Cold” says that A.J., Ivellise, & Jeremiah are all eliminated.  Everybody’s eliminated which leaves the Final Round of Erick & Martin & it’s Sudden Death which means first one to screw up loses.  So it’s Martin & Erick are in the ring & they are going through the same routine over & over again; DeMott & Trish love Martin’s Suplexes but just as Martin has Erick in the Headlock spot, Erick drops to one knee; Trish tells DeMott that someone “lost it”, DeMott says “he’s done”. “Stone Cold” tells Erick & Martin to stop & eliminates Erick for being worn out in the ring.  Which means that Martin wins the Challenge! “Stone Cold” shakes Martin’s hand & The Trainers congratulated him which leads to Martin actually remembering Martin’s name!  Martin said that not only it was great shaking “Stone Cold” ‘s hand but now his “Donny Osmond” nickname is gone!  “Stone Cold” congratulates Martin for winning the Challenge & sees that some of the contestants did a good job in the challenge; HOWEVER Luke complains that he didn’t win the challenge & calls Martin a “cheesy actor” while he sees himself as a “WWE Superstar”.  “Stone Cold” tells the contestants it’s time for The Trainers & himself to go in his office to determine The Bottom Three.

*Commercial Break 4*

Back from break as “Stone Cold” & The Trainers are talking about The Bottom Three.  “Stone Cold” asks about Martin’s performance in this week’s “Skills Challenge”; Trish said Martin showed confidence in his technique & it showed today in the challenge; “Stone Cold” said that Martin stepped up today to take control of the match, DeMott said that Martin moved up to the best student of the contestants.  “Stone Cold” asks who failed this week, DeMott says Rima, Trish said Rima couldn’t produce any technique at all, DeMott points out that Rima did well in the run but failed in the “Life Lesson” challenge, “Stone Cold” responds in shock saying that Rima failed the “Life Lesson” challenge, DeMott said that not only Rima failed but failed in such a way that it made everybody looked bad.  “Stone Cold” wants to talk about Mickael, Trish says “who?” sarcastically, “Stone Cold” responds by saying if Mickael’s that bad, Trish says that she’s given Mickael a lot of chances but it’s frustrating, “Stone Cold” responds by saying that Trish’s waiting for Mickael to be good, DeMott says the 3 weeks Mickael’s on the show not only he’s forgettable but has no technique at all, “Stone Cold” mentions Mickael’s physical condition & his Martial Arts Skils.  “Stone Cold” wants to talk about Ryan, Booker T says that Ryan’s not taking the show seriously, DeMott calls Ryan a jackass & that he’s not a man.  “Stone Cold” mentioned that Erick performed well in the “Skills Challenge” before he got exhausted, DeMott agrees with “Stone Cold” & mentions that Erick was last in the run; Trish mentions that Erick IS improving but he loses his technique when he gets excitable, “Stone Cold” agrees that Erick lost his technique when he got tired.  “Stone Cold” & The Trainers come out of the office. “Stone Cold” announces that Mickael, Ryan, & Rima are your Bottom Three for this week.  “Stone Cold” says that the contestants need to go back to the house while The Bottom Three need to pack up & head back to the training area because one of them are going home.

Back at the “Tool Academy” house, Mickael & Rima are packing up for their possible eliminations.  Rima asks Ivellise what did she do wrong & blames the “Life Lesson” challenge saying that she didn’t “cheer the right way” while clapping.   Rima says that she has the heart, spirit, & passion of a WWE Diva so what else can she do?  Luke talks to Ryan saying that Ryan’s his “new idol” because he reminds him of one of his friends & that you need to be a little bit of an asshole, Ryan agrees & says that this time around he needs to bring up lots of points because it’s him time now.  Mickael looks at Ryan’s bed to see that it’s not made & says that Ryan’s convinced that he’s staying so he thought he’ll do the nice thing & get rid of Ryan’s bed.  So Mickael dismantles Ryan’s bed when Andy walks in & asks what’s going on, Mickael says he doesn’t know what happens when someone gets eliminated from the show so he’s doing a nice thing & dismantle the bed for Ryan; Andy laughs out loud what Mickael is doing when Ryan walks in wondering what’s going on, Mickael leaves saying that Ryan’s gone.

*Commercial Break 5*

Night time over at the “Tough Enough” training area where The Bottom Three arrive, “Stone Cold” enters the training area & the elimination process begins!

“Stone Cold” mentions to Rima & Ryan that it ‘s kind of a family reunion seeing Rima & Ryan again in The Bottom Three from Week 2 with Mickael included.  Mickael says he’s no part of Rima & Ryan, “Stone Cold” says Mickael’s a part of it now.  “Stone Cold” doesn’t know anything about Mickael, Mickael volunteers if he wants “Stone Cold” to get to know him.  (RD:”I prefer to get to know Jon Lovitz a lot more than I want to get to know Mickael.“) Mickael says he’s on the show because he needs to be here & he needs to stay on the show because he has zero prospects back home except for a wife that’s supporting him but the big thing that’s on his mind is that why didn’t take a shot to be on the show.  “Stone Cold” says to Mickael that he failed to individualize himself from the rest of the contestants & when “Stone Cold” & The Trainers were trying to figure out The Bottom Three nobody had an idea who Mickael is because Mickael didn’t make an impression on anybody & asks how “Tough Enough” Mickael is; Mickael says that he’s “Tough Enough” to be right here & right now; “Stone Cold” sighs in disgust.

“Stone Cold” goes to Ryan next & says that he has no idea who Ryan is or a good sense of why Ryan’s here & asks who is he; Ryan says he’s a pissed off person right now.  “Stone Cold” ask if he should start shaking in his knees at the moment, Ryan says no but says the contestants are looking at him at some kind of joke & asks Mickael for confirmation; Mickael calls Ryan a “damn big joke”, Ryan mentions this point exactly & tells “Stone Cold” that he tries to improve his personality by “showing that fire” & “standing up for himself” but he’s being accused for being a push-over & the nice guy & it’s pissing him off because he can be an ass if he wants to.  “Stone Cold” says that Ryan’s a nice guy but now he’s pissed eh, Ryan agrees with “Stone Cold”.

“Stone Cold” welcomes Rima back to The Bottom Three, Rima says hi, “Stone Cold” asks Rima why is she here, Rima mentions that she wants to be a WWE Diva (RD:”Well she sucks in the ring so…she’s doing great!“), “Stone Cold” is asking why Rima’s in The Bottom Three again, Rima turns it around & asks “Stone Cold” that question, “Stone Cold” says that Rima could had done better in the “Skills Challenge” saying that her technique was horrible, Rima brings up that she did ask DeMott & Booker T for some extra help & one-on-one time; “Stone Cold” liked what Rima said, Rima said that she kicked Mickael’s ass in the run, Ryan said he kicked Rima & Mickael’s asses in the run.

“Stone Cold” asks Mickael about getting his ass kicked by Rima, Mickael is pissed that not only he’s in The Bottom Three but he’s in The Bottom Three WITH RYAN!  Mickael doesn’t want to be compared to Ryan & calls him a “frickin’ wiener”.  “Stone Cold” asks Ryan to respond to Mickael, Rima urges Ryan to say it, Ryan calls Mickael a “little smoky link”, Mickael doesn’t want Ryan to point at him, Ryan said he didn’t point at Mickael & compared him to a “little smoky link”.

“Stone Cold” brings up how Ryan & Mickael hate each other, Mickael says not a whole lot.  “Stone Cold” ponders for a moment & sends Rima back to the house, Rima thanks “Stone Cold” & asks permission to go back; “Stone Cold” says yes & decides to give Rima the one-on-one help she requested for, Rima heads back to the house.  “Stone Cold” says that he wants Ryan & Mickael to cut promos on each other to convince him why they should stay.  (RD:”Cutting promos?  By non-WWE people?  Oh this should be GOOD!“) “Stone Cold” asks who should start.  Mickael volunteers to start first & he cuts a promo mostly about wanting to see his name in lights & not wanting his life pass by him; “Stone Cold” is not liking Mickael’s promo.  Ryan cuts a promo on how Mickael’s a cry-baby & he may be called “Skid Marks” by DeMott but at least HE made an impression & calls Mickael’s reason on the show “Plan B” & calls Mickael out for the reason why he’s on the show is to take the big leap from the Indys to WWE while Mickael’s turning his head away from Ryan in disgust.  Ryan further cuts his promo on Mickael by saying that he wants to see the world via WWE & he wants to be a WWE Hall Of Famer one day, this makes Mickael give the “WTF” look at Ryan.  “Stone Cold” stops Ryan.  And…

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin: “I asked for your best.  Mickael you’re best wasn’t good enough. (“Stone Cold” takes Mikael’s Replica Belt)”

“Stone Cold” gives Mickael the silent nod to get the hell out of here.

Mickael Zacki’s Post-Elimination Interview:  He felt that he let the opportunity to win the WWE Contract slipped by him.  He feels that losing to Ryan is more like it was taken from him.  Mickael is pissed at himself right now.  Mickael feels that the show is all about making an impression  he feels like he didn’t make one.  It sucks & it’s disappointing.
(RD:”Nothing to say here.  A Poser he came in to the show & a Poser he leaves the show.  Only thing I can say about missing Mickael is that Rima won’t be able to do that gangsta hit on him now!“)

In his office “Stone Cold” says the reason Mickael got eliminated was because Ryan “manned up” & became an asshole.  Thanks to the show you don’t have a lot of time to wait & win.  Basically it was Ryan’s promo that sent Mickael home as “Stone Cold” hangs up Mickael’s Replica Belt “Hell’s Kitchen” style!

Next Time: The contestant’s agility is being tested out by…serving Fast Food at a 50’s Drive-Thru Diner!  The contestant party their asses off…but this time in a CLUB!  Rima gets used to her future job as a stripper by having dollar bills thrown at her while her one-on-one session with DeMott nearly kills her!