RD: WWE “Tough Enough”, Week 1

I can stomach bad entertainment.  No seriously.  If I can watch “Howard The Duck”, “Dune” and more recently any WWE Movie then I’m fine.  Then there are the worse of the worse…Reality TV Shows!  The reason why I recap such shows is because I am not only your own personal ranter but I am also a pro wrestling fan that happens to be a pop culture junkie, so occasionally I try to merge the two here.  In this instance I have to recap a show that covers both that I cannot dodge.

We are going to recap a Reality TV Show & this time it’s a Pro Wrestling Reality TV Show.

WWE has decided to bring back “Tough Enough”.  For those that don’t know about it quick summary.  “Tough Enough” is WWE’s attempt in the Reality TV Show genre by putting virtual unknowns with little to no wrestling experience at all in a Reality TV Show dynamic where the winner gets a WWE contract.  The show first aired in the early 2000s but then was soon cancelled due to an inability to find a place to produce it & funding.  Story was going around that Kelsey Grammar was fighting with the “Tough Enough” TV Crew because they were way too noisy & he didn’t want the show near him.  WWE decided to bring back the show again in 2004 but this time in a different format by using the “Diva Search Format”.  Unfortunately that didn’t work out so well.  USA Network, the network that airs RAW, wanted the show back & here you go.

Usually when I cover Reality TV Shows it usually involves a pro wrestler IN a Reality TV Show.  This IS A Pro Wrestling Reality TV Show so we’re going to cover it until the end.  Yes I’m doing this & “Dancing With The Stars” as well.  Two things.  One.  If you don’t want me to cover “Dancing With The Stars” just don’t vote for Chris Jericho!  Two.  Things will be a WEE bit late because of 2 recaps, school, & work, so if you want to complain about that well I can use a “Sugar Daddy” right about now.

Let’s get to the show recap.

We start the show with one WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin saying he did everything in WWE now he wants to add more to his legacy by finding the next WWE Superstar.  Video recap of various “Tough Enough” contestants with “Stone Cold” saying he found 14 contestants & pushes them to their limits to see if any of them has what it takes to be in the ring with him.  A Tour Bus arrives & out pop the “Tough Enough” Contestants.  The Contestants are…

1. Luke Robinson: Known in the Maine Indy Wrestling Scene as “Golden Boy” who’s
currently a Personal Trainer.  “Stone Cold” calls him a “Pretty Boy” & Luke will learn that his looks will only go too far.  (RD:”Unless you’re near Pat Patterson that is.“)

2. Rima Fakih: Miss USA 2010 & former RAW Co-Host.  “Stone Cold” says Rima’s used to competing but can she keep her poise under pressure?  

3. Eric Watts:  Indy Wrestler. This is not THE Erik Watts that’s related to Bill Watts since this Eric Watts is an African American while the other one is Caucasian.  “Stone Cold” calls him a “Big Man” since he’s tall & says he’s in the competition for his family.  

4. Ivelisse Velez: Pet Groomer/Indy Wrestler as “Juliet The Huntress”.  “Stone Cold” recognizes Ivelisse’s Indy Wrestling Experience as “someone who’s been clawing her way through the Indy circuit for years” & wonders if her small size can handle the physical demands.

5. Matt Cross: Best known as “M-Dogg 20” in Ring of Honor, Wrestling Society X, &
other Indy Wrestling Promotions.  “Stone Cold” also recognizes M-Dogg 20’s Indy Experience  & says it’s now or never.

6. Jeremiah Riggs: Former Army Ranger who did a Tour in Afghanistan. Riggs is an ex-MMA Fighter who competed in UFC, Bellator, & Strikeforce. Riggs is also a former contestant on VH-1’s “Daisy Of Love” as “Big Rig”.  “Stone Cold” recognizes Jeremiah’s MMA experience but WWE’s “a whole another level”.  (RD:”Where Undead Zombies & Pale red-headed Irishmen RULE!“)

Video footage of competitions the contestants will be competing in with “Stone Cold” saying that he’s not looking for a physical specimen or a huge personality but the “Complete Package”.  Because…

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (In an empty WWE Raw Ring): “I’m looking for someone who’s Tough Enough!”  (Ring Pyro goes off with “Stone Cold” not having an idea that would happen)  “Damn!  I never get tired of that!”

Tough Enough Opening Credit of INTIMIDATION!

The Tough Enough contestants enter the empty RAW ring with “Stone Cold” in the ring, Luke says this is what he wants after competing in the Indys.  “Stone Cold” orders the contestants to come to the ring.  Rima says that “Stone Cold” is not only a legend but is awestruck of him.  “Stone Cold” orders the contestants to take a look around then imagine them “entertaining” the people in the arena when they become a part of WWE.  “Stone Cold” tells them that most of them are not going to make it & where they are right now is the closest they will ever get in the WWE & basically gives the contestants the run down on how the show will work & they will be judged by Ring Work, In-Ring Character.  Also if you piss off “Stone Cold” for any reason he will give any contestant the IMMEDIATE BOOT!  “Stone Cold” tells them that every lesson will not be in the ring & they will start at the bottom.  The contestant’s first task will be all about “commitment” & orders the contestants to head backstage.  “Stone Cold” says that every week there will be a life lesson that the contestants will learn & this one is all about “commitment” meaning the contestants will earn what it takes to put on RAW or Smackdown hoping that each & every one of the contestants will be appreciative of it.  

One of the backstage members is ordering the contestants to put some coveralls on, one of them is WAY too big for coveralls so he accidentally rips them while another female contestant is doing it “in high heels”!  The backstage crew members are ordering the contestants to empty all the garbage from RAW into a huge dumpster.  The contestant that’s complaining that all the garbage is gross is…

7. Michelle Deighton: Season 4 contestant on “America’s Next Top Model”, Michelle is also an Indy wrestler who’s currently married to Ex-TNA star/”Survivor” contestant Johnny Fairplay.

Michelle says that she had a hard choice between learning what she did on “America’s Next Top Model” & doing modeling jobs or going back on the Indy wrestling circuit & by being on the show thus winning it would be a way to combine both.   She says “well at least I still look pretty”.  Another female contestant is trying to pick up some electrical cables but she’s putting them in knots, the crew man is teaching her how to coil up cables correctly & she is…

8. Ariane Andrew: Potential Un-Diva meaning she’s just a pretty face with zero wrestling ability.

Ariane says that she was doing all this hard work & that’s so not “Diva-licious” (RD:”I can see where my hate will be channeling to on this show!“) & she looks like a hot mess & no disrespect to janitors but it’s “not her thing”.

Time-motion video of The RAW Arena getting prepared with people watching the ring assembly.  We hear from…

9. Mickael Zacki: Unemployed Poser with Martial Arts experience & also an Indy Wrestler.

Mickael says that he was laid-off & the wife is supporting him this is the reason why he wants to do so well on the show & seeing RAW stars perform is something that he wants to do.  Somebody from the backstage crew tells the contestants they are not here to watch & orders them to follow her.  While Mickael is pouring some paint into a bucket, some of the girls are being ordered to clean up the public area for the WWE talent.  The backstage crew member laughs & Rima looking at her hand thinking she “cracked a nail”, Rima says she may have gotten a cut on her finger.

Time-motion video of The RAW Arena emptying out & the contestants are cleaning up now.  The contestants are picking up chairs & loose debris.  Ivellise says that she’s sore & tired from all the work & it’s pretty humbling what the WWE backstage crew members do on a regular basis.  Luke says it’s about 1AM now & he’s pretty tired but if this is Day One of the show then it will be a long competition.  The contestants finish the day with leaving The Raw Arena spotless.

A new day approaches as the contestants are in the tour bus doing some small talk as they approach the house they will all be living in during the show.

(RD:”Well don’t that beat all.  They are living in the “Tool Academy” house.“)

The contestant describing the “Tool Academy” house is…

10. Martin Casaus: Stockbroker/Indy Wrestler. Casaus is the co-owner of the wrestling school/Indy promotion He is also co-owner of “Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero”.

Martin describes the “Tool Academy” house as something he would like to live in one day.  The contestants leave the tour bus & watching them are (from left to right)…

WWE1. Booker T: Multiple time WCW/World Heavyweight, Tag Team & Singles titles.  Booker T runs his own Indy wrestling promotion called “Pro Wrestling Alliance” & currently he’s a Color Commentator on Smackdown.  

WWE2. Trish Stratus: Multiple Time WWE Women’s Title champion & probably the best WWE wrestling Diva that has ever appeared in WWE ever.  The first ever “Un-Diva” that went to “Diva” status.  Trish has a movie out called “Bail Enforcers”.  Trish has a popular line of yoga studios & products out called “Stratusfaction”.

WWE3. Bill DeMott: Wrestled in WCW mostly as “Hugh Morrus” & “Hugh G. Rection”.  DeMott is a regular fixture on “Tough Enough” as a hard-assed trainer.

Trish lays down the law saying to the contestants they’ll be living here until her, Booker, & DeMott say they can’t anymore.  Oh & Trish lays down the “I’m your best friend & worst enemy” shtick.  Michelle says for Trish to be on the show since she’s the best WWE Diva ever is perfect!   Booker T tells the contestants they will earn everything they get.  Talking about Booker T is…

11. A.J. Kirsch: Indy Wrestler who’s held the All Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles for
1 1/2 years while getting a pin on The New Age Outlaws/VKM.

A.J. says that Booker T is one of the greatest of all time.  DeMott says want to go through to WWE you have to go through him, Erick says that he’s heard the good & the bad stories of DeMott’s training abilities & it’s all real now.  Trish tells the contestants to get into the house, get their training clothes on, & get ready because the show begins NOW!  The contestants rush into the “Tool Academy” home taking a look at all the sights & finding their beds.  M-Dogg shakes hands with…

12. Ryan Howe: Indy Wrestler best known as “Golden Boy”/Musician. His trainer was Tracy Smothers.

The contestants are reading a note from “Stone Cold”.  Each of them have been given a Replica WWE Title Belt & has to give their title belt back to “Stone Cold” to represent they have been eliminated from the show” & not to screw it up.  Jeremiah & M-Dogg give each other shoulder bumps while Michelle comments that the Replica Title is heavy to Rima.  Jeremiah is marking out while holding on to the title while Ryan says his Replica Title represents the goals of what he wants to be in WWE & wants to prove to the Tough Enough Trainers that he’s committed.  Jeremiah wants to sleep with his Replica Title while Michelle kisses it.  Luke (holding his replica title), M-Dogg, & Mickael want to check out the house & find the huge dining room, living room, gym, & game room.  A.J. says this is the house all pro wrestlers dream to have as a place to live & to train.  Luke, M-Dogg, & Mickael take a look at the huge backyard the house provides.  Luke tells the guys that he wants to stay here for a long time.

Back in the game room the contestants talk about their pro wrestling experiences.  The guys talk to Rima about her Indy wrestling experience, Rima lies saying she has some, the guys immediately think Rima’s a pageant queen, Rima tries to lie her way out, but the guys insist, then Rima finally comes out to being Miss USA, M-Dogg says that she’s not & A.J. doesn’t believe it; Rima says it’s up to the guys to find out, M-Dogg finally gets it thinking she’s the current Miss USA, & Rima finally tells the truth.  A.J. doesn’t believe it but says that Rima’s using the show to add to her resume & she won’t last long. Mickael is trying to compare actual ring experience that Rima has, Rima admits she has ZERO experience, Mickael saying that women here have “plenty of booty” & they don’t need to be on the show to be hired by WWE.  (RD:”That’s also known as “The Johnny Ace Hiring Plan”.“) Ariane fights back by saying that’s rude & he needs to shut up until they are in the ring.  Ariane says that Mickael’s sexist remarks are like “Really?  Are you kidding me?”  Rima fights back as well to Mickael saying that you have to look good, be tough & have character.  In the background sitting next to Mickael is…

13. Christina Crawford: Former FCW Diva & sister to WWE Diva Alicia Fox.

Rima gets into Mickael’s face & tells him that he’s not going to win because he doesn’t have the commitment, but Mickael grabs a pillow from the couch & throws it at Rima!  Rima comes back with a plastic water bottle & pours out all the water all over him!  Now Mickael & Ariane are fighting it out complaining that the pillow hit her as well, Mickael says when it comes to pro wrestling there are explosive personalities that are bound to go off at any minute.  Rima threatens Mickael that he will get him one day.  (RD:”What is this “Good Fellas”?  Getting back at him?  What fine, proper, behavior coming from Miss USA I dare say.“) Mickael says that Rima is acting more like “Miss Ghetto USA” & you better be careful when you’re around her because she’s bound to throw anything!  Mickael is calling Rima & Ariane’s behavior “ridiculous” while Rima leaves the room saying “Miss USA is leaving the room BITCH!” so TALK TO THE HAND!  Ariane does the same think to Mickael by TALKING TO THE HAND & telling him to “Shut The F**K up!”  

Back to the “Tool Academy” house where the contestants enter the “Tough Enough” training area.  The contestants enter the area where the ring is set up with the Tough Enough Trainers waiting for them.  DeMott orders the contestants to line up & he says that in WWE commitment is also about physical conditioning because you don’t know what will happen next.  DeMott orders the contestants to do some sit-ups with knee crunches with Booker T pushing them.  The Trainers are pushing the contestants to their physical point, DeMott sees Erick screwing up on push-ups & gives him hell for it!  Booker T walks over to Erick & says “You know you’re going to have to work harder than this, don’t you?”  Booker T says this is a test to show the contestants how tough they really are.  DeMott says this is how they are going to warm up every day.  “Hell Frozen Over” is played & here comes “Stone Cold” entering the training area riding on a motorcycle.  “Stone Cold” enters the ring & asks if the contestants are tired already, Booker T says he has a couple that want to quit.  “Stone Cold” mentions that anybody enters the training area this is all about competition & all of them will be gone except for one.  DeMott asks “Stone Cold” if he wants to see them in the ring, “Stone Cold” say sure.

“Stone Cold” says he wants to see what the contestants have learned so far.  Mickael enters the ring & DeMott has him do some body rolls.  The same for Christina, Ivelisse & Erick are showing how to do a front bump; DeMott nicknames Martin “Donny Osmond” & orders him in the ring.  Martin does some body rolls, DeMott says nicknames are the only way he can remember people.  DeMott calls Ryan “Skidmarks” & he does some body rolls, Ryan does a front & back body roll but is stuck trying to do a side body roll, Booker T & Trish are ordering Ryan to do a side body roll but he’s physically stuck & dizzy, DeMott says that Ryan has earned the “Skidmarks” name from that, as “Stone Cold” watches Ryan’s predicament & laughs.  A.J. is next doing his bumps & “Stone Cold” calls him “Tumbleweed” which sticks to DeMott.  Luke enters the ring, bounces off the ropes, & does his body rolls.  “Stone Cold” was impressed.  Luke says that he looks good & he’s willing to do what it takes to win.  Ariane is next & she fails miserably!  “Stone Cold” is face palming over Ariane’s drills because it’s that bad!  Trish is ordering Ariane to go through drills but she continues to fail, Ariane says she doesn’t have the experience but it’s all about potential & character & personality & she feels like she has all those qualifications.  Trish is telling Rima to do a somersault & Rima does a header in the ring!  Trish tells Rima to do it again & she does…although a bit weak but she does.  Trish throws Rima out of the ring.

“Stone Cold” is ribbing at Rima about “worrying about breaking that tiara”, Rima fires back with “I left it at home.”  Trish points Michelle out, Michelle says she has about 11 years of Indy experience, Booker T & Trish want Michelle in the ring.  DeMott orders Michelle to do a body roll but she can’t, Michelle then bounces off the ropes, Christina says she doesn’t believe Michelle’s ring experience especially since she can’t do a body roll.  DeMott orders Michelle to do a simple lockup & DeMott overpowers her, Michelle said she lost the basics & she better pick them up again or she’s screwed.  DeMott & Trish are re-teaching Michelle how to run off the ropes, DeMott says he knows about how some of them have experience & some don’t but none of them know how tough it will be, DeMott orders Michelle to stop.

Night time at the “Tool Academy” house where some of the guys are drinking to their first night on the show, Luke says well behaved people rarely make history.  The guys are partying & having a good time while the girls are doing the same thing but in the hot tub.  One of the guys comes up & asks who wants to drink, Rima shows a very large cup.  Back in the house Andy, M-Dogg, & A.J. are in the kitchen going through some health drinks.  Andy says he likes to drink & have a good time but he wants to work first.  Andy drinks some protein drink while M-Dogg & Ivelisse can’t believe that Andy’s 20 years old, Andy says he’s really motivated by leaving a pregnant wife & baby girl so he can be on the show.  While Andy’s working out in the gym the rest of the cast are drinking & partying, Andy says that Luke & Jeremiah’s partying & drinking will be their downfall, as we see Luke & Jeremiah fall down on each other getting hit by an aluminum cooking pan.  

*Commercial Break 1*

Daytime when all the women are still asleep, Jeremiah & Luke are working out with weights.  Luke says his strategy is “The Ric Flair Life Plan” which is party hard all night, work hard in the gym, & if you can’t do it in the ring then don’t do it.

Ric Flair: ”Which follows by being near bankrupt, have 3 failed marriages, & work for a 2nd rate promotion in your 60s.  WOO!”

Mickael walks in & asks Jeremiah & Luke how long they’ve been up, Luke says about 20 minutes ago.  Mickael asks how much sleep that they have, Luke says 20 minutes ago.  

The contestants enter the training area for a “Skills Challenge”.  Ariane told the Trainers that she was “sore”.  DeMott has his attention focused on Ryan, Ryan’s trying to have some small talk with DeMott, DeMott basically says that he’s not going to have any meaningful conversations with him.  “Stone Cold” enters the training area & the ring, “Stone Cold” mentions that the last challenge of the show is a “Skills Challenge” & everyone of the contestants better bring it or else.  “Stone Cold” mentions that the Skills Challenge is called “3 Minutes Of Hell”.  The objective of this “Skills Challenge” is to bounce off the ropes for 3 minutes just to impress “Stone Cold”.  “Stone Cold” is looking for how long & how hard the contestants can run the ropes. “Stone Cold” threatens that someone will be eliminated today & asks who will be first.

The“3 Minutes Of Hell Skills Challenge” begins!  Luke bounces off those ropes with authority!  Mickael is next followed by A.J., “Stone Cold” says that he wants the contestants to attack the ropes, as Andy now goes through the challenge.  Trish leans over to “Stone Cold” saying that “this is the longest three minutes of their lives”.  A.J. Martin, & Ryan are doing the challenge,“Stone Cold” is yelling at Ryan that “his hairdo is pissing him off.”  Mickael is doing the challenge but he’s outside of the ring drinking water saying that it was brutal as we see rope-shaped welts on his back.  DeMott yells TIME when Ivellise goes down on her knees from sheer exhaustion, “Stone Cold” yells at her to get up since nobody collapses in his ring.  The contestants are also fighting the physicality of the challenge.  DeMott’s yelling at M-Dogg 20 to bounce the ropes.  Erick’s doing the challenge next & “Stone Cold” is riding him.  Erick nearly collapsed a few times with “Stone Cold” & the trainers are really riding him, DeMott is about to give up on Erick, Erick says his legs feel weak & they were about to quit.  DeMott calls TIME as Erick walks out of the ring trying to get his breath, “Stone Cold” says that Erick has everything but heart & questions his motivations.  Trish says that Erick looked so out of shape.  Jeremiah is next for the challenge so as he bounces off the ropes, Jeremiah says that he does this for a living so this is easy, as Jeremiah bounces off the ropes Booker T notices that Jeremiah’s false teeth flew out of his mouth.  The contestants finally noticed that Jeremiah wears false teeth, Jeremiah says he’s trying to get the rhythm & the steps of bouncing off the ropes when his teeth fall out.  DeMott didn’t know what he saw, “Stone Cold” says that it’s not his, DeMott jokingly says “oh I thought it was mine”, DeMott says that he thought it was his teeth because he wears false teeth as well.  “Stone Cold” yells at Jeremiah to get himself & his teeth out of his ring now!  Michelle is next for the challenge.  Michelle is bouncing off the ropes but very weakly, “Stone Cold” says he hates it when people “lollygag” off the ropes.  Ariane is next but she’s trying to hold her pants up while bouncing off the ropes.  “Stone Cold” & Trish are yelling at Ariane over it, which is over one of Trish’s pet peeves according to her since she hates it when people mess with their wardrobe in the ring, Ariane said she was trying to make a good impression but didn’t since she was trying to be Diva-licious.  (RD:”Well Ariane.  Honestly.  I’m surprised Johnny Ace hasn’t signed you yet!“) Rima’s next & “Stone Cold” going to love this.  “Stone Cold” ‘s yelling at Rima, Trish is telling Rima to put her butt into it, DeMott walks over to Trish & “Stone Cold” saying that she’s wearing a pad on her hip.  DeMott yells TIME & “Stone Cold” asks Rima what she was using for the challenge, Rima admits she was wearing padding, Trish orders Rima to take the padding out & Rima does so.  Trish asks “Stone Cold” if that’s cheating, “Stone Cold” tells Rima that if she isn’t Tough Enough say so right now so she can leave, Rima says she wore some padding because she was in pain from yesterday’s training, “Stone Cold” orders Rima to leave the ring now!

*Commercial Break 2*

Back to the training area as “Stone Cold” & the Trainers discuss what Rima tried to pull among other things.  Martin says that he’s worried about what’s going to happen since there was a lot of yelling.

“Stone Cold” ask the Trainers what they thought of the contestants.  Trish said they survived because she thought some of them wouldn’t have survived it.  “Stone Cold” asks who did the best this week.  Booker T says Luke may have what it takes to win it all, “Stone Cold” agrees with what Booker T has to say.  “Stone Cold” asks about Ariane, Trish goes on a major rant about Ariane trying to pull her pants up, DeMott says she’s “Greener that goose s**t.”  “Stone Cold” asks about Michelle & her 11 year Indy experience, Trish says she’s not star material, “Stone Cold” says Michelle thinks she’s star material but doesn’t have “it”, Booker T says that Michelle’s not in a position to make it happen, “Stone Cold” points out that if Michelle has Indy experience she needs to be in shape but she wasn’t.  “Stone Cold” asking who doesn’t have it, Booker T says Erick because something is on his mind & he better use it for motivation or else he’s gone, DeMott says his size being 6 foot 6 inches is the only thing he has, “Stone Cold” says he wanted Erick to Bring “it” & he didn’t.  “Stone Cold” asks about Rima, Booker T says she survived & that’s the only thing he was expecting from her, “Stone Cold” brings up Rima’s cheating, Trish calls for her to be kicked out using if Rima cheated in her pageant days she would have been kicked out, Booker T says “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”.

Time passes…then “Stone Cold & the Trainers come out.  “Stone Cold” calls out Michelle, Ariane, & Erick to come forward.  Michelle, Ariane, & Erick step forward.  “Stone Cold” orders Michelle, Ariane, & Erick to go back to the house & pack-up & bring their Replica Belts while everybody else stays in the house.  “Stone Cold” orders them to leave now!  As Michelle, Ariane, & Erick walk the “Dirt Path Of Shame”; Michelle says she finally gets a chance back in the wrestling ring & she thinks “Stone Cold” & the Trainers misunderstood her.

Back at the house A.J. & Mickael talk about Michelle’s lack of conditioning combined with her experience & it sounds shady.  Erick says he doesn’t feel good about now.  Mickael asks about Erick’s ring experience, Erick says 4 ½ years, Mickael is trying to say that Erick’s experience to Ariane’s zero experience they might go easy on Ariane, Erick says giving up his Replica Belt to “Stone Cold” would feel really terrible to him & this show along with the WWE contract is really important to him.  While in the kitchen Ryan talks to Ariane saying that the only issue “Stone Cold” & the Trainers might have would be she’s here for “kicks & grins” instead seeing it as a challenge.  Michelle walks into the room & she knows what she’s going to say & she’s going to throw people “under the bus” no matter what.  Michelle & Ariane are packing, Ariane says she refuses to be the first one eliminated & that’s not an option. 

“Psycho Mike” Catherwood: ”Ariane.  Just want to say that every other Reality TV Show contestant out there including myself from “Dancing With The Stars” that were eliminated first wanted to say hi.”

*Commercial Break 3*

Back from commercial as The Bottom Three enter a darkened training area & they enter the ring.  Doors open as “Stone Cold” enters the ring.  “Stone Cold” glares down at Michelle, Arian, & Erick & tells them they are the worst 3 of the bunch right now & this is their chance to save themselves right now.  “Stone Cold” ask Ariane about her time here on the show & what does it mean to her. Ariane says it means everything to her, she’s thinking about it then crying, then says that she’s given up her job & her house to be here & she knows that she has no experience at all but if she’s given a second chance she can show “Stone Cold”.  “Stone Cold” calls her a “powder puff” & calls out how Ariane was adjusting her pants during the challenge, Ariane apologizes for it, “Stone Cold” asks why she didn’t bounce the ropes with authority instead of puking her guts out because she doesn’t have it, Ariane apologizes for pulling her pants up in the challenge, but “Stone Cold” tells Ariane that she wasn’t committed at all.  “Stone Cold” tells a story where he was wrestling the late Yokozuna that he body slammed “Stone Cold” so hard that he “crapped” in his tights but he still kept going.   (RD:”Uh…EW!“)

Michelle interrupts & says that she would still keep going.  This turns “Stone Cold” ‘s attention right over to Michelle.  “Stone Cold” asks Michelle if she’s used her 11-year ring experience so far on the show, Michelle says that she was self-trained (RD:”Whoa!  Self-trained in pro wrestling?!?!  Da Hell?!?“) & she was off-track the last 6 of those years were off-track thanks to her modeling career; giving birth to a baby, & marrying Johnny Fairplay but the show means getting her back to the right path on her life.  “Stone Cold” asks Michelle if she can take the WWE road schedule of 300+ days a year, Michelle says yes & says that she doesn’t want to show her daughter that you can’t give up on the big dreams you have in life.  “Stone Cold” brings up his two kids & how he wasn’t there for them, Michelle thinks she can do it.  “Stone Cold” tells Michelle that her 11-year ring experience should put her ahead of the contestants & not in The Bottom Three even though he sees it in her eyes that she does want it but she needs to prove it, Michelle says she will prove it.

“Stone Cold” turns his attention over to Erick now.   “Stone Cold” tells Erick what the hell is wrong with him, Erick wants to know, “Stone Cold” says that he will tell him what’s wrong with him.  “Stone Cold” says that with Erick’s look & size he should be a success but given the fact he showed up unfit could get him eliminated & asks for one good reason why he should be on the show because quite frankly he shouldn’t be here at all!  Erick says that he loves the business & he needs to be here.  “Stone Cold” does a little role reversal for Erick & asks Erick that now he’s a contestant & Erick should ask him why he should stay on the show.  Erick does what “Stone Cold” ordered him to do & “Stone Cold” responds by ripping Erick on one of his classic promos on him.  “Stone Cold” asks Erick if he gets it now, Erick gets it, “Stone Cold” orders his dumb ass back in line.  “Stone Cold” asks Erick once again why he should be on the show, Erick then says he should be here for his family of 5 brothers& especially for his 26 year old mentally handicapped brother that he has to change his diaper for, “Stone Cold” asks if this is a BS story or not, Erick says that it’s all true, “Stone Cold” asks why didn’t he show up in shape & do the challenge especially if he’s doing it for his family, Erick agrees with “Stone Cold” but also says that he’s been here doing every exercise as well.  “Stone Cold” says that it might be too late.

“Stone Cold” goes back to Ariane & asks what does she think Michelle, Ariane says she did better than her even though she kept pulling up her pants she did at least complete the challenge.  Michelle fights back saying that she & Erick have the passion for it comparing Ariane’s time here as an “experience” but don’t come here & don’t bring the passion, Ariane tries to fight back saying that Michelle gave it up but then goes “whatever”.  “Stone Cold” asks Ariane what she is passionate about (RD:”Oh this SHOULD BE GOOD!“), Ariane says her “new passion” is wrestling (RD:”She’s dead!“), “Stone Cold” picks up on Ariane’s use of the words “new passion” & asks Ariane her favorite wrestling match, Ariane says her favorite was Melina/Alicia Fox.  “Stone Cold” responds by saying …”Who?”

(RD: Melina, Alicia Fox, what do you think of “Stone Cold not knowing who you are?”)

“Stone Cold” is shocked by Ariane’s response.  Ariane responds with by saying since she’s new at it, “Stone Cold” asks Ariane for any other favorite wrestling matches, Ariane can’t name any other matches.  “Stone Cold” tells Ariane that he has never told Vinnie Mac that he’s sorry.  Ariane begs for a second chance.  “Stone Cold” says he hates “giving nothing”

“Stone Cold” ponders for a moment.  And….

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin: “I’m making my decision, based on what I’ve seen.  You two (points to Michelle & Erick) get your asses back to the house.  (points to Ariane & her Replica Belt) That comes with me.  (Ariane surrenders her Replica Title & says to Ariane) You’re not Tough Enough.”

Erick breathes a sigh of relief while Ariane does the “American Idol”/Talent show competition sore loser rant on how she’ll still be on WWE while leaving the ring even though she’s eliminated.  Michelle congratulates Erick for staying in the competition while Ariane pouts her way out of here!  “Stone Cold” tells Michelle that she has way too much experience to be a loser & Erick that he has way too much potential to be a loser & that both of them have work to do.  “Stone Cold” orders them to leave.  Michelle & Erick are heading back towards the house as we head back to Ariane’s “Walk of Shame”.

Ariane’s Post-Elimination Interview: She wouldn’t have changed anything in what she did & she brought everything she had on the line (RD:”If she wouldn’t change anything wouldn’t that make her eliminated again?“) & this is not the end of her wrestling career. 

(RD:”You mean she’s going to work the Indies?  Oh that’ll be fun!  Ever noticed how any former WWE Un-Divas never worked the Indy circuit?  Candice Michelle gets married & birthin’ babies; Ashley Massero runs & hide from being called a call girl by Rolling Stone & no-shows wrestling conventions; Maria Kanellis becomes an actress & works for HDNet; & Tiffany decides to party her life away on a big tour.  The point is that Ariane will never be a wrestler because she wanted to get noticed.  Buh-bye skank!  And if you do get on WWE remember this, Johnny Ace LOVES gullible hot chicks!“)

“Stone Cold” is back in his office & hangs up Ariane’s Replica Title a-la Gordon Ramsey from “Hell’s Kitchen” & says he can tell by talking to people how serious they are if they want to be a pro wrestler & he didn’t get that with Ariane.

End Of Show.

Next Time: “Stone Cold” sicks the dogs of war, literally, on the contestants in a Skills Challenge.  DeMott uses Running Splashes on the contestants as victims.  And the man that most hardcore pro wrestling fans hate the most makes an appearance, yes John Cena appears on “Tough Enough”.