RD: WWE “Tough Enough”, Week 2

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Preview of this week’s episode which includes an appearance from “The Last Son Of Krypton”, DeMott running people over, & the contestants being chased by rabid guard dogs!   (RD:”Sounds FUN!“)

WWE Tough Enough Opening Credits of MASSIVE HYPE!  (RD:”Week 1 was a simple logo.  This time they added Undertaker, Trish, Triple H, “Kal-El”, The Miz, & that’s it.  All right fine!  The Rock was in it as well! Also includes the standard opening for the contestants as well.“)

Eric & Michelle return from the last week’s elimination.  The whole house hugged Eric for surviving, Erick says that being in The Bottom Three from Week 1 sucked.  Eric tells A.J. & M-Dogg 20 that he thought he was in great shape but it looks like now he’s not in shape & thanks to the show’s training regimen he will get in great shape, M-Dogg 20 says that Eric’s legs are shot & he’s going home this week.

A new day approaches on the “Tough Enough” training area.  DeMott gets the contestants in shape by doing their daily exercises & in-ring practice; Michelle says she needs to step up her ring moves or else she’s gone.  “Stone Cold” enters the ring to take a look at what’s going on.  “Stone Cold” boots DeMott & the contestants out of the ring because he has something to say.  “Stone Cold” giving the contestants this week’s Life Lesson all about Courage.  “Stone Cold” says that it takes courage every day to live life & especially it takes courage to be in the ring;  “Stone Cold” mentions that anything can happen in a wrestling ring: Paralysis  & even Death .  “Stone Cold” says that you have to embrace that fear, overcome it, & learn to live with it; Booker T says that courage isn’t something that you can teach but something  you can experience & this time with this exercise “Stone Cold” & The Trainers are looking for someone that’s willing to go that extra mile.

DeMott says that the way they train is the way they work in the ring.   DeMott has the contestants go through basic Headlock Takedown drills, Ivelisse says the training is getting harder but she’s pushing herself as hard as she can, as the women are now doing Headlock Takedown drills & some of the guys are practicing Body Slamming; Ivelisse says that she eats & sleeps pro wrestling while she shows the camera some of her pulled out hair.  Contestants are practicing Tie-ups into a Body Slam with Michelle nearly botching it by lifting Luke.  Then Ryan nearly has difficulty with the Body Slam by having difficulties lifting Michelle.  DeMott noticed this & says that Michelle “kicks Ryan’s ass” & calls Ryan “a wet noodle”; Jeremiah says that Ryan’s getting “his balls busted” by DeMott.  While Ryan’s continually gets hazed by DeMott, Jeremiah says that Ryan needs to “find his nuts” or else he’s gone.  Ryan tries to do another Headlock Takedown on Michelle but DeMott noticed that Ryan was doing it very sloppy, Ryan says that he’s going to call DeMott from now on “Ball Buster Bill” because he’s on DeMott’s hate list & that’s not good.

*Commercial Break 1*

Back from commercial break & back to the “Tough Enough” training area as Booker T teaches Michelle, Luke, Ryan, & Jeremiah how to do a successful Body Slam.  Jeremiah does it first by Body Slamming Luke & Booker T likes it.  Ryan Body Slams Michelle but she didn’t recover in time, Booker T asked if Michelle was okay, Michelle said she had the wind knocked out of her.  Meanwhile Trish has M-Dogg 20 & Luke do some basic grappling moves WWE style, M-Dogg 20 says that Trish was teaching them how to work on their in-ring character.  Trish talks to M-Dogg 20 about his Indy Wrestling experience & how he’s a High-Flyer, Trish says that she wants to see what M-Dogg 20 has been doing on the Indy Wrestling scene.  (RD:”Uh…Trish.  You can see M-Dogg 20’s work on a little DVD box set called…)

(RD:”Wrestling Society X: The Complete First & Last Season”.  Pick it up.  I HIGHLY recommend it.“)

So Trish arranged an exhibition pro wrestling match with M-Dogg 20 versus Luke.  While M-Dogg 20’s trying to compete in the ring, The Trainers noticed how M-Dogg 20’s emotionless while wrestling.  (RD:”So?  Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, even “Stone Cold” had no emotion in the ring as well.“) While Luke & M-Dogg 20 are in the ring, Trish tells DeMott that Luke’s looking really good right now & Luke’s stealing M-Dogg 20’s opportunity; Martin says that M-Dogg 20 knows what he’s doing in the ring but he’s very quiet in the ring.  Booker T stops the match.  While Luke & M-Dogg 20 leave the ring, Luke says he took the opportunity to show The Trainers that he had what it takes & he took his chance.  Trish talks to M-Dogg 20 & says that she gave him a chance to perform in the ring & he was not that good & wants a reason why; M-Dogg 20 says he felt bad for letting Trish down but he was more concerned with not making mistakes & getting the moves right & forgot that WWE is all about character.  Trish said to M-Dogg 20 that both he & Luke had a chance to shine.

A certain guy in a hat & white shirt walks up to the “Tough Enough” training area.  This person is looking through the doors to see the contestants practice.  The person enters & he is…

Guest WWE1. John Cena (a.k.a. “SuperCena”, a.k.a. “The Last Son Of Krypton”, a.k.a. “Kal-El”, a.k.a. “We Hate Cena”, a.k.a. “Jesus”):  The Main Eventer in WWE that “everybody likes” & a multiple WWE Champion. (RD:”If you count everybody being little kids, women, & people that think everything in WWE is real.  HOWEVER!  When it comes to actual pro wrestling fans, Cena is the most hated person ever due to his ridiculous “Superman” comebacks & at times lack of actual in-ring performance.“) Cena created the current WWE Title that exists today.  

“Kal-El” enters the gym & the contestants noticed him immediately!  “Kal-El” & “Stone Cold” greet one another, Martin says he’s shocked to see “Kal-El” because he is “the best in WWE right now”.  (RD:”See what I mean?  I guess Martin falls under category number 3.“) “Stone Cold” introduces “Kal-El” to the contestants.  

“Kal-El’s” advice?  “Live For The Moment”.  (RD:”So “Kal-El’s” advice is Matt Hardy’s old WWE Entrance Theme?  So is “Kal-El” going to tell the contestants to “Surf a Tornado” as well?“) Don’t worry about making it to WWE just worry about making it to tomorrow.  (RD:”Well thank you for blowing the whole concept of the show idiot!  The whole point is that these people want to be in the WWE!“) Because if you don’t make it until tomorrow then “Kal-El” will never see these people again.  (RD:”Like if “Kal-El” will ever see them again period.“) “Kal-El” has talked to a lot of people & they have asked the most luck what would they like to know from him?  (RD:”Would that be “How does Kal-El have sex with a woman safely without splitting her in half?”  Because I would like to know about that.“) Jeremiah asks “Kal-El” “What was the hardest thing he ever learned?”  (RD:”That would be hiding his powers.  WHOOPS!  I interrupted.“) “Kal-El” said the most difficult thing he had to learn was having faith in himself.  A.J. asks if “Kal-El” had a match that defined his career.  (RD:”Wait.  John Cena HAD a Career Defining MATCH?!?“) “Kal-El” said that it’s the next match because WWE Fans (RD:”Whoops!  He said “WWE Fans” not “WWE Universe”.  I guess “Kal-El” can get away with it since he has Heat Vision.“) has short attention spans.  M-Dogg 20 asks “Kal-El” if there’s anybody that he hasn’t worked with yet that he wants to work with.  “Kal-El” answers that question by looking at “Stone Cold”.  Rima asks “Kal-El” if she can marry her.  Kal-El” dodges that question, Rima says that having “Kal-El” watch her practice made her nervous, as we see Rima going through practice with “Kal-El” watching from behind the scenes.  Rima says that this was the first time they would be “taking bumps”, as we see Rima take bump after bump with “Kal-El” & “Stone Cold” watching.  “Stone Cold” rides Rima for a little bit then orders the contestants to give Rima some more!  So Rima takes some more bumps.  “Stone Cold” asks Rima if she’s “Tough Enough” & asks her to take one more bump, Rima takes another Body Slam bump with “Stone Cold” laughing maniacally along the way, Rima is also laughing too for probably getting her ass kicked.  “Kal-El” says that he tries to give the contestants his meaning of courage…the courage to fail!  The reason for this is because at any time or any moment they can be “Future Endeavored” for whatever reason.  “Kal-El” shakes each of the contestant’s hands.

Night Time over at the “Tool Academy” house.   The contestants are partying again by drinking a lot of alcohol!  Jeremiah & Luke make fun of “Stone Cold” with Luke doing his “Stone Cold” impersonation, A.J. said that Jeremiah & Luke are on their own TV Show now.   Luke actually does a pretty good “Stone Cold” impersonation…complete with Luke landing a “Stone Cold Stunner” on Jeremiah!  Luke & Jeremiah are putting a show on with everybody cheering except for A.J., A.J. said that everybody are here to win the show & that Jeremiah & Luke are having a “bromance”.  Jeremiah & Luke are now doing “Stone Cold” impressions to one another while drunk, Luke says that he won’t go that far by saying that Jeremiah “completes him”. (RD:”So does that mean that Jeremiah & Luke will exchange choke slams now?“) while for some odd reason Jeremiah & Luke are starting to slap each other in the face.  Jeremiah & Luke are goofing off with one another.  Jeremiah & Luke now howl at the moon.

*Commercial Break 2*

Morning again as we head back to the “Tough Enough” training area as the contestants are doing their physical exercises.  Back at the “Tool Academy” house Mickael catches Ryan writing something down, Ryan says he’s writing “stuff down”, Mickael says Ryan’s writing to his girlfriend.  Mickael sees some worthless stuff on Ryan’s notepad when he finally reaches the letter Ryan’s writing to his girlfriend & reads it aloud, Ryan says that his girlfriend Tiffany will be the one that he’ll be with forever so writing Tiffany letters helps him out because he’s been with Tiffany for more than a year & he hasn’t left her side more than 12 hours & that he loves her so much & if she wants him to leave the show even though she would never ask him to do so he would think about it but his mind is on the show 24/7.

Back to the “Tough Enough” training area as the contestant go through in-ring performance drills, “Stone Cold” makes his entrance.  “Stone Cold” orders the contestants out of the ring.  “Stone Cold” mentions that since this week’s Life Lesson is all about Courage that he has arranged a little activity for the contestants.  “Stone Cold” orders the contestants to get dressed & go outside.

Outside the “Tool Academy” house where’s there a shiny Crystal Skull being displayed.  (RD:”Relax it’s probably a fake.  Although the odds of Indiana Jones to show up to claim it are very high.“) The contestants are greeted by “Stone Cold”, DeMott, & an animal handler holding back one very pissed off guard dog!  “Stone Cold” introduces the contestants to the dog handler who brought four of his star dogs whose main purpose is to attack the contestants. 

(RD:”Uh…Say what now?“)

“Stone Cold” says that sometimes “taking the hit” is easier than not taking “the hit” at all because if you keep worrying about it you have no chance.  The objective of this Life Lesson is that each of the contestants will be wearing a protective “Attack Suit”, on “Stone Cold” ‘s command the contestant must run towards a checkered flag being chased by one of these attacking guard dogs.

The Life Lesson challenge begins.  A.J.’s first & goes down pretty fast by the attack dog.  Michelle’s next & the guard dog takes her down in 5 seconds!  Ivelisse is next & she goes down about as fast as Michelle by the guard dog.  “Stone Cold” is laughing in sheer joy over the dogs attacking the contestants.  Eric is next & he’s trash talking in front of the guard dog before the challenge begins, “Stone Cold” is wondering what Eric is doing to the guard dog, DeMott says that Eric’s trying to “man up” to the dog, which makes “Stone Cold” groan.  “Stone Cold” orders Eric to run; Eric runs for his life, but the guard dog caught up with Eric & has a bite of Eric’s right arm; the guard dog is trying to take Eric down but with Eric’s size the guard dog is basically hanging for his life biting hard on Eric’s right arm, Eric has slowed down from running to skipping with the dog clamped on to his arm!  Eric crosses the finish line with the dog on his arm!  Eric tries to do a victory dance while the trainer is trying to get the dog off Eric;  Christina is next & she goes down as fast as Michelle & Ivelisse did previously before but she lands hard!  “Stone Cold” ‘s laughing in joy over Christina’s failure.  Mickael’s trash talking wanting to get this done & he hopes that there’s two guard dogs chasing him; “Stone Cold” orders Mickael to take off & Mickael was halfway to the checkered flag before the guard dog took him down.  M-Dogg 20 is next & the guard dog got him from behind but he stopped.  Luke is next & he takes off, the guard dog has bitten a part of Luke’s arm but Luke dragged the dog with him to the checkered flag.  “Stone Cold” called Luke a “lucky bastard”.  Martin’s next & the guard dog bit him in the ass!  Andy insists that he doesn’t want to wear the “Attack Suit” because he’s been chased by dogs his whole life; “Stone Cold” orders Andy to run, Andy is within a few feet of the checkered flag before the guard dog takes Andy down!  “Stone Cold” runs a victory lap for Andy’s takedown.  Jeremiah is next but before he takes off “Stone Cold” is rubbing it in Jeremiah’s face not wanting him to go down easy, Jeremiah runs but the guard dog has a good bite on the middle of Jeremiah’s back, the dog won’t let go but Jeremiah’s still running fast as if he was a part of a marathon & easily crosses the checkered flag!  Ryan’s next.  Ryan’s waving at the guard dog, DeMott’s calling Ryan a “total buffoon” & wants the dog to cause major damage to him; Ryan runs, the guard dog bites on Ryan’s right arm, Ryan’s about to go down but he fights it & tries to run it towards the checkered flag;  Ryan dedicated his challenge to DeMott.  Rima’s next & “Stone Cold” notices that Rima’s running right now & she’ll be taken down fast; Rima runs but gets taken down by the guard dog about halfway in the course which means she lasted longer than the other women.  The guard dog wants a piece of Rima with “Stone Cold” cheering for the dog.  Rima said the guard dog bit her twice, took a piece of her hair out, but you couldn’t get the smile out of her face but it’s WWE.  (RD:”No it’s not!  That looked like something from either “The Running Man” or some bad prison movie.“) “Stone Cold” goes over The Life Lesson of Courage discussing that sometimes the fear of getting hit is worse than the hit itself.  “Stone Cold” gives the contestants the day off but warns them that there’s an elimination coming up soon.  “Stone Cold” orders the contestants to leave.

*Commercial Break 3*

Back at the “Tough Enough” training area as the contestants enter the training area for today’s daily exercise regime.  DeMott’s counting heads & the contestants are wondering the same thing.  Rima’s missing.  We find out that Rima overslept.  Rima finally enters the training area, DeMott says that Rima needs to catch up.  DeMott greets Rima, Rima apologizes for being late, DeMott says “oh you’re late?” in a smartass way, DeMott says that if you’re on time with him you’re late.  “Stone Cold” enters the training area for the “Skills Challenge”.  “Stone Cold” mentions that Booker T’s not here because he’s working as Smackdown’s Color Commentator.  “Stone Cold” calls this Skills Challenge “5 for Flinching”.  The objective of this challenge is for each contestant to be standing in one of the ring corners then DeMott will hit each contestant with an “Avalanche” followed by 5 Body Slams!  The contestants will be judged on how they take “The Avalanche” & the Body Slams; and how they land after they fall.  DeMott will not hurt any of the contestants on purpose but he will go easy on some of the contestants.

The “5 for Flinching” Skills Challenge begins!  First up is Martin.  Martin takes “The Avalanche” as if he no-sold it, then DeMott Body Slams Martin 5 times each with Martin bouncing back up really fast once again not selling it at all, when it’s done Martin stand eye-to-eye to DeMott.  Andy’s next for the challenge.  Andy takes “The Avalanche” which from A.J.’s looks it was ugly, then Andy takes the 5 Body Slams.  Luke & A.J. take the challenge very easily thanks to editing.  Ivelisse is next for the challenge, DeMott’s running towards her, Ivelisse braces herself for the pain, DeMott lands “The Avalanche”, DeMott does the 5 Body Slams on Ivelisse with her screaming at each Slam.  Christina is next for the challenge.  DeMott lands his “Avalanche” on Christina followed by doing the Power Spot of Body Slamming Christina 5 times One-Handed.  Rima’s next for the challenge, DeMott lands “The Avalanche” on Rima then tries to Body Slam Rima, but Rima’s getting up awkwardly with each Body Slam getting really close to DeMott.  Michelle’s next as she takes “The Avalanche” from DeMott, Michelle nearly buckles from the weight of DeMott’s attack, “Stone Cold” mentions to Trish that Michelle took it “like a son of a bitch.”

DeMott’s now Body Slamming Michelle, Michelle says that she thought she did pretty well this week so she’s not in The Bottom Three.  DeMott lands his “Avalanche” on M-Dogg 20 then follows up with the 5 Body Slams.  With a camera shot of M-Dogg 20’s elbow from bleeding Ryan’s next for the challenge.  Ryan takes ”The Avalanche” & 5 Body Slams.  Mickael is next & he staggers from receiving DeMott’s “Avalanche” then takes the 5 Body Slams.  Jeremiah is next for the challenge.  Jeremiah takes “The Avalanche” & the 5 Body Slams.  Eric is next for the challenge.  Eric stares down DeMott with hatred in his eyes, DeMott lands his “Avalanche”, Eric grabs the back of his head because it looked like from the hit thanks to Eric’s size he may have hit the ring post, DeMott does the 5 Body Slams on Eric WITH AUTORITY!  When it’s all over its DeMott staring down Eric!  Eric says that judging by DeMott’s reaction he’s safe for the week.

“Stone Cold” compliments the contestants for doing a good job on the “Skills Challenge” & thanks DeMott for his participation in it.  “Stone Cold” says that he, DeMott, & Trish will be in his office to determine who will be in The Bottom Three;  “Stone Cold” says that he’s been talking about courage this week but he also wanted to see some sort of spark of personality as well so it’s “put up or shut up” time.

*Commercial Break 4*

Back from commercial & in “Stone Cold” ‘s office to determine who will be up for elimination.  “Stone Cold” mentions that even though Booker T isn’t around he discusses with Trish & DeMott who’s the Top Of The Class.  Trish says that he’s impressed with Luke because he has personality, spunk, & performs well as an athlete.  DeMott says that Luke carries himself well & the other contestants will step up to take Luke down.  “Stone Cold” asks if there was anybody that surprised The Trainers & asks about Eric.  DeMott says that training wise Eric sucks, “Stone Cold” gives Eric credit for trash talking the attack dogs & his performance in the Life Lesson Challenge but Eric needs to show a lot more.  “Stone Cold” asks about Ryan.  DeMott calls Ryan a goof when it comes to everything & would had love to see the dogs & kill him; “Stone Cold” doesn’t think Ryan’s a Main Eventer.  “Stone Cold” asks about M-Dogg 20.  Trish thinks M-Dogg 20 blew it, DeMott confirms what Trish says & even comments how Luke stole M-Dogg 20’s moment to impress Trish, Trish says that even though M-Dogg 20 has skill when it’s time to perform & he has no charisma he’s basically in the Dark Match for life.  “Stone Cold” asks about Rima & says that she’s a goer; she’s tough, & she has guts but wonders if Rima can physically take the WWE schedule.  Trish agrees with “Stone Cold”.  “Stone Cold” says that Rima needs to “eat, drink, & sleep” everything WWE in order to catch up.  Trish talks about the same experiences she went through in her starting days at WWE that Rima’s probably going through right now & wants to break her “beauty queen” image; DeMott adds in that Rima was 20 minutes late to practice as well.  After hearing this “Stone Cold” thinks Rima needs some motivation.

“Stone Cold” & The Trainers come of out “Stone Cold” ‘s office to give the bad news.  “Stone Cold” thought that the contestants performed decently in the “Skills Challenge” & he’s making his decision based on everything he’s seen since Week 1.  “Stone Cold” announces that M-Dogg 20, Ryan, & Rima are The Bottom Three for this week.  “Stone Cold” tells The Bottom Three to go back to the “Tool Academy” house, pack up, & return to the training area because someone’s going home.  Martin is shocked that M-Dogg 20’s in The Bottom Three because he says his skill level is the best & he thinks it’s “Stone Cold” ‘s way of saying that no one is safe.

Back at the house Michelle asks M-Dogg 20 if he’s nervous, M-Dogg 20 says he’s really nervous but he knows what he’s going to say.  Michelle tells M-Dogg 20 to go in there, say what you have to say, & fight for it.  M-Dogg 20 starts to pack then he says that he thinks being placed in The Bottom Three is a character test & right now he’s “scared s***less” at the moment because it’s either this or nothing.  Over at another part of the house A.J. asks Rima if she’s worried, Rima thinks she’s what the show is looking for then says that she has kicked ass every single day since she’s been here.  (RD:”Well except for that one time you were late.  Or that one time you told Mickael to “watch his back” gangster style.  Other than that I agree wholeheartedly.“) Erick suggests that maybe Rima should go in there with a Mohawk, Rima says she’s willing to do what it takes, Rima then says to A.J. & Eric that she doesn’t want to go back to the beauty pageant circuit (RD:”So…Rima wants to skip the hard work of looking pretty for getting her ass kicked in WWE? What to do?  What to do?“).  Rima starts packing.  Over at another part of the house Mickael tells Ryan that basically he’s better than him so he’s gone.  Ryan says that he’ll fly over to Mickael’s hometown to see him go home, Ryan says being in The Bottom Three doesn’t faze him because it’s a do or die situation here.  Mickael tells Ryan he’s not coming back with Ryan rolling his eyes back in disgust.

*Commercial Break 5*

Night time as The Bottom Three head out to the training area to face elimination. The Bottom Three enter the ring as “Stone Cold” makes his dramatic entrance to face them.  “Stone Cold” enters the ring & gives The Bottom Three how it’s going to work & it’s either convince him to stay or get the boot.

“Stone Cold” asks Rima what does she see when she looks in the mirror, Rima says that to normal people she’s a pretty girl & Miss USA but she wants to prove people wrong.  “Stone Cold” asks the same question to M-Dogg 20, M-Dogg 20 says potential because of his gymnastic skills combined with his wrestling skills he brings everything to the ring.  “Stone Cold” asks the same question to Ryan; Ryan says he sees himself as a strong, determined individual that sets the bar higher than others.  “Stone Cold” didn’t like what Ryan had to say there & asks him “how long did it take for him to come up with that bulls**t”, Ryan had no answer, “Stone Cold” admits that was some good BS to Ryan, Ryan’s stuttering & yammering, “Stone Cold” doesn’t believe it but was impressed by Ryan’s BS.  “Stone Cold” mentions to all of them that not one of them said the right answer which was “WWE Superstar” & that’s why The Bottom Three are here.

(RD:”The Judges would also accepted TNA castoff as well.  Right R-Truth?“)


“Stone Cold” asks M-Dogg 20 why is he here, M-Dogg 20 says he hasn’t shown “Stone Cold” everything that he’s capable of, “Stone Cold” yells at M-Dogg 20 for not showing him what he has.  “Stone Cold” lets M-Dogg 20 have it about his Indy Experience & how he had an Epic Fail when Trish gave him the chance to perform in the ring & says that Rima’s done a good job as M-Dogg 20 has!  “Stone Cold” shows him his Rolex watch & tells The Bottom Three he hates to be late.

This brings “Stone Cold” ‘s attention RIGHT BACK TO RIMA!  “Stone Cold” brings up Rima’s tardiness to her & asks if she was late because of arrogance or laziness, Rima said it was neither & apologizes for not trying to make it on time.  “Stone Cold” tells Rima that he wants to see her cringe & squeal in pain for all the physical activity she’s been through but he has a feeling that Rima’s heart is willing but her flesh is weak.  “Stone Cold” tells Rima that she cannot physically handle being a WWE Wrestler, Rima says she can handle it, “Stone Cold” calls Rima an idiot for being late & making an excuse when there’s no excuse at all.

“Stone Cold” asks Ryan “What the Hell he’s doing in this ring”, Ryan says he wants to be a WWE Superstar, “Stone Cold” mocks Ryan for a bit & asks Ryan if he rubs everybody the wrong way or is DeMott an asshole & brings up how DeMott HATES Ryan; Ryan says he has no idea why DeMott hates him, “Stone Cold” asks about Ryan’s nickname “Skidmarks” & how does he feel about it; Ryan looks clueless, “Stone Cold” asks Ryan why didn’t he tell DeMott to cram it when he was given the “Skidmarks” nickname, Ryan said out of respect, “Stone Cold” shakes his head in disgust.  “Stone Cold” asks M-Dogg 20 why Ryan should go home instead of him, M-Dogg 20 says that this isn’t Ryan’s true passion & brings up how Ryan cries when he misses his girlfriend & how he’s in Week 2 right now so imagine if he won the show & he maybe on the road for 10-20 years because Ryan can’t handle it but he can.  “Stone Cold” asks Ryan if he’s start crying already & what’s her name; Ryan says Tiffany, “Stone Cold” asks if Tiffany misses him, Ryan says she does, “Stone Cold” asks that if Tiffany asked her to leave  the show would he, Ryan said he wouldn’t leave because he’s fulfilling a dream, “Stone Cold” calls BS on Ryan & can see the “puppy love” in Ryan’s eyes & says that Ryan is too nice & he needs to be a dick to be in pro wrestling.

“Stone Cold” goes back to M-Dogg 20 & asks because of  his Indy Experience why didn’t he assert himself, M-Dogg 20 says that he’s waiting for his moment, “Stone Cold” brings up his story on how Vinnie Mac called him to be “The Ringmaster” & he knew that gimmick sucked but it was an opportunity that he took which then later on created the “Stone Cold” gimmick because he took the moment because nobody was going to think of the “Stone Cold” gimmick at all else he would had been some mid-carder schlep while Triple H & The Rock would had dominated The Main Event.  “Stone Cold” yells at M-Dogg 20 about how M-Dogg 20 hasn’t showed him anything at all that would make him a WWE Wrestler.  “Stone Cold” yells that Rima can do it so why hasn’t he & yells  at him that it’s not a good idea playing it safe & it’s not going to make him a success.  M-Dogg 20 asks for permission to say something, “Stone Cold” yells in anger & gives M-Dogg 20 permission to speak, M-Dogg 20 says that he didn’t wanted to do any of the High-Flyer stuff at the moment, “Stone Cold” yells that it’s too late now!

“Stone Cold” yells at Rima & says that if she’s late one more time she’s gone from the show!  “Stone Cold” yells at Rima that she will respect the WWE & the ring or else!

“Stone Cold” points at Ryan and…

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (points at Ryan): “You better get your s**t together, (points at M-Dogg 20) give me your belt you’re going home!”

M-Dogg 20 is in shock over what just happened & won’t give up his Replica Title.  “Stone Cold” tells M-Dogg 20 that he’s going home & he must give up his Replica Title based on what he saw right now & M-Dogg 20 wasted his opportunity, M-Dogg 20 wants to show “Stone Cold” a few things.  “Stone Cold” says that it’s too late, he’s gone, & he didn’t miss his chance at success but M-Dogg 20 missed his chance at success.  M-Dogg 20 finally gives up & surrenders his Replica Title.  “Stone Cold” orders M-Dogg 20 to leave…Now!  Rima & Ryan head back to the house.

Matt “M-Dogg 20” Cross’ Post Elimination Interview: Never thought he would be in The Bottom Three at all let alone this early in the competition.  He never expected to be sent home right now so he’s trying to comprehend all of this right now.  There is no plan for tomorrow but was disappointed that he wasn’t given a chance.  He can’t even stomach what’s happening right now but is thankful for the opportunity & he will be seen again.

(RD:”M-Dogg 20’s elimination of “Tough Enough” was very controversial.  He was the odds on favorite to win.  Some fans Tweeted saying that M-Dogg 20’s elimination was “a fine example of what’s wrong with WWE today.”  Don’t worry about him though.  Matt Cross is taking Indy Bookings right now & you can Google him to find any Indy Wrestling DVDs he’s in & you can buy ”Wrestling Society X: The Complete First & Last Season” right now on Amazon.com where Matt Cross, Matt Sydal a.k.a. Evan Bourne, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, Colt Cabana as “Matt Classic”, & more are on this DVD box set.  Once again I highly recommend it.“)

“Stone Cold” says that M-Dogg 20 has been wrestling for 9 years & showed him nothing.  M-Dogg 20 was chosen to be on the show so it’s either “put up or shut up” as he hang M-Dogg 20’s Replica Title “Hell’s Kitchen” style.

End of Show.

Next Time: DeMott gets SUPER CRANKY!!!  The Big Show makes a visit to the contestants.  While Luke gets an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by wrestling with one “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!