WWE Over the Limit 2011 Captions

The dust has settled and Over the Limit has reached its limit. John Cena made The Miz quit; Orton continued to crush Christian’s dream. King & Cole engaged in a foot fetish, Ezekiel got beaten to the Corre, and the New Nexus once again lost. Mysterio got soaked. Sin Cara made Chavo his bitch; Kelly Kelly lost lost. Over the Limit is now a distant memory, one which we’ll recall and laugh about in photographs.


R-Truth was looking for Waldo, but found Little Jimmy instead.





Ezekiel stops mid-match for a bathroom break.



Ezekiel passed out from laughter after Heath inforrmed him of his plan to capture the World Title this year.





What's that, Sin Cara? Old Man Jenkins fell down a well?





Sin Cara's "Cinco De Mayo" fireworks celebration went horribly awry.



"I'm about THIS big!"




This is why Kane never smiles.




Makes you miss LayCool, doesn't it?




The power of Booker T's Spinarooni compels you!




Despite their efforts, Christian and Orton didn't qualify for the Spirit Squad.





A game of Rock, Paper, Scissors gets out of hand.




Cole's reenactment of his Prom didn't go according to plan.





Tastes like chicken!




"Where'd the Orange Cena kid go?"




Miz's methods of interviewing are frowned upon.



To remember his victory, Cena took the ref's arm as a souvenir.